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 August 25, 2010

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Couples who met and/or married in Châteauroux -  Déols, France


Arnold & Mimi Skogstrand sent this article.  [jpnote:  Bill Messer and his first wife, Jacqueline, have both passed away.]  See Chas Memoriam

Richard J. Baginski & Marie-Claude Forest
Wed 1956
Maurice Bennett & Pierette (from Châteauroux)
Phillip Berezo (Unknown Sqdn) & Danielle (from Châteauroux)
Wed in 1961
Bobby Carpenter  & Raymonde L. Perrin (from Châteauroux)
Wed October 11, 1965
Ben Chavez (Chas G.I.) & Fran Aulich Chad Student -'64
Wed 1965

Norman Clermont & Monique from  Châteauroux
Wed April 1958
Lt. Crews  &  Vera Rita (Touvent Elementary Teacher)
Wed 1956 -
Tom Drositis & french wife
Wed  September 28, 1955
Art Dunn & Kathy
Gary Dusick & Marcellene Gray  (Chad Student)
Wed 1963
David Freeman 7th Radio Relay & Francoise Begot (Vierzon)
Marion "Red" Froshour 1616th Support Sqdn &  Lucette Dubreu (from Châteauroux)
April 27, 1963

Gary Gannon & Jacqualine "Jackie" Byrd ('56 Chad Grad)
April 21, 1957 - Base Chapel

Sandra Wilkes '56;  friend Marta Basie; Joyce Bentley '59; Jacqualine "Jackie" Byrd-Gannon '56; Chas Vet Gary Gannon; Chas Vet Friends Vic Kruger; Gary Ackers; Chuck Hendrickson

Joseph "Joe" Gemora 1616th Support Sq - MATS & Nicole Toussaint (Chateauroux) wed in 1964.
Gordon Gilman  G.I. &  Doris Hanson ('59 Chad Student)
Wed July 1961
Lon Grassman (1992nd AACS)  & Chantal Hemery (from Châteauroux)
Wed August 16, 1966
Vernon Hamm G.I. & Paulette Vincent (from Châteauroux)
Phil Harris & Anne-Marie Plisson (from Châteauroux)
Wed January 16, 1964

Jim Hawkins, G.I. & Janine Artaud  (from Châteauroux)
Wed March 1961 - Shelbyville, K

  See Chas Memoriam

Sam Herrera & Lilane (from Châteauroux)
Bobby Don Jones & Margaret
Paul Jackson & Jeannette Luneau (from Châteauroux) Married August 1954 - See Chas Memoriam
Aldris Lee Lockett & Astride Foesser
Tommy Mason & Mary Lynn James '61
December 1962
John McMahon & Pat Bordes (Touvent Elementary Teacher 61-65)
Wed in 1963
Danny Noonan & Joan "Jessie" Partridge ('57 Chad Student)

Bob Owens  & Ann Calhoon  ('60 Chad Student)
Wed June 17, 2006 in Hawaii

Châteauroux American High School Prom - May 20, 1960 
which was held in the french cafeteria next to Building 356 at La Martinerie. 

June 17, 2006 - Hawaii

The Love Story of Bob & Ann Owens - by Bob Owens (printed by permission)

In 1959, I was 19 and stationed at the USAF base in Châteauroux, France. Ann was 17; a military dependent going to high school at the American high school on the base.

One day in the fall, I was sitting with friends in the base snack bar when Ann walked by with her mother and sister. I asked my friend, who was dating one of Ann's schoolmates and friends; who was she? Her friend (Pam Brown) said, "That's Ann Sandra" and from that moment I was hooked. We started dating and were very close.

 In 1960, after Ann's graduation, we were engaged and planned to marry before I left the service in March of 1961. My family approved and Ann's uncle offered me a job in his auto parts business and an apartment in the Twin Falls, Idaho area to help us get started on the right foot.

We were very happy and things seemed fine, but for some reason unknown to me at the time, we broke up. You must understand that there were no telephones in the barracks and the housing area was miles from the base so contact had to be prearranged and sometimes difficult. Also, things were very different back then; kids generally did what their parents told them to do and Ann as a military dependent, overseas, was under complete control of her parents, regardless of her age.

Anyway, we broke up for reasons that I never knew. Before I left France and the Air Force, I learned that Ann was dating someone else and was planning to be married. I didn't understand what was going on and saw Ann on only two occasions; once at the base movie theatre and on March 4, 1961, my 21st birthday, as Ann was leaving the base chapel after just getting married.

We never stopped looking for each other. Me, because I wanted to find out what had happened and because I never stopped loving her. Ann, because she wanted to tell me what had happened and she too still loved me.

Jack Russell  & Jackie Porowski  ('66 Chad Student)
Wed May 11, 1968 in Tampa, Fl























Jack & Jackie at Clearwater Beach, FL







At Home - JP took this photo during a visit at the Russell home

Ron Roslawski (7th Radio Relay Sqdn-Vierzon) & Christiane Dessarte (from Vierzon)
Wed June 17, 1961

Joseph Russ & Arlette Robin (from Châteauroux)

Arnold Skogstrand (Vet) & Mimi (from Luant)
September 28, 1966 - Married in Luant, France








Bill Tannenbaum & Claire Leach ('56 Chad Student)
Returned to the States  - Married in 1957
Rich Thayer (3130th ABG) & Janet Kuhn ('66  Chad Student)

William "Bill" Thornton & Annette Gagne'
 Wed November 9, 1964

Wedding Announcement


[Bill & Annette's friend, Bob Bemis, sent this copy of Annette & Bill's announcement

William Vickers & Helene
Wed April 29, 1954 -
Married at the small protestant church in Châteauroux, which is called "Eglise Reformee de Châteauroux.  Pastor W.  Widman and an Air Force chaplain named Melvin T Ostlin officiated.

William Warnock & Grace deWitt
Wed  November 21, 1957 - Base Chapel 



L-R: Grace’s brother, John de Witt, Bridesmaid, Grace de Witt, William Warnock, Christiaan de Witt (Grace's father)  and Sally Ferguson,

daughter of Air Force Chief of Chaplains for Europe, Chaplain (Colonel) Warren and Mrs. Norma Ferguson


Lee Wassenhove & Vicki Swanson (Faculty CHAD Jr High - 65-66)
Wed December 11, 1965

James E. Weidner & Joan - Long-time Sweetheart
June 6, 1957
- Base Chapel at La Martinerie

The Weidners  Joan & Jim (2004)









The Weidner Wedding Party
Matron of Honor, Linda, the sister of James' co-worker stationed at Orleans;  Mr. & Mrs. James Weidner; Best Man, Carl Derix, stationed at Orleans


Flower Girls are daughters of the Chaplain;

Richard "Dick" Wells & Collette Chausse
Dick & Collette were married thirty-four years. 
Red Williams & Linda Bulis  (Chad Student)
Thomas Williams & Nicole Longlet
Wed 1958
Dennis Yanek & Delores "Dee" Finn ('60 Chad Student)

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