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Updated:   08/25/2010


 La Martinerie - Aerial Photos

La Martinerie - The Old Days


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 Herve'  lives in Brassioux and is in the french military and is stationed at La Martinerie.   He has contributed many times to the website by taking photos and sending items of interest to share with us.  Thank you, Herve'.

Photos below Taken December 2003


Coming & Going

    Aerial Base View  ** History Going Down **  Vine-covered Quonset Hut

[jpnote:  Vet Bob Owens writes that the building behind the tower in the photo above was "his building."]

 [Hank Bloomer Chad Class of  '61 says:  "The 'vine covered quonset hut' is, I believe, where our scout patrol stored aircraft parts we hoped to use in making a mockup space capsule. (We never did complete it.)"