Janine Artaud Hawkins

Châteauroux Air Station
 Châteauroux - Déols, France

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HAWKINS, Janine Artaud - widow of A/1C Jim (listed above)    Sabre Supporter Chas Memoriam

I was the secretary for the 1616th Support Sqdndn, (Traffic) Col Fahringer (1957) then for Capt. Fred, and major Troy, at Déols. Lt. Miller is in the background. In 1961, I married in the USA, A/1C Jim Hawkins, who worked until Feb 1960 at a refueling station, small shack by the 1616th. [Janine & Jim's son was Born at Chas.]

My best friend Liliane whose father ran the U.S. gas station on the way to La Martinerie was working also for the 1616th and later on at Traffic Control. We both live in El Paso, TX now and would love to hear from old friends either French or American. We have very fond memories of the ol" Chad!!!!!!



Above:  Janine's brother, Bernard Artaud

Janine & Jim Hawkins' son, Jammie Born at Chas.]


[Janine on the left and her Chad alumnus friend, Judy Alger '59 when they reunioned in 2003. They found each other through this website.]





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