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Welcome to the Born at  CHAS  Page of the
Châteauroux - Déols  Air Station - Website

CAMAE  1951-1967  

The names listed below were submitted to this webpage by the children (now adults) who were born at the 7373rd USAFE Hospital which was located in La Martenerie which was and is within the city limits of Déols, France adjacent to Châteauroux, France

   This is not an official site of everyone born at this US Air Force Base between 1951 and 1967, when the base closed.  For more information about the base or the surrounding area, search this website, starting with the

Chateauroux Air Station - Homepage

If you wish your name to be placed on the list, please click the guestbook below.  If you want a photo posted, please send an email with the photo in a .jpg format. 

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Photo above from Michael Brown -
Born at Chas  c.1961


Dave Madril (Chas G.I.)  took these photos September 2007 during the group return to Chateauroux.

There are 10 photos in this gallery.  Use the shaded arrows to move from set to set.  You need to clean your cache after viewing these and other photos.


Old Clinic is now the heaquarters for the 817th French Engineering Batallion - 2007



BLOMBERG, 1/Lt.  Carol (Martin) 
7373rd Hospital
@ Chas 66

5-13-09  I was one of the OB Nurses in 1966 until the OB Dept. closed. I was present during the last Delivery at CHAD Hosp.  At that time my name was 1/Lt. C. Blomberg. I would love to hear from anyone that I assisted in their Delivery.  

Nov 7, 1952 WALL, Leslie E. - daughter of Lt. Robert E. Wall
1953 FLETCHER, Jack - son of Charles & Micky Fletcher 
1953 HOYT - Entry from wife, Elaine - 3-17-06 - Reading, MA.  My husband was born at Châteauroux Air Station in 1953 and apparently only lived there for 3 years. He always wanted to visit, to go back and see where he was born, but never made it there prior to his passing 7 years ago. Our son & I are thinking of making the trip now 'for him'.   We're finding this site to be a wonderful resource as we begin acquainting ourselves with the area.
1953  HUGILL, Mike  - Parents:  Col. William and Marion Hugill - 1992nd AACS

12-29-09  My Dad was in charge of the communications service for Chateauroux until mid 54, when we were transferred to Manston, England. I will find the pics to submit...this is a great idea!!  Born on the Day of Epiphany in a snow storm, I am now living in San Jose and have worked in Silicon Valley for almost 30 years.

1953 JACKS, Dale
1953 SNYDER, Debbie - daughter of Vet Charles Snyder
March 25, 1953 POLSTON, Donald L., son of Don L. (Passed) & Frances Polston, 7373rd Air Installation (AIO) Sqdn
April 13, 1953 MERKLING, Cathy    Parents T/Sgt Cyril & Alice Merkling - 7300th Materiel Control MDAP
Aug 19, 1953 CURTISS, Cynthia Lee - Daughter of Frederic Curtiss
July 24, 1953

DYKSTRA, Julia Marie - Parents:M/Sgt. Otto Melvin & Callestia Ann Dykstra

Nov 14, 1953 SWANSON, Catherine:Parents:Ronald and Barbara Swanson. 

My parents always told the story that I weighed 2 lbs and 11 oz when I was born.They had to fly in incubators from until they arrived....they put me ina shoe box with a hot water bottle!8-7-07 I have spent most of the evening on your I had said, I was born on the parents are both gone and curiosity has gotten the best of me.You have done a spectacular job on the web site.I remember my parents talking about Joe from Maine.....guess they spent a lot of time there....before I was born.I hope to travel to Chateauroux in the summer of 08.I want to see where I was born.Great Web Page!  

Dec 30, 1953 KREIDER, Richard - Son of S/Sgt Richard & Barbara Kreider  
Nov 1953 KERKMAN, Theresa - Dad Gene Kerkman -  7373rd Aircraft Repair Sqdn @ Chas 51-52 & 54-55
1954 AZZARELLI, 1Sgt (Ret)_Johnny   I was born and raised in France before I retired from the US Army in Alma, Arkansas. Born in 1954, came to the states 1958 1st time and of course an AF Brat all my growing up years then retired Army.
1954 FLETCHER, James, son of Charles & Micky Fletcher (brother listed above)

HAGEN, Lynne

March 29, 1954 ROBB, Janet

1-24-09  My tie to Chateauroux is that it is my birthplace.  Dad (USAF) was stationed in Weisbaden, Germany and mother flew to Chateauroux to have me at the base hospital.  I am interested in articles/pictures back in 1954 of either the hospital as it was then and is it still standing by chance?  Anyone who wants to communicate with me would be fun.  Thanks

Sept 22, 1954 COULAM, Leslie "Les" Allan  Parents: Ellen Bell Coulam  &  T/Sgt Chester Pierce Coulam.  My dad re-enlisted until they wouldn't let him any more.  He finally retired as a Master Sergeant, stationed in Port St. Joe, Florida....died early in 1980. Mother died December 1987. I never knew much about my dad but was always curious about Chateauroux, etc. ... seems I was in the US by the time I was 8 weeks old. (they divorced right after my birth) Been in Dallas ever since.
1954 MARKLEY, Cynthia Mae - Parents Robert & Gloria Markley
1954 MITCHELL, Robert -   

8-4-09  My Father is Msgt.Willian M.Mitchell USAF Stationed at Chateauroux ,France where I was born.I don't remember any of that but my Mother and older brothers still recollect our stay there.  I enjoyed the site.

1954 THOMPSON, Andrew James -

Don't know unit Dad was in. I believe I was born off base.

1954 WALTER, Michael -  I was born in Chateauroux.  Dad was in the Air Force and mom was an American that worked on the base.  Mom told me that there was a reunion of kids born a Chateauroux some time ago.  If there is another one please let me know.

[jpnote:  There have been several reunions/get-togethers in various cities (Chateauroux included) but not a reunion specifically for people Born @ Chas.]

1954 WILKES, Kim - son of Norman L. Wilkes
Jan 27, 1955 CURTISS, Carol Lynn - Daughter of Frederic Curtiss
Feb 1955 Georgulis, Sandra  - Tampa, FL - Parents:  Michael and Joan Georgulis - 73rd Air Depot/Supply @ CHAS 73rd Air Depot/Supply
April 26, 1955 MERRITT,Mark Wade - born April 26, 1955 - Killed in a motorcycle accident -May 24, 1985 - Buried in Grayson County, TX -Son of Chas G.I. Edwin & Dorothy Merritt
June 8, 1955 ROSS, Deborah Rita - Daughter of Andrew Ross 7373rd - 3134th Stock Control Group - Warehouse


July 3, 1955 BUNN, Gary - Son of Lt. Col. Phil C.& Myrla E. Bunn

July 4, 1955 GIBSON, Marianne - daughter of Elizabeth and Army Sgt. William J. Gibson, Jr. who was stationed at Toul-Rosiere
Nov 25, 1955 LADOCEOUR, Connie Dawn - Parents: Gary & Dorothy Ladoceour
1955 HAMM, Vince - Parents:  Vernon & Paulette (See Chas Marriages)  - A french cousin of Vernon is searching for him.
1956 BURTON, Valerie Gay - Parents:  Richard O. and Helen E. Burton - 50th Comm Sq, Toul Rosieres AB (1955-58) 
11-8-09  My mother flew to Chateauroux in a C-47 a week before I was born. My father drove there in a little Renault to be there when I was born. Mom and I flew back to TRAB a few days after I was born. My parents visited Deols in 2003, but didn't find the base.

Below:  Valerie Gay and her mother, Helen.  Red-headed Valerie Gay and her family; Leandro Suarez from Maricaibo, Venezuela and her daughters - Rachel and Sophia.  She went to the University of Oklahoma, Norman, OK.  She teaches Spanish at MacArthur High School in San Antonio, Texas.

May 8, 1956 STORTI, Tina - daughter of William & Toni Storti
July 7, 1956 MCNALLY, Martin 

2-4-09  Guestbook:  Just visiting the website to look at my birthplace. Father transferred to MacDill in Tampa in 1961.   SMS David O. McNally retired in 1969. Died in August 1991 in Tampa, FL at age 62.

1957 CHADWICK, David F  

12-05-09  Parents:  Tsgt Ewell A. & Leah Rae Chadwick

1957 KRAPCHA, Mary O'Bannon -

Dad, Edward Leo Krapcha - Unknown Sq @ Chas - 54-57

1957 LICEA, Catherine  Aschbacher  12-13-09      My father David Licea was stationed in France and met my mother Bernadette Lavenu and they got married and had me. I was born at La Martinnere. We moved to San Antonio, Texas when I was 1 and have lived here all my life.   My mother passed away in 1995 and I do not have contact with my father. I want to go visit where I was born and see my family that I have not seen since I was 21 yrs. old. I pray this dream comes true for me.
April 7, 1957 DRUMMOND, Jamie Herman- Daughter of James & Helen Drummond - stationed at Evreux

7-17-07  Jamie & her husband, Rod Herman, will journey to Europe, including a jaunt to Evreux, so Jamie can see where her family lived when she was born at Chateauroux - La Martinerie. 

Jamie, age 2 with doggie friend and Jamie, her baby doll and daddy, James, working on his car.  In the background is base housing at Evreux on La Madeleine Street.


April 29, 1957 Hudnall, Marianne Lister 
May 12, 1957  HIME, James L., Jr. - Parents James L. & Mary Francis Hime
James, Jr. lives in Houston, TX - James, Sr. was assigned to 7373rd Air Depot - IBM Computer

3-31-07 Sister, Sissy, sent the info about her dad and brother James. Sissy, James, Jr. & dad returned to Châteauroux in May 2006.  

June 9, 1957 THOMAS,  Julie Monique - Parents Burton & Eva Thomas 
June 22, 1957 CREEKMORE, Donna Gayle - First child born to Roland & May Creekmore
Sep 20, 1957 DAVIS, Randy L. He was born Sept. 20, 1957, in Châteauroux, France, to Don and Donna NELSON DAVIS.  Sad to report that Randy died at  the age of 40 in Proctor Hosptial, August 16, 1998 in Peoria, IL.  He was a Navy veteran. He was member of St. Edward's Catholic Church in Chillicothe. Cremation will be accorded following the services. Burial of ashes will be in Chillicothe, IL City Cemetery. See orginal obit. for futher info in the Journal Star, Page B4
Sep 29, 1957 OVERFORS, Roy Harvey  - Parents:  Doris and Harvey Overfors  
Oct 1957 ROZANSKI, Patricia - Father, Joseph Rozanski, Unknown Sqdn- @ Chas 1957 - [See Chas Memoriam]
Oct 21, 1957 SMITH, Michael Rene' - daughter of T/Sgt. Aghee W. & Maryann Smith
Nov 6, 1957

HERRIMAN, Rebecca, daughter of Gerald & Joyce Herriman- Gerald was a civilian assigned to the 3130th Air Installation Sqdn

[jpnote: Beki is travelling to Chateauroux February 2009 with her mother, Joyce, to see her birthplace for the first time.

Dec 1, 1957 ELSEA, Charles L. - Parents Stan (Lt. Col. Ret) & Dorine Elsea  Adjutant in the 3134th Warehouse Sqdn.

2007:Charles  missed being born on his mother’s birthday by about 7 hours.

Chuck's Scoular career began in 1981 when he joined the company as a grain merchandiser.  Born at Chateauroux Air Force Base in France, Chuck eventually settled in Manhattan, Kansas, where he graduated with a B.S. in agriculture from Kansas State University. Chuck is Chief Executive Officer of the Scoular Company in Overland, KS

1958 HOFFMAN, Steven - Cousin of Michael Weaver (see below)
Jan 15, 1958 BELCHER, Pat- parents Clarence (Unknown Sqdn; Deceased) & Patsy Belcher

I sure would like some info on my dad.I believe we were there for about 3 years.My mother hada son before me who was stillborn and is buried someplace there.I am coming to Europe in Sept and Oct 06 and plan on visiting the air base.Is there anything you can tell me about my dad? Pat  

[jpnote:Emailed information]

Feb 17, 1958  BROWN, Norbert Harold - Son of Raymond Brown (1616th Support Sqdn - MATS - 4th Aerial Port)
Feb 1958 WEAVER, Michael - son of Charles O'Neal Weaver
June 5, 1958 DeLuca, Diana L. Hennessy 

8-4-09  I was born there June 5, 1958 and I currently work as a civilian for the air force !!

My parents were Samuel and Dolly DeLuca.  I was in France in 2004 and was very close to the area, by train, however I didn’t stop there. I was delighted to find this web site. I am an only child and my parents are gone now but it’s comforting to see things that really are a part of your life. Thanks

June 7, 1958 CAHILL, Laura L. - Parents:Doug & Rita Cahill

Laura Lee Cahill-Camou
May 11, 2008
Laura Lee Cahill-Camou, 49, of Mililani died in Mililani. She was born in Chateauroux, France. She is survived by sons Larry "PJ," Matthew and Ryan Camou; parents Douglas and Rita Cahill; brother Raymond Cahill; sisters Deborah Nicosia and Loretta Gerull; and a grandson. Committal services: 2 p.m. Tuesday at National Memorial Cemetery of the Pacific at Punchbowl

July 4, 1958 MANSOURI, Karim -Son of Hasan Abdulla Mansouri and Josephina Maria Caterina de-Korver Mansouri
July 17, 1958 BANE, Frank J., Jr. - born- Son of Vet Frank Bane- Little brother of Sharon and Sandra Bane.  
Aug 29, 1958 HARMER, Barbara Kay (Beckie) Ernstrom8-28-06I was born in Châteauroux on August 29, 1958 to Burton Albert Harmer and Donna Norton Harmer.I was born with the rh factor and was sent to Germany in the general's private plane for a blood transfusion on the day I was born.  So the day I was born, I was in two countries; neither one of them my own.  
Nov 14, 1958 PALMISANO, Christopher Damian - Son of T/Sgt William J. & Pat Palmisano (4th Aerial Port)
1959 CLERMONT, Mark - Parents Norman & Monique Clermont - 7373rd Aircraft Repair Sq
1959 WILLIAMS, Miguel- Parents Thomas & Nicole Williams
Jan 18, 1959


WEIDNER, Debbie -  daughter of James & Joan Weidner
1959 HARRIS, Greg
1959 HARTWELL, Katherine Lynn
Jan 19, 1959 AVVAMPATO, Charles J. Avvampato IV - Parents Mr. & Mrs. Charles P. Avvampato - NATO Supply Center
Feb 18, 1959 BRANDENBURG, Bryan  

(Thx Carl Peters ('66) for the heads-up

Feb 24, 1959    BROWN, Sonia - daughter of Raymond Brown   (1616th Support Sqdn-MATS - 4th Aerial Port)
Feb 27, 1959 HODGE, Unnamed Older Brother of Joseph Hodges
1959 Peterson, Joseph Michael  (no relation)  Parents:  Bobby Joe and Katharine Peterson 701 Radar Squadron (SAGE) ADC 1958-1961  Dates may not be exact but this should be close
Dec 20, 1959 ZORICHAK, Jr, Joseph Samuel - Parents Joseph Samuel, Sr & Marjorie Virginia Zorichak - Unknown Sqdn.  Sister Cynthia born in 1961 - see below.
Oct 10, 1959 HARTWELL, Katherine Lynn  - Parents - Larry & Betty Hartwell - Maybe one day I will go back and see what I missed!
Oct, 20,1959 SOUTHARD, Terri Lee -daughter of Ray E. & Mildred Southard
1959 MINNOE, Tom Jr- son of Tom Minnoe, Sr (3130th Air Base Group HQ


GERRY, Karen Celine (Thomhave)  Parents:  Smsgt William M. Gerry and Cecile Nadeau Gerry   


1-3-10 Guestbook:   JENSON, Donna Lee Sirkis - Charlotte, NC - Dad in the Motor Pool - My father was stationed in the motor pool and I've enjoyed the pictures as I go through family albums of his time there.  How do I get a copy of birth certificate if I was born on base?  [jp sent her a link]  Both of my parents are deceased now.  @ Chas 1959-1961 
July 29, 1960 SMITH, Raymond Roger - Father -Charles R. Smith - 7373rd Maintenance Sqdn   
1960  McKECHNIE, Becky - daughter of Nicole Dauriol McKechnie 
1960  TRIEBELL, Edward 
Jan 8, 1960 FELDMAN, Cathy - daughter of Irving & Trudy Feldman (Mr. Feldman was a music teacher) Note from Cathy: 

10-9-07 My name is Cathy Feldman, and I was born on January 8, 1960, at the United States Air Force Hospital.  The hospital is listed in Chateauroux, although my Department of State Birth Certificate states that it was Déols, Indre, France.My Father is Irving Feldman, who was a music teacher at the time.My mother is Trudy Feldman. My dad and I recently made a pilgrimage to Chateauroux and I have many pictures that I can share with you.We were also allowed on the base and given a tour!!I also have photos that he took at the time I was born, late 50’s and early 60’s.I’ve attached 2 photos that were taken on the base in 2005, and a few of the town. This is such a cool website and it’s so interesting meeting others who have a similar birth situation as I!!I hope to hear from you soon.

1960 GERRY, Karen Celine - Hi, I was born in Chateauroux at the AF hospital in1960 to Smsgt William M. Gerry and Cecile Nadeau Gerry. My name is Karen Celine Gerry Thomhave. How do I go about posting as did the others and sending a B.cert.and photo? My little brother was born there as well on Feb.17, 1962. His name is Keith Norbert Gerry.
Thank you for your reply. Sincerely, Karen Gerry Thomhave
Jan 30, 1960 MILLER, Steven Douglas - Son of Evelyn & Frank Miller, Sr - @ CHAS 1957-1961
March 14, 1960 BOURLAND, Victor - Son of Carrol & Mavis "Pat" Bourland
March 16, 1960 LOCKETT, Evelyn - Parents Astride & Aldris Lockett
April 7, 1960 AVVAMPATO, Joseph - Parents Mr. & Mrs. Charles P. Avvampato - NATO Supply Center
April 5, 1960 CAHILL, Deborah D. - Parents Douglas & Rita Cahill
May 23, 1960

NELSON, Doug- May 23, 1960-October 18, 2006
Son of David L. Nelson 3130th Transportation Sqdn
Biloxi, MS

5-21-02 I was born over there on 23 May 1960, yep almost 42 years ago this week. I am currently in the Air Force serving as a First Sergeant at Keesler AFB. The closest I got to visiting "C" was when I was stationed at RAF Alconbury UK 1982-1985. Security Police. We say NO, and you don't go. Hahahaha. Great Site, brought some wonderful memories for my father S/Sgt Dave Nelson.

7-25-07Note from David Nelson, Doug's dad:Our Son Doug who was born at Chas in May 1960, served in the USAF for 22 Years, Retired as First Sgt June 2003, died of a Heart Attack Oct 18, 2006. This was a devastation to us. His daughter Jennifer was born at Alconbury, AB England is now serving in the USAF as a Ssgt.

June 1960 MANNING, Kevin - Son of Chas A.P. Rod & Jo Manning
July 14, 1960-Aug 2009 Peller, Karen (now deceased)  Parents:  Micheline and David Peller 7373rd Air Depot Wing
Dec 2, 1960 PURSLEY, Michael  - Parents:  Douglas & Mary Pursley

See Chas Memoriam

Nov 2, 1960 JACQUET, Mardi - Mardi was adopted by American parents in Chateauroux, then reared in California.  She was Playboy magazine's Playmate of the Month for its October 1980 issue. Her centerfold was photographed by Richard Fegley.

 When she was older, she moved to Arizona and, among other things, worked on a ranch that raised Arabian horses. She is currently living and working as a school counselor in the Phoenix, AZ area. [jpnote:This info was located on the net in several places.]

1961 BROWN, Michael W., son  of T/Sgt Leburn and Eleanor Brown, stationed at Laon
1961 HODGE,Joseph R. - Son of Charles M. & Lursie M. Hodge
1961 LOCKETT, Ingrid - Parents Astride & Aldris Lockett
1961 PARRIS, Rhonnie -   Parents A1C Rhon and Patty Parris MATS 1960-63  I was born in Deole[s].  I grew up with so many stories about our Citroen and Morris Minor and the dog Tippy. My sister came along in 1963. Would love to see our beginnings.
1961 SPUNG, Nathalie - father T/Sgt James Spung - 7322nd Materiel Sqdn
1961 ZORICHAK, Cynthia -   Parents Joseph Samuel, Sr & Marjorie Virginia Zorichak - Unknown Sqdn.  Brother Joseph Samuel born in 1959 - see above.
November 1961

December 1961

Article from AMFEA News - courtesy of Dave Madril

1960 FANFAN, Fabrice -   Parents:  felicito fanfan & josephine fanfan
GERRY, Keith Parents:   Smsgt William M. Gerry and Cecile Nadeau Gerry.
Feb 12, 1962 HAWKINS, Jammie Glenn - Parents:Jim Hawkins -  1616th Support Sqdn MATS (deceased) & Janine Artaud-Hawkins who was secretary of the same Sqdn.

February 17, 1962 GERRY, Keith Norbert  Parents:  SrMsgt William M. Gerry and Cecile Nadeau Gerry
March 1962 KOONS, Karen -  Not searching for anything. Just curious about where I was born. I was 6 weeks old when we left France and have never seen any pictures.
Mar 17, 1962

BRYANT, Susan - Parents: William Thomas & Nancy Lee Watson

4-27-07   My name is Susan Bryant and I was born in Châteauroux in 1962. As I was surfing for info on this town, I found [your] website. So, I just wanted to connect with someone from there.I'd like to hearwhat they knew and remembered about it. I am so excited to possibly be able to talk with someone from that time and place.

[jpnote:Susan's high school band took a trip to France when she was a teenager, but she wasn't able to visit her birthplace at that time.She joined the Air Force in the 80's and was stationed in Lakenheath, but did not visit Châteauroux at that time either.She was discharged to return to the States when her father was ill and subsequently passed away. CHAS Memoriam]

April 26, 1962 GRIFFIN,April Lynn - Parents: Calvin Dee & Raquel A. Griffin
July 15, 1962 DIVENS, Deborah Nicole -   Parents Richard and Jeannine Divens
Sept 26, 1962 CASTILLEJA, Ralph and Rodney - Twin sons of T/Sgt Rafael O. & wife Castilleja (Unknown Sqdn) (another son below - '64)
Oct 21-28, 1962

Birth Announcement


Article from AMFEA News - courtesy of Ron Roslawski

Oct 21, 1962 ROSLAWSKI, Mark- son of Ron & his french wife, Christiane Roslawski.Ron was in the 7th Radio Relay Sqdn, which later became the 2058th.  Ron wasstationed at ALFA 4 in Vierzon, about 40 miles north ofChâteaurouxfrom March of 1959 to April 1963.Aboveis the birth announcement of Ron's son.   

The photo on the left is Mark's first photo ever and his signature signed by his proud daddy!


Oct 22, 1962 BONE, Dane N. - Parents SSgt. & Mrs. Lloyd Wilson - 7322d Air Base Wing
Oct 23, 1962

GOODWIN, David W. to A2C & Mrs. Walter L. - 7322nd Air Police Sqdn

Oct 23, 1962 SIMS, Sean A. - Parents SSgt. & Mrs. Phillip G. Sims - 1602d Air Transport Wing (MATS)
Oct 24, 1962 BAKER, Deborah L. - Parents SSgt & Mrs. Donald A. - 7322d Air Police Sqdn
Oct 25, 1962 GANDY, Oscar A. - Parents A1C & Mrs. Joseph W. - 1616th Support Sqdn (MATS)
Oct 27, 1962 AVVAMPATO, Alice M. - Parents Mr. & Mrs. Charles P. Avvampato - NATO Supply Center
Oct 28, 1962 GLASS, Cynthia A - Parents A1C & Mrs. Samuel C. Glass - 1616th Support Sqdn (MATS)
Dec 23, 1962 WOOD, Kelly - Parents Richard O. & Kathy Wood - 3130th ABG - Info from Kelly's daughter,
1962 JACKSON, Jr., Paul - Parents Paul & Jeannette (Luneau) Jackson  See Paul Jackson's Page
Jan 7, 1963 LOCKETT, Allan -Parents Astride & Aldris Lockett
1963 PFAND, Raymond - I was born at this hospital  but my father PCS's to Berlin shortly afterwards. I have never seen pictures of the hospital. Thanks for the pictures.
May 1963


BLECKNER, Terry - son of Ralph Bleckner  

3-28-05Searching for hospital where I was born. My father was stationed here with the  2058th Radio RelaySqdn Anything left of the old base so I can plan a visit one day?       [jpnote:I wrote to Terry with links to various pages on the website. - 5-14-06 Connected Walt Kleiman with Terry at his request.Walt served with Terry's dad.]


GARCIA, David - Pedro was my father and I was trying to find out more information about what he did. I was born on the base. My mother's name was Dolly Garcia. I have two older sisters and a brother.If anyone knows what Sqdn it would be appreciated.

March 5, 1963 TOWERS, Stephanie Lynn - Mother, Jeani Towers (Chad Student) says Dr. Rosenthal (7373rd Hospital Sqdn delivered Stephanie.
April 1963 BRUCE, Tina Marie
May7, 1963 James Lynn Madril - Parents:Dave (7373rd Hospital Sqdn) & Janine Madril
Sep 23, 1963 Andrew W. Hunley, son of M/Sgt Robert "Bob" Hunley @ Chas 60-63 - 3130th ABG (Hq)
Dec 2, 1963 FRAINIE, Michael, son of Charles A. "Chuck" Frainie who was a staff sergeant who wrote for the base newspaper, "Sabre Blade" and "Stars and Stripes." He passed awayon March 17, 2007 at the age of 81.
1964 HARRIS, Unnamed Brother of Greg Harris (Listed above)
Jan 1964


HICKS, John- Woodland Hills CA

See Little Kids for Photos of Siblings and info about trip to Chas - 2-05

Jan 30, 1964

HOEPFNER, Glenn - Son of Dietrich B. Hoepfner  - 1992nd AACS

March 1964 LASSITER, Patricia - daughter of William & Teresa Lassiter
March 23, 1964 RIVAS, Patricia - Parents Dan & Roberte Marina Rivas
April 1964 TAYLOR, Terence Lee, son ofSSgtGerald D. & Doris Taylor.
April 4, 1964
LIND, Thomas Martin was born at Chas Hosp on 4 April 1964.Parents were TSgt Gerald and Roberta Lind.Returned to Langley VA in July 1965
May 5, 1964 POROWSKI, Steven Wayne - little brother of Jackie (Chad '66), Roxanne & Sandy Porowski

Son of Isadore T. POROWSKI (Ret. Major)  4440th Fighter Sqdn (TACT) & Agnes

May 23, 1964 CASTILLEJA, Anthony - Son of  TSgt Rafael O. & wife Castilleja
May 26, 1964 MARTINA, Catherine Teresa

daughter of Dennis L. Martina aka Danny Martini (Unknown Sqdn)

1964 PETHEL, Myra Pauline - born to Bruce 1616th Support Sq - MATS0  and June Pethel

June 16, 1964 NEESE, Gary S. - Son of M/sgt Melvin C. Neese
July 1964 McMahon, Baby - First child of elementary teacher Pat Bordes-McMahon and Chas GI John McMahon
August 27, 1964 LAW, Teresa - daughter of Bill Law -   7322nd Materiel Sqdn (Transit Alert)
Nov 4, 1964 KRAMER, Donald M. - Born to Janet & Donald C. Kramer DDS assigned to the 7373rd USAF Hospital Dental Clinic at Chas from 1963-1966.  Dr. Harold Miller delivered Don and now lives in Houston, TX as do  the Kramers.

Flanders,  Francine Andree - daughter of David Flanders 1616th Support Sqdn - MATS - 4th Aerial Port

Nov 9, 1965 HARRIS, Steve Philip, son of Phil (See   Chas Memoriam) & Anne-Marie Harris (7373rd Hospital Sqdn)
May 17, 1966 COUNTERMAN, Matthew Adam    Parents:M/Sgt Andrew Counterman Unknown Sqdn) and wife Ruth I. 
Unknown Year BAGINSKI, John-Robert, son of Richard & Marie-Claude Baginski  (ABG HQ)
Unknown Year BENTON, Myrtle Bob - daughter of Lawrence Floyd & Edna Earle Benton
Unknown Year CONLAN, Matthew -son of Vet Herb Conlan 1964-1966
Unknown Year COULUM, Leslie - Returned to Chateauroux - August 2009

Leslie (on the far right) & friends in front of the Base Hospital at La Martenerie - August 2009

Unknown Year DOBBINS, Don (Dad stationed at Laon)
Unknown Year DUNN - Two daughters of G. I. Art & Kathy Dunn who were @ Chas 61-66
Unknown Year DUNN, Robert & brother, Clifton, Jr. - sons of Clifton "Cliff" Dunn 7300th Materiel Control Group (MDAP)
Unknown Year GOGGIN, Two Children of Robert Goggin who was @ Chas 1962-1965
Unknown Year HERRERA-SANDERS, Marilyn (no relation to Sam's Son below)    Born & Lived there till 1968
Arcadia, CA
07/18/2002 - Looking for old friends, Pam Nickel?, who taught me English and American ways. 
Unknown Year HERRERA, First son of Sam Herrera 
Unknown Year JONES, Karen, daughter of Bobby Don & Margaret @ Chas 55-58
Unknown Year JOHNSON, Sabine (Brown) - daughter of Larry Thomas Johnson   7373rd Hospital Sqdn
Unknown Year KASHYNSKI, son of Anne Manning, wife of Chas Vet
Unknown Year KELLER, Patricia Anne - daughter of Jennings Monroe Keller - Unknown Sqdn
Unknown Year VARNER, Carl
Unknown Year RUSSELL, Charles Jr., son of Charles & Thelma Russell, Sr.
Unknown Year WHITEHEAD, Erik Lee, son of Jerry C. - Erik & his wife & daughter reside in Chandler, AZ
Unknown Year WILLIAMS, Robin
Tucson, AZ
04/02/2004 Comments:  My father was stationed in France.I was born there and lived in the town of Ardentes.  [jpnote:I also lived in Ardentes and so did Katherine Hartwell.]

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