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1992nd AACS Communications

formerly known as
110th Communications Squadron

Châteauroux - Déols Air Station
Châteauroux - Déols, France










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Willis; Andy; Larue; Wilder; Dunlap; Roberts; Tamal; Robinette & Clark

Bill Gillard

George Linfield
Manuel Cortez
Jay Eagle
John Lindquist
John Richards
Lawrence Sarner

Wayne Hebb

Robert Turner

Curt Soderbeck, Sam Morris, Bill Clements,    Jerry Creech, John Graves


Bill Halloran

Thomas Chekovitch

 You may be able to find some other guys you served with listed on this website:

Click here: AACS Alumni Association


BARBER, Harold "Boo"    
@ Chas:  Oct. 1957 - Oct 1960 
1992nd AACS Sq 
Philadelphia,  PA 

11/23/2002   Excellent site giving the vets that were stationed at Chas a chance to recall the base and also a chance to get in touch with someone that served with them on the job.  I worked the COMM center on COCO shift with Willis and Andy and later I worked with Larue when we were getting ready to close down. 

2-20-03   Worked at the COMM Center on COCO flight.  Bunked with Wilder and Larue and Dunlap.    Where are Andy and Willis and Roberts and Tamal?  Great site I just discovered.  May have a hit with John Darcy - I remember him.  [see entry below]   Would like to hear from the guys and also the ones that were shipped out to Lybia after I left.  Still live in Phila retired and having fun with the grandchildren and the computer.  We were ahead of our time if you remember Weather Corner in COMM Center.  Had fax and when we worked service we could talk to each other.  A lot of things that are common on the computer now.  I loved  Gabby's and Hayes and The Atlas.  

9-04-04 Where are Robinette and Clark from New Orleans and the guys that were shipped to Lybia?

BENNETT, Maurice 
@ Chas: 51-53
1992 AACS Sq
Mesa, AZ

11/7/02 - JP wrote to Maurice on another website. 

06/15/2003 - Signed the guestbook.  See Chas Marriages 

BOURLAND, Carroll     @ Chas:  1956-1960
1992nd AACS
Portland, OR

10-16-05  Served @ Châteauroux AFS & just found your site. Not the best assignment in 20 plus yrs military, but that was then. Worked in Base Comm.  Off base housing was not much fun @ that time.  

[jp connected with John Hopkins for Carroll.]

BUCHAN, James  
@ Chas: Dec 54 to Dec 57
1992 AACS Sq
Smyrna, DE

0/01/2001:  Great to see a site for Chas.   Hope others from my era will sign on.

CAHILL, Doug & Rita  @ Chas: 56-60
1992 AACS Sq

[jpnote:  The Cahills did not attend the Chas 2007 Reunion in Chateauroux.]

[jpnote:  The Cahills have two daughters who were Born @ Chas.]

CARTER, William "Footsie"  See Chas Memoriam
1992 AACSComm Sq
Radio Relay Squadrons

@ Chas:  1963-1965
Huntington Long Island, NY

9-17-07 Sorry to inform you - but my husband, William J Carter (who was in the US Air Force) passed away in 2005 at the age of 60. Sincerely, Monique Carter

CASSITY, Wendell  @ Chas Dec 56-Dec 59
1992 AACS Sq (Control Tower)
Hilliard, FL

[jpnote: I emld Wendell on another website in October of 02.]

3-20-06  I just stumbled onto this site while surfing.  I did see a couple of names that I know. I will check and see if I have any photos that you could use.
[jpnote:  Wendell is a buddy of John Tyrone]

@ Chas 1961-1965
1992 AACS Comm
Hochspeyer, Germany

2-13-10  (Buddy of Dusty Roads & Alain Lecoeur.  Tom has registered to attend Chatx 2010.

COLBY, Francis T. 
@ Chas 1962-1965
1992 AACS Comm &
Radio Relay Squadrons
Manchester, N

Searching George Linfield who was in the Air Base Group Headquarters. He was previously stationed at the Boston Army Base, MA.

COUCH, Jim  
Walhalla, SC

2-27-07  I was a telephone installer repairman.  Not many people left when I shipped out in Jan 1967.

TDY from Toul summer of '63
1992 AACS Sq
Fort Valley, GA

Thought maybe a couple of guys I worked with might see the pages..No luck yet tho..I was TDY from Toul and worked in the control tower..I enjoyed the few months I was at Chas.

Searching for Maurice Folliot and Karl Robb - Worked in the Control Tower with them for about 4 months. Was wondering if they had passed this way. I recall Daileys Dailies quite well. Hi guys if you see this. Email me.

2-5-09  JP emailed Randy with a possible link to Maurice Folliot.

CUTISS, Floyd - (Fred's brother)   Chas Memoriam
@ Chas:  53-56 - 1992nd AACS Sq &
@ Chas 63-66 - Telephone Office - Communications
Fort Valley, GA



CURTISS, Fred (M/Sgt)  
@ Chas: 53-56 - 1992nd AACS Sq &
@ Chas:  63-66 - Telephone Office - Communications
Fort Walton Beach, FL

 See Fred's daughters  Born at Chas






DARCY, John  
@ Chas: 1959-1961
1992nd AACS
West Palm Beach, F

08/23/2001   Worked as a tape ape in the communications center, until BIG CHUCK kicked us out and we all went to Wheelus Air Base in Libya North Africa. I did not know this site existed.  Found out by sheer luck. Glad to know some people still remember the place. If you're out there CELANCE (from the Smokey Cat) the big redhead is still kicking. I still think of the many times we went to get wine on those bicycles to the old farm house with the two knockout daughters.  If anyone is out there who remembers double deck pinocle with MST. Bates, give me a hello.  Planning on going to Paris and will take time out  to go back to good old Chas a la francaise

DAVIS, Donald  
@ Chas 1951-53
1992nd AACS
Grand Rapids, MI

2-3-06  Arrived at Chas during the Fall of 1951 - "Tent City" - later transferred to Bordeaux, Merignac.  Came back through Chas  for a few days (some barracks had been built in the meantime) on my transfer to Orly, Paris, where I stayed until the Fall of 1954. CO at Orly was a Capt Bennidetti(?) In Paris we hung out in Montparnasse mostly at Les Vikings and/or Chez Adrian on rue Vavin. The Orly shuttle bus used to go back in forth between the Hotel Littre (on rue Littre) and the base.   ANYBODY ELSE GO BACK THAT FAR???? 

Some names I remember---- Our CO, Capt Hugh Fortenberry, Ed Punswick (WI), Jean LeGrand (LA), Jack Milby (OH). While stationed in Paris, I married a French girl from Arcachon, near Bordeaux,  six months prior to returning to Michigan. We were married 26 years. She passed away in 1980.

Searching:  Any AACS buddies with whom I shared the mud, tents and comm center of La Martinerie back then.

@ Chas: 61-63
1992nd AACS
SE Pennsylvania 

05/22/2001   Many fond memories of CHAS and the 1992nd AACS.   Assigned from 1961-1963, then to the TACAN site at Bordeaux Aeroport from 63-64. Colonel Nathan Greathouse was a great Squadron Commander.  Best Wishes to all Châteauroux Vets.

@ Chas: 61-64
1992 AACS Sq

Palm Beach, CA

[The  Sharptones photo was shared with us by Kay Dunnebacke - class of 1963.  The photo has one name on the back - John Petersen]

L-R: John Petersen (accordian & keyboards) Air Police Squadron, James Weaver (saxaphone) Material Sq., Dave Pironelli (drums) Air Police Squadron, Eddie Mattison (vocals) Air Police Squadron, JIMMY FRIEDEN (bass guitar) hey, that's me! :), ., & Phil Harris (lead guitar & vocals) Hospital Sq.  

Phil Harris' family!]

12/29/2000  I was stationed at Châteauroux AS with the 1992 AFCS Communications Squadron from 1961 to 1964. Worked primarily in Administration. (Orderly Room, Security, etc.) Off-duty I was bass & guitar player for "The Sharptones" who played the Airman's Annex, teen dances & clubs in the local area. Would like to hear from anyone who might have memories to share. This photo was taken at one of the teen hops and we used it for posters and publicity.   This is the original Sharptones band founded by the drummer and myself.  Gerald Perry e-mailed me awhile back but I believe he was a replacement for the accordian player after he was reassigned later on.  We had a lot of success in the area and Paris.  We entered the Guitar d' ore contest in Paris and out of 150 bands we came in 4th overall and 1st in choreography.  I still have the silver trophies.  We were to be signed by Barclay records but of course the Air Force would not let us because we were soldiers first and foremost which all of us understood.  It was still a thrill to have that moment of fame at such a young age.  I am 63 now and have continued playing through the years.  I was fortunate to have played with many great musicians and famous singers through the years.  I still have a band here in the West Palm Beach area called Highway 19. 

GRANLUND, Donald  W. - Passed Away 1997 - See Chas Memoriam
@ Chas 1963-66 
Squadron:  ?? - Electronic Maintenance 



GRASSMAN, Lon I.  1992 AACS Sq (email change 2-18-10)
@ Chas:  1962-1965
Lakeland, FL

 3-29-06  I really enjoyed reading about a lot of old friends from my time at Châteauroux. It brought back a lot of good memories. It was great to see that Maurice and Dietrich had visited the site. Dietrich was my supervisor in the little Déols comm. center. Maurice's wife (Pierette) and my wife (Chantal) are from Châteauroux and have remained in touch over the years. (Chas Marriages)  I have been back to Châteauroux a few times with Chantal but it is not the same since so much has changed at the base. Great to hear from everyone.

1992 AACS Sq 

@ Chas 63-65
Port Isabel, TX

2-22-10 Thanks to you and Dusty Rhoads, I was able to contact several of my friends, both french and American.  I worked as an air traffic controller with the 1992d Comm Sq and spent many happy days hanging out at the Faison Hotel cafe watching the girls go by.

HANNA, Josy - French Employee 

10-1-07 Searching: any person who worked with me at the telephone operator Service.

HARPER, Earl    
1992 AACS Sq 

@ Chas 63-65
Spring Hill, FL

2-8-08  I stumbled on your site tonight while I was searching for info on Chateauroux France.  I was assigned to CHAS  as the Supply Officer, 1992 Communications Squadron, Air Force Communications Service from September 1963 thru December 1965. I enjoyed my time at CHAS and eventually returned to the States to marry my wife Theresa in August of 1964.  We returned to CHAS, after a short honeymoon in Paris, and completed my tour with an early out ( no openings at the AF Institute and fear of Vietnam). 

I notice my  BOQ room-mate, Steve Karch, in the registry.    For some reason, I cannot register, as hard as I try.  We were thinking of visiting the Chateauroux area in the near future with our  CHAS friends  Derrell and Jean Wells who were also stationed with us at CHAS. I really enjoyed my visit to your site and thanks for the memories.  Regards, EARL HARPER  

HERRERA, (nee Diez) Liliane     
@ Chas 62-65 1992 AACS Sq 

My husband, Ernesto Jr., was stationed at CHAS in the 1602nd ATW .  I worked as a secretary at the 1602nd ATW  from 1960 to 1963.   I then transferred to Communication and worked as an Air Traffic Spec. until our reassignment. My husband and I got married in Vatan in 1964. We left France for Holloman AFB NM in 1966

 [jpnote:  Liliane worked for Chad Student, Nancy Sullivan's, dad.  They have been reconnected.]

HINES, Robert R. 
1992 AACS Sq & 3134th Supply
Burkburnett, TX
@ Chas:  1953-1957 & 1960-196

4-15-03    My daughter Ginette attended school at Chas.  I am searching for:  anyone who was in HEDRON 3134th Supply Group, (53-57), or the 1992 Comm Sq (59-63) 

HOEPFNER, Dietrich B.
@ Chas 62-65
1992 AACS Sq
Spring Hill, FL

 Born at Chas) and I worked at the Comm Center at Chas (Delta flight leader) and at Flight Service in Déols. Promoted to TSgt in '64.  My youngest son was born at the hospital on Châteauroux AB in February 1964.  I still have a picture of my "crew", will add it when I have a chance to scan it in. [jpnote:  2-5-09 no photo yet :(]

9-21-07    [Referring to Chas 2007 -  I wish all attendees a very happy reunion knowing that much beer and vino will flow  during this happy occasion.  I am 73 years old now, am retired from military and civilian life, and live in Florida (where else).  Dietrich B. Hoepfner, SMSgt, Retired, USAF

HOLBROOK, Dwight    1992 AACS Sq
Cambridge, NY


7-3-08  Dan Simone emailed jp.

2-5-09  - Wonder if Dwight and Dan reconnected.??


HOPKINS, John O. "Hoppy"  
@ Chas:  Apr 1957 to Apr 1960
1992 AACS Sq
Oklahoma City, OK

06/05/2003  would like to hear from anyone that was stationed at Chas during those years or for that matter any years at Chas.

 [jp connected Carroll Bourland.]  10-30-07  John wrote to say hello.

IRIZARRY, Ray  - Lost email
@Chas:  1960-64

1992 AACS Sq

The Woodlands, Texas

Spent 4 years "pushing tin" in Chas from 60 -64 with the 1992nd AACS. I stumbled across your site trying to find driving directions across France for a trip next year. Hey-- have family there, including an administrator to the mayor. Send me more information.

JELNICKY, Philip "Jay" 
@ Chas:  jan 58-nov60
1992 AACS Sq
Oceanside, CA

 9-24-08  Know Roberts and Tamil as Card playe

rs.  Was in the same bay as them on the third floor.....  I was in tape relay and played football and a bowler and Hockey player.  Ring any bells with anyone out there???

@ Chas 1952-1954
1992 AACS Sq

Huntsville, AL

6-23-08  I spent 3 years between Chateauroux, Bordeaux and Toul-Rosiere. I was a GCA radar mechanic. Served with Demetras, Mezzapelle, Richard Zins, Marty Ganzer et al.

KORB, Bob  
@ Chas 62-65
1992 AACS Sq
North Richland Hills, TX

I was in the 1992 at Chas, between 62 - 65. I did work at base comm, and Déols, but the most of my time was spent at the 322 ad comm center.  -  I was surprised to find this site, and really enjoyed looking at the picture of the softball, team and seeing pictures of folks I have not seen in forty years. 

MAGARIAN, Ralph H. S/MSgt. Ret.  
1992 AACS Sq
Orlando, FL 

12/25/2002  I was NCOIC of the La Martinerie/Déols telephone central offices during most of this period. Forty-four (44) years have passed since I first arrived there but the memory of those that I had association with in the comm squadron are very clear in my mind. Quite an experience. 1-13-07 Hello

12-12-08  Quite a challenging task [NCOIC]. Was associated with people that I will always remember. I'm in my 77th year and ready to go back to "active duty."   Even to Chateauroux.

MCCOY, Marshall      
@ Chas:  1959-1960  1992 AACS Sq

Communications (teletype operator) 
Palm Springs, CA 


MCNALLY, David O.   Chas Memoriam
@ Chas at least 1956 - Son, Martin Born at Chas

McPHERSON, Mac - 1992nd AACS 

[jpnote:  I found this excerpt from Chas Vet Bob Wilder's website called:  http://home.earthlink.net/~bwild/r2sec10.html]

Mcpherson was:  "Operator at times at the Base MARS station, Châteauroux Air Force  Station, in France where the CHOP was "Mac" McPherson, F7CF currently AFF2A.  While at [Châteauroux] operated as F7CP on the ham bands and was assigned  as both an operator and maintenance technician to a "bare strip" communications package know as a "Comm Fly Kit" consisting of TMC equipment, RTTY, telephone, VHF and UHF radio plus two complete KWM-2A stations."


MONSERRATE, Antonio "Tony")
1992 AACS Sq  
Margate, Florida

11/03/2000  I was stationed at La Martinerie from 1958 to 1962 and from 1964 to 1966..enjoyed seeing some of the guys I knew at Chat. Would like to hear from anyone that was part of the air base.


MOORE, Douglas M. 
1992 AACS Sq   

@ Chas:  1962-1965

Fairfield, AL

10/11/2002  I need to talk to some of the guys that went to Paris with me on weekends.  I talked to Goodine about 3 yrs ago...and Elijah Johnson 3 yrs ago....

[jpnote:  Doug  sent this photo of some guys having a good time and a couple of guys napping at the Airman's Club - probably 1962.  Doug thinks the guy standing is "Sherman."]

PERRY, Gerald 
1992 AACS Sq   
992 AACS Sq  
Sacramento (Folsom), CA

The photo of the Sharptones was shared with us by Kay Dunnebacke - class of 1963.  The photo has one name on the back - John Petersen]

03/30/2001 Comments:  I was assigned to the 1992nd Comm Sq from early 1963 to Sept 1965.  My duties were GCA Radar Maintenance.   I remember a Sgt. Hummell as first sgt, and my NCOIC was Sgt Holt.   I worked with A2c Gerald Morin, A2C Christopher Bunch,  A1C Stanley and A1C Henderson.  I was in the Sharptones Band, and also the organist and choir director for the catholic community at the base. Would like to hear from anyone I knew or worked with.

1-4-06 [jpnote:  I emailed Gerald  with a copy to Kenneth Henderson to see if Kenneth was the A/1C Henderson that Gerald was trying to locate.  Haven't heard if he was or not.]

See more info about the Sharptones on Jim Frieden's entry above - this page.

1992nd AACS Comm
@ CHAS 62-65
Toms River, NJ

4-13-07 Great years at Chas and especially enjoyed stealing girls from SGT Hummel who could not score with a fist full of fifties!!!
Searching: Anyone from the squadron during those years but especially John Wachnicki who was from Brooklyn, NY.
8-10-09 This was great duty as a yound man. Did a lot of growing up quickly. Johnny Wachnicki was my roomy and Dave Annis was flight leader. Wud love to hear from them.

RAMSEY, Edward 
1992nd AACS Comm 

Mingo Junction, OH




05/24/2001  Got this web site from Roger Franklin (see entry above).  We were both in the 1992  AACS Comm Sq.



RATH, Richard
1992nd AACS Comm
@ CHAS Feb 1960-June 1963

5-4-07  Was in Chas from Feb. 1960 thru June 1963.  My wife,  Doris, passed away Mar 2001.   I was in 1992 AFCS ( yes that's the same as AACS as we became a major air command.   I would like for you to add my name.   I will contact about four others to have them look up this site and have their names added.  Best time of my life was spent in Chas.  Was always very busy but enjoyed friends and family.


RHOADS, Ron "Dusty"    
1992nd AACS Comm
Centerville, OH

12-22-09  was an air traffic control tower operator. Lived in the barracks across from bowling ally. Sure would like to have one of those bowling ally cheeseburgers again!! Searching anyone I worked with during that time. Does anybody remember the paper boy "Alaine" always wondered what became of him.

1-10-10  I remember a great holiday trip with Curt Soderbeck, Sam Morris, Bill Clements and others to Chamonix and Plateau D'Assy.  Would be good to know where these guys are now.   SearchingFOUND!   Air Traffic Control guys, and specifically William "Bill" Halloran and Thomas Chetkovitch. We had the best job ever.

RHODES, Gilbert    
1992nd A
FCS Comm
@ CHAS 6
Burke, VA

3-10-10  Air traffic controller in control tower. I also worker at Laon AFB France to close that base. I was also at Dover AFB, DE. Joined the FAA in 1968 working at New York Center and Washington HQ. Retiring in 2001.  Searching 1992nd Com Sq Air Traffic controllers, or who lived in the barracks.

1992nd AACS Comm

10-12-07  jpnote:  I had written each squadron members to remind them of the CHAS 2007 Reunion in Chateauroux.  Patricia Rivas, Born at Chas.  responded with the following and another photo of the Sabres Baseball Team:  9-17-07  Jenelle - My parents just happen to be in France right now!  They are suppose to be leaving around the 28th to go back to the California.  I have forwarded your email to my cousins to see if they can forward this on to my mother who is visiting family.  My dad is "on tour" around France right now so he's harder to get a hold of.   Joe "From Maine"'s place is where my parents met.  I never met Joe however, my parents and my mother's family talk about him just like a distant relative.  I have attached a photo from 2004.  They were closed or I would have gone in without hesitation.   I have attached a photo from my dad's collection.  I don't know the year but guessing 1962-1964.  He's in the bottom row 4 from the left (basically 3 guys on either side of him).  

See Photo Below

RUFTY, Jim  - Not located  - He is found! 
1992nd AACS Comm  (Sabres Baseball Team - 1964) 

Toledo, OH



Searching:  Where are you Jim Rufty?  [jpnote:  It pays to wait!  I've had this post on here for years!]

[jpnote:  Jim is mentioned in this Sabre Blade article about the Sabres Baseball Team.]

Also mentioned are Neal Anderson, Gary Miller and Jim Blake.  They have not been located as of 3-06.


Arnie Skogstrand listed on 7322nd Air Police Sq page

11-29-09  Guestbook entry:  Played on the Chas baseball team 64/65/66. Worked at 1992nd MARS station.  Searching:  Anyone on the 64-67 baseball teams and
anyone from 1992nd.






SEGURA, Ed  Chas Memoriam
1992nd AACS Comm
Vacouver, WA

SHILLING, Richard  
1992 AACS Sq  
Chas:  1955-57
Shoreline, WA

STONE, Clark  
1992 AACS Sq  
Chas:  195
Mullinville, KS

1992 AACS Sq  
West Palm Beach, FL

1992 AACS Sq  
Chas:  1957
aiden, NC

12-11-06 Charles Briel and I have remained connected for the past 50+ years. He lives in Jacksonville, Fl. Another friend, Wendell Cassity, lives in Hilliard Fl. He worked in the tower. The friend that I mentioned, who has passed away, was stationed with me on Kwajalein. Thank you very much for your efforts in compiling this information. I have passed the site along to other people in hopes of a ripple effect.

3-1-07 I sent an email John O. (Hoppy) Hopkins which was returned. Any other information? Thank you. I have just returned from Quartzsite, Az after a month and a half stay trying to sell my rubber band guns. Lots of dust! And nothing to do except work. Kind of like being stationed on Kwajalein Island in the South Pacific. :)

3-1-07 jp emld Carrol Bourland w/copy to John T. to find Hoppy again.





WILDER, Bob TSgt, USAF (Retired) 
1992 AACS Sq  
Chas:  196
Theodore, AL

8/7/00 Comments: Was assigned to the 1992d Comm Sqdn - Jul 62 to Jul 65. First assigned to Maintenance Office as CEM Analysist. Later assigned to Ground Radio Maintenance at Deols with the COMM-FLY-KIT as radio maintenance and radio operator.. was on several deployments with the kit to Denmark, Turkey and Greece. Usually as part of the 322d ADiv while General Bob Forman was the CG of the Division. Here is a little joke of what can happen when you meet people from another branch of the service. Was in base operations at Adana talking to General Forman and some Major when two Navy officers came in and asked the Major where the Gedunk was and was told it was down the hall to the left....I corrected him and said it was. two blocks away and it was the building with the green roof.....General Forman just about busted a gut laughing and the poor Major never did figure out what was going on as he told the two navy guys how to get to the "Head".

Always looking for others from CHAD...have found one guy, Don McPhearson who was the NCOIC of the base MARS station who is now retired & living in the Atlanta, Ga. area.

New Entry 8/19/00  Does anyone remember the little bar? down the road from the main base known as "The Chicken Coop". From what I can remember, it was built out of an old chicken coop, thus the name.. Actual name was something like Chez Paul.

07 - Have only found "Mac" McPherson from the MARS station so far. Talk to him once a month or so,


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