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1602nd Air Transport Wing

Châteauroux - Déols Air Station
Châteauroux - Déols, France

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AMRHEIN, Paul - Email Unavailable
@ Chas:  62-66
1602nd Air Transport Wing  & 322nd Air Division
Universal City, TX (near San Antonio)

6-15-03  I was assigned to the 1602 Air Transport Wing  & 322nd Air Division working in personnel


DONATO, Marty  
@ Chas 63 - 65
1602nd Air Transport Wing & 322nd Air Division
Denver, Colorado

9-6-05  Had a great time there. For a time my office was just two doors down from my room. Friends included Jameson who worked in the command post and Duwayne Gilbertson [listed] who was Gen. Forman's driver.


@ Chas 6
2 - 65
1602nd Air Transport Wing

Roseville, MN

6-14-09  Searching:  Jerry Lind [Listed below]  & Dee Newcome & Joe From Maine!  Joe From Maine   Would love to hear from both Jerry & Dee. Jerry was my boss -- a super boss by the way.


FIKE,  Donald  
@ Chas 63 - 6
1602nd Air Transport Wing - 322 AIO

Detroit, MI

12-14-08 GB Entry: Searching: Tommy Scott, Joe Friday, Hopkins, Young, (The Group); Le Chat Qui Fume Bar, Brooks, Gary McDonnell
Had the fastest 56 Ford Sunliner on Base. Really Loved Chateauroux

8-8-09  Searching:  Hopkins (worked chow hall; Tommie Scott from Louisiana (played football, had 1957 chevy; Airman Young married french girl I, don't know where he is from. My room mate Bruce Foster lived in Ny, I, have lost contact with him. Let me know if you know the where abouts of these friends.....


FORMAN, Robert D. - Brigadier General   See Chas Memoriam
Commander  - 1602nd Air Transport Wing
@ Chas beginning September 29, 1961


HERRERA, Ernesto Jr.  See Chas Memoriam
@ Chas: 1961 to 1966
1602 Air Transport Wing

 (Ernesto's widow Lilane's)   


1602nd Air Transport Wing
  & 322nd Air Division
@ Chas: 
Jul 1962- Jul 1965

Pittsburgh, PA

1-25-09  I was assigned to the Command Post of the 1602nd and 322nd Air Division from July 1962 thru June 1965.

Guest from 1607th  Air Transport Wing of Dover,  DE
@ Chas: 
Congo operation (New Tape) 22 Dec.-June 61

2-26-09  Wondering about: Michelene Carre, Rue Raspail Chateauroux. Airman Paul Schmitt of Stow, Ohio.
In and out of Chateauroux several times this period, mechanic on C-124's flying UN troops to Congo. Befriended by young people at Centre Sociale in town, especially Michele Luneau. Loved being here, would have stayed forever!

LIND, T/Sgt Gerald 
1602nd Air Transport Wing  & 322nd Air Division
@ Chas: 
Jul 1962- Jul 1965
Everett, WA

6-12-08  Searching:  Don Drackert [Listed above], Dee Newcombe, Walter Culley , Tom Boutwell  

I worked in Personnel in the CBPO as NCOIC of Machine Accounting the initial forray of the AF to mechanize personnel records.

LUCIO, Ted III (A/1C) 
@ Chas:  1961-62
1602nd Air Transport Wing  (MATS)
Los Banos, CA

4-11-06 I spent 3 years at 1602-5 ATW (MATS) at South Ruislip, England.  and an extended year at  MATS Command Post at CHAS under Col. Batch.   [jpnote: Maybe Irene & Susan's Dad - emld]

 [jpnote:  Ted inquired about General Forman.  His bio is listed on the CHAS Memoriam page.] 

RIDDLE, Ret Maj General John 
@ Chas:  1961-64
1602nd Air Transport Wing  (MATS)
Atlanta, GA

9/17/2007 Gen Riddle sent this Note to Joe (Gagne') through his friend Bob Goggin to send to me for Greetings Book to Joe at the  Chas 2007 Reunion.

"I was the first of General Red Forman's two aides in Chateauroux. We arrived with the General in the fall of 1961, and I had just been promoted to captain. It was the beginning of a truly great three years. The night before my family returned to the US, we ate with the general and his wife, then ended the evening at Joe From Maine's. My wife was asked to dance by one of the airman in the MATS support Sqdn, who was obviously a far better dancer than I. She did and enjoyed it a lot. The next morning as we boarded the plane for Orly, her previous night dancing partner was manning the stairway and with a cool wave while standing at attention said, "Bye Linda."

SANTANA, Jose "Joe" 
@ Chas:  1959-62
1602nd Air Transport Wing  (MATS)
The Villages, FL

12-14-08  Searching any of the Airborne Radio Operators or flight engineers stationed at Chad flying the C-47's.  3 1/2 great years. My oldest son was born there in 1961.

@ Chas:  19
1602nd Air Transport Wing  (MATS)
Mt. Olive, MS

12-8-09  Searching anyone who worked in personnel during this period for Sgt. Gerald Lind.

TAYLOR, S/sgt Gerald D. "Gerry" 
@ Chas:  1962
1602nd Air Transport Wing  (MATS)
Camden, DE

WELLS, Charles "Charlie" 
@ Chas:  1962
1602nd Air Transport Wing  (MATS)
Fort Worth, TX

05/25/2002 Comments: Was in the 1616th 1961-1962, then reassigned to the 1602nd ATW 1962-1964. Don't remember many names from that time. We were at the grand opening of the new NCO club the night Kennedy got shot.

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