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Châteauroux Air Station
 Châteauroux - Déols, France

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BRYANT, Elton Lee, Jr.
1616th Support Sqdn
Melbourne, FL

Lee is a Sabre Supporter

6-3-04 Worked Records and Reports, Space Control, and Air Freight at Déols and resided in Barracks 107 or 108, next to the gym in La Martinerie.  Would like to hear from you guys.



Lee Bryant at St Andre Market

Elton Lee Bryant, Jr. 
1616th Support Sqdn
@ Chas January 1962-March 1965

Worked Records and Reports, Space Control, and Air Freight at Déols and resided in Barracks 107 or 108, next to the gym in La Martinerie. 

Roommates:  Dick Stowell, John Case (hot Ford with twin Stromburg Carbs), and Bob Gilkey (pilot and pipe enthusiast), and Dave Lang.

Remember these guys:  "Brooks-the-Barber", Ragosa (Happy  Guy), Gloria (the Artist), Jim Paulin, Guidice (the Greek), Lowery, Jim Pearl, Raymond "Romeo Bravo" Bell, Bernie "Hand Grenade" Hadley, Duty Officers, Mr. Adamek, Mr. Reed, LT or Capt Roth, worker bees TSgt Gaston Adkins (Green Arrow), Sgt's Dwight Snider, Cole, Gandy, Sarver, McCommons, the "Killer" from ACP, can't remember his name, but he always greeted you by saying Hey Killer..., Charlie Oaks, John Ruhland, Capt Sherouse (AMPHORA Pipe Tobacco), Bruce Pethal, Tom Pangerich (remember the goat in the dorm), Bill Boatman, Gerald Jacobs (the DC Hack), Jerry "Pole Vault" Kelly, Red "the best Glad-Hand in the USAF" Froshour, Joe Gamora, Chaplain Max Brannam, and Sully Sullivan.  Monsieur's Delacoux, Barbier, Martin, Periot, and Stan-the-Man Durczynski (SP).  Sgt Chip Corbin, NCOIC Space Control - my boss, Sgt "Wild Bill" Watts the Wrestler - famous for challenging the troops to a foot race - to get the night off if it was slow - the foot race was fixed though, Marshall from Arkansas - always had a chew, Duty Officers, Capt Holley, who took care of me when I broke my leg while TDY to Thessalonica, Greece - he was a fine man, LT Butch Holub - the jock (Flag Football), Wilber Friend, Passenger Service, (previously submitted) -CMSgt Dwight Snider [retired mid-70's as a Lt.Col.] overall NCOIC (I think he won the contest naming the Base Newspaper - "The Sabre Blade";  Kennedy, Fleet Services, and John Mahon (SP).  I cannot remember the names of the Mademoiselles et Madames that worked Records & Reports and Airlift Services Industrial Funding, but they taught me the ropes in that area.

Sad Times:  An airman in the Orderly Room was killed in an auto accident.  A well-liked T/Sgt with a French last name lost his son in a drowning accident. [jpnote 9-5-07: The father of the young boy was T/Sgt Joseph Meaux.  The young boy's brother, Joseph,  has written to post his dad's name on the guestbook.  When Lee saw the entry, he remembered that this was the man he wrote about years previously on this memory entry.]   When you are away from home these things are very close. 

Frequent Watering Holes and Eateries:  Tops on the list - Joe From Maine's, a true home away from home, Le Faison, and an un-named pastry shop just up the street from Le Faison on the left (good demitasse and pastry), the Mess Hall at both La Martinererie and Déols, a Moroccan Restaurant as you enter town from La Martinerie - every Thursday the best Cous Cous, AUBERGINES (I think) - could not get enough of Coquille St. Jacques; Jimmy's, Madame Danny's, Goldie's, Crazy Bar, Frog Pond (Grenoulier), and Belle Isle Park.   

Most Memorable:  Spring and summers day bicycle jaunts with friends and roommates. We feasted on blood oranges, meat, cheese, baguette, et Vin Rouge

Going to the Snack Bar,

Reading the "Stars and Stripes"

Catching a movie, Catching the late movie at Quontown,

Working-out at the Health Club with roommates,

Swimming and helping to teach swimming to base dependent children at the Châteauroux Public Pool,

Walks in Le Jardin and watching the old men play petanque,

Going to the Saturday market behind Saint Andre Cathedral,

Being a member of the base drill team, performing, and representing the USA, 

Flying with the Châteauroux Air Station Aero Club - Qualified in Aeronca 7AC, Cessna 140, 150, 172, and 180

Walking through the town of Châteauroux,

Traveling throughout France in my Green VW, experiencing the culture, architecture, and beautiful vistas of the countryside. 

I will never forget my first tour of duty and how impressionable it shaped some facets of my life.  One evening at home while at the computer, I just typed in what I thought would be the CHAS web site.  Not knowing what to expect, it was a great evening.  I recognized some of the guys, but when I saw Bill's name and picture it brought back a time in my life I will never forget.  Thanks to Bill Boatman for giving me the inspiration to log in with the other Vets, and yes, 39 years is too long.  I will continue to check the site for more information, upgrades, and new Vets that log-on.  Thanks to the Webmaster and contributing Vets and Family Members for the nostalgic moments you have provided.

Guardian Angel:  One evening I was out in my Green VW (at an unknown small town on the outskirts of Châteauroux) having a few Vin Rouges - actually you could say I was in grapes.  I was preparing to leave when this Black American Sergeant approached me and told me that I have had too much to drink and offered to drive me back to the base.  I accepted.  I saw him on base a few times after that, but lost track of him.  There was so much camaraderie and a general caring for people during that time of my life.

Regrets:  That I did not take enough photographs throughout my tenure in Service to chronicle a delightful career.  To all the young men and women in Service reading this, make it a priority to take photographs and take notes of your experiences. 

I salute all of you.


 God Bless America -9k



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