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1616th Support Sqdn - MATS

G. I. Entries

Châteauroux Air Station
Châteauroux - Déols, France

1616th Support Sqdn - MATS Buildings - 1958
(Photos from Janine Artaud-Hawkins )








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ADAMEK, CWO William A. - 1920 - 2004 - See Chas Memoriam
@ Chas:  1957-1960 & 1962-1966
1616th  Support Sqdn
San Antonio, TX


ALBERT, Bert   
@ Chas: 1957-58
1616th Support Sqdn - 4th Aerial Support Sqdn
Sacramento, CA


BARNETT, Don     Sabre Supporter
@ Chas: 1959-60
1616th Support Sqdn
Douglasville, GA

12-20-06 I'm glad that I found this site. Thank you!

8-14-10  Thanks for the response [to guestbook entry.]  I am an Army brat and went to high school at Nurnberg in Germany from 1954-1957.  I was a dorm student, as my dad was stationed at a small post near the Czech border.  I caught the train each Sunday afternoon, spent the week in school and caught the train back home on Friday evening.  After high school I joined the Air Force to qualify for the GI Bill fully intending to serve my four years then go to college. In 1959  I was assigned to Chateauroux in 1959 and fell in love with the place. While there I was asked to fly on the base C-47 and C-54 aircraft as a radio operator.  It was then that I found out about the Air Force Aviation Cadet program.  I received the endorsement of my squadron commander and my application was accepted. So, after 18 months at CHAS I returned to the states for flight school.  I am now a retired Lt. Col.  My wife and I have made numerous trips to Europe and visited my old home in Nurnberg but we haven't yet gone down to Chateauroux.  We plan to go to Europe again next spring.  Our plans call for a visit to Paris then we want to drive down to Spain with an obligatory stop at old CHAS.  I am so glad to have found your web site as it has brought back fond memories

BELL, Raymond  
@ Chas: 1960-64
1616th Support Sqdn
Fairfield, CA

BISHOP, Walter J.
@ Chas: 58-61
1616th Support Sqdn
Austin, TX

8 -13-03: I was stationed at Chad also in 58 to 61 in the 1616th support Sqdn in the comm/nav shop. I retired in 1974 after 22 years. now living in austin texas.
9-03-04 Searching for members of the 1616th Support Sqdn

[jpnote: Walter & his wife attended a bar-b-que dinner and evening get-together with some of us Châteauroux folks - 2004.]


@ Chas 1962-65
1616 Support Sqdn (MATS)
West Terre Haute , IN

06/24/2001 I was stationed at Châteauroux from 1962 to 1965 with the 1616 Support Sqdn. (MATS). I played baseball with John Doyle, Jim and Tim Riley. I just spent the wk. end with John, Jim Ledbetter, Marty Martinez and went by to see Evo Mini. Had a great reunion and would like to do it again, 37 years is too long to wait. Would like to hear from some of the men I worked with at MATS.

BROWN, Raymond E.  
@Chas 1956-1960
1616th Support Sqdn - 4th Aerial
Temple Hills, MD


5-16-07 Worked in the IBM section and was a Loadmaster. (Worked for Bill Adamek - see entry above)

7/17/2007 Daughter, Sonia R. Brown was Born at Chas Feb 24, 1959 & son, Norbert Harold Brown, was Born at Chas in 1958 Feb 17 at the clinic. We attended the reunion in Chateauroux in 1998.     

BRYANT, Elton Lee, Jr.   Sabre Supporter
1616th Support Sqdn
Melbourne, FL

Lee is a Sabre Supporter

6-3-04 Worked Records and Reports, Space Control, and Air Freight at Déols and resided in Barracks 107 or 108, next to the gym in La Martinerie.  Would like to hear from you guys.

  See  Lee Bryant Photos & Memories

@ Chas: 64-66
1616th Support Sqdn

Ocala, FL

 9-17-07 Been a long time ago. I remember a few names, not many. I was probably drunk most of my time there. 

BUCK, Jerry   
@ Chas: 1965 to

1616th Support Sqdn

Smyrna, TN

6-13-09  had a lot of fun in france I was rewarted for my service there by being sent to Adane, Turkey before coming home.

CREEKMORE, Roland   
@ Chas: 1954-1958
Spencer, TN

Daughter, Donna Born @ Chas  

8-8-09  The 4th Aerial Port Squadron was formed at Donaldson AFB, SC in 1953-54. It was transferred to Chateauroux in April 1954. We arrived in Chateauroux on a troop train from Bremenhaven, Germany, and was billeted in Steel City. We took over the operation of the air terminal at Deols where we offloaded and onloaded aircraft from all the world and transferred cargo almost everwhere. It was a 24/7 operation meeting aircrews from everywhere. I was a Loadmaster and able to fly all over Europe and Africa. Was a wonderful time for those four years. I married there and had the privilege of living in a Chateau in Jeu Maloches. Quite expensive though, $35.00 a month, furnished. My daughter was born at CHAS in 1957. I retired in 1975 and met a wonderful lady from Spencer, married and moved there. Would enjoy hearing from anyone from CHAS in those days, and would enjoy meeting you and showing what a wonderful country we live in here in Tennessee. Au revoir, mes ami.

1616th Support Sqdn
@ Chas: 1958-59    


 10-25-04  Just came across your site while searching for old memories. This site indeed brings back a lot of memories. "Really enjoyed my time at Châteauroux. From there the unit I was with had flights all over Europe and I got to see a lot of the world."

1616th Support Sqdn
@ Chas: 1965-66
Orlando, FL

 4-7-04  Searching Betty & Charles Bennett*

FIKE, Donald  
@ Chas: 1963-67
1616th Support Sqdn (MATS) &
322nd Air Division
Detroit, MI

12-14-08  Searching:  Tommy Scott, Joe Friday, Hopkins, Young, (The Group); Le Chat Qui Fume Bar, Brooks, Gary McDonnell

Had the fastest 56 Ford Sunliner on Base. Really Loved Chateauroux

@ Chas: 1962-1965
1616th Support Sqdn (ACP)
Mansura, LA


6-17-09  Add to Born at Chas, Daughter, Francine Andree, 1964

FROSHOUR, Marion "Red" 
@ Chas: 1960-1964
1616th Support Sqdn
Centerville, GA

  Greetings from Georgia, My wife Lucette (who is from Châteauroux) and I have travelled the world over and have enjoyed ourselves. We have been married for 42 years. We visit Châteauroux as often as possible to visit with her family. I was a transporter (and retired as one after 30 years), in the 1616th Support Sqdn, when we left in 1964, I was an A1C (E4) at the time.


We were in the USAF for 30 years, stationed in Charleston SC., Mactan PI, Clark AB PI, Norton AFB Ca, Tan Son Nhut RVN, Bien Thuy RVN, Lindsay AS Ger, Ramstein AB Ger, Travis AFB Ca, Ramstein AFB Ger (again) and Lastly, Robins AFB Ga. We retired as a CMSgt in 1989. I am currently the Materiel/Purchasing Manager for my corporation, SKE Support Service Inc. Our home address is 310 Woodhaven Road, Centerville, Ga. 31028-1316 and our HP is 478 923-9093 and my work number is 478 923-1575. [jpnote: Red requested his personal info be placed on the website.] Elton Bryant told us about this site (thank you Lee) and it is super, please let Lucette and me know where you are, please contact us. Last I heard Joe Gemora and his wife Nicole (from Limoges) was in Tampa Fla, retired as a CMSgt, Bob Frenette is still in Châteauroux somewhere. Ray Bell is in Fairfield Calif and I have his phone number etc. Eric Bledsoe who is the son of Phil and Liliane (deceased) (from Châteauroux), Eric Bledsoe is in Centerville Georgia. I think Phil belonged to the Supply Sqdn.?? [jpnote: Phil & his wife, Nola, attended a bar-b-que dinner in San Antonio in October 2004 with some of us Chas folx.]  Thanks for putting this site together it is great. Red and Lucette Froshour  [jpnote: Reconnected Red & Bruce Pethel 9-27-04]

10-18-07 New guestbook entry: Hi, guys and girls, Need to update my info. Probably should add us to the Chas Marriages: Lucette and I were married in Chas 27 Apr 1962, she was born and raised in Chas, her last name was DUBREU. Thanks for the memories and we have tons of pictures. This is a great web site, keep it up. Red and Lucette 

Some of the old names that floated to the surface, Hadley,See  photo below.   Raymond Johnson and wife Bobby, Gerald Jacobs, Lee Bryant, (listed above) Carl Zeh, Harry McCommons [entry below] and “Willie” who was killed in VietNam. A rocket went thru a C130 that he was a loadmaster on. Mahon ( he is in Fairfield Ca I think, Kettering, Tonto (a big Indian) Bob Frenette who still resides in Chateauroux ( I don’t know where) perhaps Joe's son Mike would know.  Arkie Marshall - I think he is in Arkansas somewhere. Fat Daddy, the French bus driver ( I think he has passed). My My My……on and on….Stay in touch. 




GEMORA, Joseph "Joe" 
@ Chas: 196
1616th Support Sqdn
Ocala, FL

4-23-10 This is a updated version of my first entry. Got married to Nicole Toussaint in 1964. After France, I was stationed at EASTAF McGuire for 13 months, then Clark AFB PI for 2 1/2 years, then Tan Sun Nhut RVN for 1 year, then Andrews in the 89th APS for 4 years, then Ramstein for 3 years, Brussles International Airport for 3 years, then Hellinikan AB (Athens, Greece) for 2 1/2 years, then back to Ramstein for 3 more years and finished at 16AF (Torrejon) for 3 years. Had a total of 30 years + 3 months when it was all over and loved every minute. Bought a home in Brandon, Florida in 96 getting ready for retirment. After 2 years of not finding employment which I liked, I was lucky to hook up with Rooms To Go (furniture warehouse). Worked my way up there chain to become there OSHA Safety Manager, Training and Hiring Manager. Really had a great job but when my daughter and the grand kids moved to Salt Lake City, Utah we followed. They moved to Memphis, TN about 2 years after we arrived because of her husbands work. We really loved Utah and the people. Beautiful country. Being far away from our daughter and the grand kids made us decide to move back to Ocala, Florida in 2009. Have had numerous medical problems over the years but have been lucky to recover to almost 100%. Have stayed in contact with big "Red" all these years. We have a planned trip to France on 6/09 to Nice. When I heard about the Chateauroux activities I told my wife we need to attend. we will have our 14 year grand daughter with us. We are really looking forward to this event. Things like this don't happen often and when they happen, we must be ready. Hope to see everyone in June.

HADLEY, Bernie - Unlocated

 Photo from Bruce Pethel








HAWKINS, Jim A/1C - 1616th Support Sqdn
Chas Memoriam -  Chas Marriages - Born @ Chas


HAWKINS, Janine Artaud - widow of A/1C Jim (listed above)    Sabre Supporter Chas Memoriam


Janine Artaud Hawkins Photo Album

Son, Jammie, Born @ Chas

HOGAN, Joseph H.
@ Chas: 1-62 till 7-63
1616 Support Sqdn (Movement Control Team)
Fairfield, CA

 05/11/2003 Comments: I transferred to Chas from RAF Station Mildenhall, England to be a part of the Control Team. I was at Mildenhall Jan 1960 till Jan 1962.  

HUDSON, Woodrow Jr.  
1616th Support Sqdn (formerly 4th Aerial Port)
@ Chas: Jan 1956 to Jan 1959
Westerville, OH


1-5-07 I played on the base basketball team in 1957 and 1958. We won the French championship and the French Olympics those years. Loved my time in France.




Searching: Any one who was a friend.


  See  CHAS Sports

JOHN, Billy Vic 
@ Chas: 1962-1965
1616 Support Sqdn (MATS) Air Freight
Meridian, MS

3-15-08  Great Web Site! Just happened to find it tonight. Sure brought back many memories

Searching:  Frank Newberry, CMSGT Law, he was line chief. When left Chas he was assigned to a base in SC.  

KELLY, Jerry  
@ Chas: 196
- 1965
1616 Support Sqdn
Martinsburg, WV

1-4-10  Air Force Track Team - Jim Kelly was the Team Manager - (When to Track meets in France and Germany)??

 KURASZ, William  
@ Chas: 1963 - 1965
1616 Support Sqdn (MATS) Air Freight
Spring Hill, F

Bill at the Football Field by the Gym

Searching for: Any members of the old Sqdn
9-23-04 I enjoyed the time at Chas; made some good friends, saw Bob Gloria in 68; stood up at his wedding in Trenton, NJ. Talked to Ed Siem
iontowski. He got a divorce and went to Nevada. I hired a salesman in Maine; turned out Joe Gagne [was] his uncle - small world. I saw quite a few guys as I was operations manager for Capitol Airways at McGuire AFB . This is a great site. Congrats.10-30-04 jpnote: Bill wrote to say he has some memorabilia to share. I look forward to receiving it.

 2-21-08 Still checking my mailbox for that memorabilia.]  

12-09  jpnote:  Photos!  Yay and thanks! 

See Bill Kurasz Personal Photos  

See 1616th Other  G.I. Photos  from Bill Kurasz

Also see  Bill Kurasz - Souvenirs

 LINDSEY, Bill     
@ Chas: 1964-66
1616th Support Sqdn (MATS)
Wilmington, DE

  2-15-07 [jpnote: Bill was a photographer at Chas. He is still in the photography business - See his personal website at I found Bill on the Net and left a voice mail for him introducing the website and inviting him to visit. He did and we connected on the phone and had a nice conversation. We wonder what happened to Dorothy Buschell (sp) who was a teacher at Chad or Touvent Elementary.]  

10-3-07 I had the time of my life when I was stationed there. I spent most of my time at Joe From Maine. I remember Sgt. Davis, A1c. John Predmore, A1c. J.R., A1c. Edward Jerge (Tiny). [jpnote: Ed's brother J.M. emailed me after seeing Bill's guestbook entry!] Went to Paris every weekend and drank a lot of red wine! Searching: Anyone that was a photographer at the Base Photo Lab when I was there and anybody that remembers Dorothy Buschelle a school teacher at the Base School. Really miss the good old days. 

1616th Support Sqdn MATS - air freight data processing
Tampa, FL

04/01/2002 I played on the base football & basketball teams.




McCOMMONS, Harry "Mac"
@ Chas: 1961-64
1616th Support Sqdn (Loadmaster)
North Carolina


12-27-04 Assigned 1616th Sup Sqdn 1961-1964 as a Loadmaster in the Air Freight section. Oh yes, great memories--"Red" Froshur and his Ford [Red's entry above]--"Hog Head" Pangerich with a Chicken in his barrack room on one occasion and shortly after that--a Goat. Going to Goldie's after hrs-- after Joe-from-Maine closed.   Retired in 1985 as CMSgt after 30 yrs in the Air Force. Started working in 1987 at Ft. Bragg, NC with the Special Ops folks and am still in the same business. I'm 68 yrs old and am still hoppin' and poppin' and deploying around the world. Thanks for the site--its great-! Regards

  MEAUX, T/Sgt Joseph D. - See   CHAS Memoriam
1616th Support Sqdn (formerly 4th Aerial Port)
@ Chas: 1961-6


PALMISANO, T/Sgt William J.   
1616th Support Sqdn (formerly 4th Aerial Port)
@ Chas: 1956-59
Felton, D

2-12-06 [Entry from wife, Pat) - Bill was a T/Sgt when we were at Chad, he was assigned to 4th Aerial Port. He arrived at Chad in August 1956 but the children and I didn't arrive until March 1957 because we had to wait until our youngest was born before we could go.

We first lived in a three-story house in Gargilesse and this was a wonderful way to become mired (literally sometimes) in the French culture. After a year there, we found a house in Châteauroux (actually Déols, I think)Rue de Salles in the St. Christophe section. Our third son, Christopher Damian, was  Born @ Chas (Nov 1958) at La Martinerie and baptised at St Christophe's Catholic Church. And, yes, that's how he came to be named Christopher - the parish priest told us he was the first child to be baptised with that name in that church and the first American to be baptised there as well.  

 Our two oldest children went to school at a little school near where we lived on Rue de Salles. We were friends with two special couples while there, TSgt Frank and Verna Brown and TSgt Johnny and Inge Johnson. We lost touch with the Browns but still are in touch with Inge Johnson. Sadly, Johnny passed away several years ago. [jpnote: This is not the same John Johnson in the 7120th ABN] We used to play pinochle with them almost every night - no tv, you know! When we left Chas in August 1959, we were assigned to Sheppard AFB in Wichita Falls, TX and later, Travis, before Bill was sent to Nha Trang. Later assignments were Robins AFB GA; Charleston AFB SC; Ft Monroe, VA; and finally, Dover AFB DE where he retired and we now live in Felton, DE  

PETHEL, Bruce   Sabre Supporter
@ Chas: 62-65
1616th Support Sqdn
Landis, NC

"Let us all just hope we don't wind up on our deathbed and find out that 'The Hokie-Pokie' really was what it was all about." Bruce

1-28-04  Thanx to Bill Boatman for this intro. I have GREAT memories from those years! So many friends, Jerry Steinman, Dave Flanders, Bernie Hadley, Red Froshour, Tom Pangerich, George Gayheart, Wayne Bertolino, and others made those memories for me. Monsieurs Georges Ballereau and Leon Tremien (our old janitor in the Air Freight bldg) where I worked in the little IBM room running cargo manifests - note from BP 1-8-07: Leon passed away). Goldie's, The Crazy Bar, Frogpond. Those were good years. I'd like to hear from old comrades. 



9-26-04 I just read over some of the entries and had a rush of great memories (62-65). I worked in the little room in the Air Freight Terminal, running manifests for our flights. Elton Bryant's note listed so many of the folks who have a place in my thoughts; for a few moments I was back at the Crazy Bar, Goldie's, the Frog Pond...or maybe remembering the snack bar at Déols where a cheese omelet covered with chili was a treat. I'll never forget the French cook's face when I ordered the first one. He was pretty sure I was out of my gourd. Turned out to be a favorite of a lot of us. Married twice, divorced once, retired in 1981. 2nd wife died in '82. 3 grown children: Daughter, Myra, is an attorney, and was  Born at Chas  John is LCMDR, USN, and Paul is a Major, USAF. Good luck to all of you.

 [jpnote: Reconnected Bruce & Red Froshour 9-27-04 ]  

3-6-08  jpnote:  Bruce's son, John (mentioned above) has been deployed to Afghanistan.  Please remember him in your prayers.

6-25-09  Bruce has reconnected with his buddy, Dave Flanders.  :)  

See Bruce Pethel's Photo Page

SEGURA, Ed  -  See Chas Memoriam
1992 AACS Comm
@ Chas: 1955 to 1958


1616th Support Sqdn
Accokeek, MD

12-30-04 Searching for Barry Hoffa

SIFFORD, T/Sgt Mayo N. "Russ
June 1962- June 1966
1616th SUPPRON (Hangar - QC) Déols

Seattle, WA

11-17-08 Guestbook Entry:  Searching for:  Any NCO Club crawler (I was night mgr with pipe in my face) 64-66 and any one from the MATS maintenance crews. Especially the one honchoed by TSgt Tom Khollman. Not very good with remembering names but know them when I see them.

When I arrived CMSGT Law was Line Chief. He was replaced by SMSGT Gene Saults and SMSGT Joe Castania. Major (later LC) Marvin Landry was the boss helped my Capt Wynn Podzus and Butter-Bar Larry Singleton.  Would really like to hear from some of old guys to see who made it home from VN and what their years before and after retirement were and are like.

  SNIDER, Dwight, Ret. Lt. Col 
  1616th SUPPRON - Cargomaster

See Dwight Snider's Photos


   6-2004 - Comments from son, Dwight Snider Class of '62    Lt. Col. Dwight Snider is indeed my father.   He was NCOIC of the 1616th SUPPRON, and Cargomaster. For most of his   career, my father flew passenger aircraft. He was a crewman for the   aircraft of all US presidents from Franklin D. Roosevelt through Gerald   Ford. He retired in the mid-seventies at the rank of Lt.   Colonel. During his tenure at the 1254th Air Wing at Washington   National Airport, (The VIP Sqdn), and later at the 89th MAW at Andrews   Air Force Base, he created the Distinguished Visitors Sqdn, and set up   the training program for flight attendants for Air Force One and all other   89th MAW aircraft. His efforts made the Wing the envy of every   head-of-state in the world. He suffered a stroke in February, 2003,   and is slowly recovering. He can now get out of his wheelchair by   himself, and walk a short distance. He cannot use his right arm.  

 STARZYK, Ronald S. - Unavailable email
 @ Chas: 1957-60
 1616th Support Sqdn   (formerly 4th Aerial Port)
 Algonquin, IL

  11-15-05 enjoyed the article on wo   adamek. i remember coaching his son allan at chad little league. my stay in   chad was enjoyable and was lucky to see a great deal of europe

Searching: any member of the   4th aerial port Sqdn or 1616 support Sqdn (mats)

STEINMAN, Gerald - See Chas Memoriam  son, Jeff's

See  Gerald Steinman's Photos






STOWELL, Dick - Unlocated

1-22-08 Lee Bryant wrote: While perusing the “Squadrons Link” for unidentified personnel, I recognized the name Dick Stowell. Dick was in the 1616th and one of my roommates along with Bob Gilkey, John Case, and Dave Lang. I do not know his inclusive dates of assignment. A little tid-bit about Dick – if he ever left the barracks for any reason he would press his pants and shirt…he was a neat and great guy.

SULLIVAN, Larry "Sully"  
 @ Chas: July 1961-July 1964
 1616th Support Sqdn
 Hermon, ME

I worked in air freight at Déols. Lived in the barracks next to the gym. I enjoyed my 3 yrs in France very much, and still think about it a lot even to this day. After Chas I went to Travis AFB and then discharge and home to Maine. I have very fond memories of my time there.

11-24-09  New email address.

WELLS, Charles "Charlie" 
@ Chas: 1961-196
1616th Support Sqdn

@ Chas: 1962-1964

1602nd Air Transport Wing 

Ft Worth, Tx

05/25/2002 Comments: Was in the 1616th 1961-1962, then reassigned to the 1602nd ATW 1962-1964. Don't remember many names from that time. We were at the grand opening of the new NCO club the night Kennedy got shot.  

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