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12th Air Postal Sqdn

Châteauroux - Déols Air Station
Châteauroux - Déols, France


Post Office & Old Water Tower (since demolished)
& 12th Air Postal Sqdn - Detachment 3 Building
Photos courtesy Chuck Shaffer


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The  12th Air Postal Sqdn - Detachment 3 - was  responsible for the processing of incoming and outgoing mail for APO 10  for over 8,000 (at one time or another)  USAF, civilian and dependent persons who received mail.   Those letters, cards and packages from home were eagerly awaited by all  who were far from home.  Thank you, postal workers, for your hard  work.

HENDERSON, Kenneth L.   
@ Chas: April 1962 - Nov 1965
12th Air Postal
Fort Lauderdale, FL

1-4-06 [jpnote:  I emailed Gerald Perry with a copy to Kenneth to see if Kenneth was the A/1C Henderson that Gerald was trying to locate.  Haven't heard if he was or not.]

[jpnote:  3-14-07  - Kenneth signed in the guestbook.]

[jpnote:  6-21-08  No word about   Gerald Perry.]

JONES, Thaaron G. 
@ Chas:  1954 to 57
Det 3 12th Air Postal
Sikston, MO

  07/28/2002 Where are you Lee E. Pickering?

6-21-08  Did a search again for Lee E. Pickering - too many listed.  If I knew his age or where he might have come from, could help to locate.

PALMORE, Teddy B., Lt. Col. (Ret.)   
Chas Postmaster, APO 10
@ Chas:  1961-1964
Denton, TX

1/25/2002  I was Commander of APO 10, Déols Air Postal Terminal and APO at Aviano, Italy.

2-2-04:  Thanks for the Web page.    Searching for:  Any friends who served during the above period.

1-20-05 [jpnote:  Friends with Dell Toedt; Chad Students Carl Peters and  Sheila Witherington remember Col Palmore from church.]

2-11-07  [jpnote:  Two CHAD students from different timeframes recall fond memories of Col. Palmore.  He was the music leader at the Baptist Church on the downtown Châteauroux economy where Sheila Witherington and Carl Peters attended at different times.  Col. Palmore and his wife, Sue, live near JP

SARDINHA, Carlos  - Email Invalid
@ Chas: 1952-1953
12th Air Postal
Fall River, MA

5-26-04 Hey! anyone still around?  We're getting old in the tooth.    Where are you Walter Sherman?

SHAFFER, Charles "Chuck"     
@ Chas: 1957-1960
12th Air Postal
1-24-06  - I received a message from you [Jenelle] at classmates. I was at Châteauroux from 1957 to 1960. I was in Detachment 3, 12th Air Postal Sqdn. We ran the base post office and also pulled duty at Déols Airfield loading and unloading aircraft. Enjoyed those 3 years but was glad to get home.

Served 3 years there and currently retired from Navistar International after 38 years building trucks. Married with 2 sons, 4 stepkids and 10 grandchildren.

  Searching:  Anybody in the postal Sqdn during those years such as:  Where are you Prince, Middleton, Strange, Hill, and so forth?



6-21-08  [jpnote:  Chuck wrote hello, new email address and news of dramatic weight loss - 90 lbs!  Congratulations! ]





I arrived in Châteauroux in November of 1957 at the ripe old age of 17. I remember at the train station in Paris before leaving for Chad, I had to use the restroom. The Army Sgt. directed me to the restroom and while I was using it, a woman came in. That freaked me out!  I was told later that that was common in France where men and women used the same restroom. Hmmmmmmm! 

I was assigned to the 12th Air Postal Sqdn. We ran the base post office at Chas and Déols. We pulled duty at the warehouse at Déols loading and unloading mail sacks from aircraft. The mail bags were sorted, with some going to APO's in Spain, Libya, Germany, and more. Sometimes we would have to take registered mail to a plane sitting on the "hot spot". That's where they would rev up their engines before take-off. Our French truck drivers wouldn't get very close so I would carry the mail to the side door (staying away from those propellers ) and get the required signature before turning the mail over to the loadmaster. Quite an experience and I have many many memories which I will share later.  [Posted 2-1-06]


We pulled mail guard for one month at a time. We were issued a 45 and 3 bullets and told not to shoot anyone since it might cause an international incident. Never figured that one out. We were guarding registered mail which included the base payroll which we brought from Paris and also secret material. One of the guys pulling guard duty accidentally fired the pistol while the train was headed back to Châteauroux. He said that bullet ricocheted all around that mail car. If I remember right he got an Article 15 for that one.  [Posted 2-19-06]

WELLS, James E. T/Sgt  - See  Chas Memoriam


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