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Joe From Maine

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Joe's Signage from Patricia Rivas (Dan Rivas' Daughter)



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Joe Gagne

September 29, 1922 - April 17, 2009

Joe celebrated his 86th birthday 9-29-08.

Every G.I. and every Chad High Student has a special memory of Joe and "Joe From Maine Restaurant & Bar. 

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Message from Mike, Joe's son: 

Joe’s funeral was held  in a small town where his french wife's mother lived.  Only the family participated.   Joe used to trout fish and hunt there every time he could get away from the Bar.

Joe wanted no flowers, no tears and no ceremony.  He just wanted to be buried with his American flag which flew over the Normandy beaches and to be surrounded by his family.


Janine & Joe - 2002

 Joe From Maine is still open and serving those great cheeseburgers and chili we all ate with American gusto!  Joe's daughter, Annette, operates the bar/restaurant these days. 

Following are photos taken in September 2007 in Joe's.  The last two photos are a smattering of the Americans who attended the 2007 Return to Chateauroux.

Photos from Jenelle

 I kept this swizzle stick on one of my numerous visits to Joe From Maine's". I wonder if it is the last one in existence. Gary Blew  - 7373rd Hospital Sq

(Two icons departed)

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