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3130th - 7373rd Supply - Aircraft Refuelers (POL)

Châteauroux - Déols Air Station
 Châteauroux, France

1st Photo left from Wayne Corbett







Photo from Marvin Leman - POL Storage at end of runway at Deols

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Charles L. Heller

Captain Brand

Joe Perez

Ssgt Frank

Msgt Haygood

Msgt Hightower

"Granny" Smith

 Lee Betz

Sgt Ferias & Monique

Julio Garcia

 W.R. Tipton

 Bernard Orhn



Don't overlook the photo albums!

Maynard Altizer Photo Page

Claude Clement Photo Page

Wayne Corbett Photo Page

Marvin Leman Photo Page


Sam Herrera sent this photo which is divided into two views.  Click the thumbnails to view this huge photo and maybe recognize some buddies.  Use your back button to return to this page.


ADAMS, Earle G.  
3130th Aircraft Refueling (POL)
@ Chas: 57-60
Owensboro, KY

7-9-09  Searching Charles L. Heller.  Charlie was the best man at my wedding in 1957.

ALTIZER, Maynard
7373rd  Aircraft Refueling (POL)
& 3134th Stock Control Group
@ Chas: 55-58
Waynesboro, VA

4-10-03 - Maynard wrote that he was curious to find Bonnie Sue Markell '60, a Chad student he had known. 

1-17-07  [jpnote:  Patience pays off!  Maynard mentioned Bonnie to me in 2003 -  Bonnie Sue i found today!  Happy reminiscing!]

See Maynard Altizer Photo Page



CLEMENT, Claude - French Employee at La Martinerie
7373rd Aircraft Refueling (POL)
Paris, France


1-21-07  I am Claude Clément , a French citizen who has worked from 1955 to 1958 as a clerk at the POL in Déols and La Martinerie.

 I frequently read your very interesting blog and i still hope one day to find somebody I worked with during this above mentioned period.   I now live in Paris.

4-20-08 Great work that you have done there, Jenelle. It was worth waiting for this new site. I guess it took a lot of efforts and time to have it updated but it is now outstanding. Congratulations and many thanks.

 Re photo to the left:  I forgot the name of the guy. All I remember is that he was from Cuba, a refugee, sort of and I remember often talking with him of [sic] (Cuba) ....But you know how memories are strange and maybe one day, just like that, I will recall his name. . . . [and he did - see below:]

6-12-08  Claude recalled this friend's name - A/1C Cook.

  4-20-08  The names that I have kept in mind are those of Captain Brand who was OIC at the time, airman first Joe Perez who was from the Bronx, NYC and that impressed much the kid that I was then. I also remember  Ssgt Frank and Msgt Haygood and Hightower among many more. Wonder what happened to them... Some must be in their nineties... It was so many years back but you know, for me too it was also a marvelous time working with all those nice persons...

See Claude Clement Photo Album

COACHE, Richard J.  - Email not available

[jpnote:  6-16-09 Richard is listed on another website.  I emailed him twice; no reply.]

3130th Aircraft Refueling (POL)
@ Chas: Dec. 1958-Oct. 1960
Lexingston, SC

[jpnote:  3-28-04 - Nice phone conversation] 
[jpnote:  3-4-07 Emld him to connect with Charlie "Granny" Smith
- 3130th Field Maintenance Group

See  Wayne Corbett Photo Album

DANIEL, Levi M.  - Email unavailable
3130th Aircraft Refueling (POL)
@ Chas: 1958 to 1962
Beckley, WV

1-20-07 Searching for: All POL from 58-62 - Good to see some names I know from there. Those were the years.

ESKELSON, David George  See Chas Memoriam
130th Aircraft Refueling (POL)
@ Chad 1954- 56

4-30-09 HELP! This is Dave's Son (JD) in search of "any" info, buddies, etc. from my Dad's France tour at CHAD... he got there in 1954 and he spent 2yrs 7mos 8 days there per his DD Form 214. My Father passed away 26 APR 2008, so I'm trying to correct his USAF records. Any info will be greatly appreciated. I will reply to all emails! Thanks...

  [jpnote:  Sam Herrera replied to J.D. and sent photos.]

5-4-09  Sam Herrera responding to JD Eskelson son of David Eskelson of Vernal Utah. I will forward JD's message to two other guys I know that knew David also, we were all stationed at Chateauroux together.  I was stationed with David and worked with him until he departed. I remember him as kind of tall and lanky, blondish hair. I remember him as kind of funny and played some tricks on other guys. Would like to communicate if you wish. I also still have a photo of him. It was taken at Deols when we worked there. Will wait to hear from you some time soon.

See  David Eskelson Photo Album

GILMAN, Gordon 
Aircraft Refueling (POL)

@ Chad March 1958- Dec 60
Santa Barbara, CA

2-6-07  I worked in refueling with Marv Leman.  I arrived in March 1958 and left for discharge in December 1960.  Doris (my wife)  attended High School there in 1957 and 1958.  Doris'  dad was civilian working for the Air Force.  We met there (even though we only lived 60 miles apart in California) and corresponded after Doris left in 1958 until I returned in Dec 1960.  We were married in July of 1961 and are still happy 46 years later. (Chas Marriages).   I did sign in to the guestbook and will try to give you a little more info and picture to add to the 3130th Supply Sqdn page. Searching:  Lee Betz

3130th Aircraft Refueling (POL)  
@ Chas: 55-60
Albuquerque, NM

9-1-05  I would specially like to get in touch with any POL folks. Aircraft Refuelers. Also would enjoy meeting any one who has been stationed there as well.  I worked at Déols, but lived at La Martinerie. I got married there [Chas Marriages] and our first son was Born at Chas Base Hospital. After I got married we lived on the economy In Châteauroux.

2-28-06 jpnote:  Reconnected Sam & Marvin Leman - listed below.

5-4-09  Responding to JD Eskelson son of David Eskelson of Vernal Utah. I will forward JD's message to two other guys I know that knew David also, we were all stationed at Chateauroux together.  I was stationed with David and worked with him until he departed. I remember him as kind of tall and lanky, blondish hair. I remember him as kind of funny and played some tricks on other guys. Would like to communicate if you wish. I also still have a photo of him. It was taken at Deols when we worked there. Will wait to hear from you some time soon.

HESS, Don A.  
& 3130th
Aircraft Refueling (POL)
@ Chas:  1952-1956 & 1961-1963
 Red Springs, NC

8-20-04 I am searching for Sgt Ferias married to a french lady Monique.  I think Monique's parents live in Châteauroux and she and her husband lived in a small street behind St Andre Cathedral in middle sixties.

LEMAN, Marvin 
30th Aircraft Refueling (POL)
@ Chad 1958-60
Galva, IL

3-15-06  I was in the Supply Sqdn. (aircraft refueling) from March 58 to March 60. My 2 yrs at Chas was one of the highlights of my life. Also was a member of the Chas Aero Club and was granted the privilege of managing it during the summer of 59.  I gave many of my buddies a ride in the aircraft we had.  I have many slides of Chas and maybe someday I'll convert some of them into photos and send them to you to put on the web.

2-28-06 - jpnote:  Reconnected Marvin & Sam Herrera - listed above.

1-23-07 [jpnote:  Marvin sent a cd with great COLOR photos from his days at Châteauroux - mostly, Déols and POL activity and some other buddies.  Marvin, I'm sure you have jogged some old memories for your fellow Chas g.i.'s.]

See Marvin Leman Photo Page







MOYER, Vincent 
Chief of Supply - AMFEA - 3130th

@ Chas:  1959-1962


MUDGETT, Clarence Ted
7373rd  Supply Aircraft Refueling (POL)
@ Chas:  52-55

Clovis, NM

10-19-07  I was stationed in Chateauroux 1952-1955 and would like to have a picture of Row 10 in tent city, if possible. I stayed in quonset [huts] before being married in 1953.

Searching: Julio Garcia from Los Angeles, he was my best man. In addition any of my tent buddies in Row 10, in Tent City.  Last known residence was L.A. Calif.

I have been back to La Martinerie when visiting my in-laws in Argenton s/Creuse. Sure was nice to bring back memories of Tent City.

O'NEILL, Thomas 
7373rd  Aircraft Refueling (POL)
@ Chas:  58

7-24-10  Guestbook entry:  I seved with Sgt Greer back in 1958 in the Supply Squadron. It was because of him that I had a very successful career in the military. I served with him back at Plattsburgh AFB later in my career. Because of him, I ended up graduating from High School, College and getting a Master Degree. I started off as an Airman Basic and ended up as a Member of the Federal Governments Senior Executive Service equal to a three star Flag Officer. My last assignment was The Special Assistant to the Secretary of the Navy. All this because of Chief Greer. He is a wonderful person and so is his wife. I was so sorry to hear she had Alshiemer. Does any know if Chief Greer is still alive? (see note below).  Chief Master Sgt Greer who lived in a small town in Georgia.
[jpnote]: I contacted Suzi & Viki Greer who are believed to be Sgt Greer's father. They will contact you, Thomas.

7373rd  Aircraft Refueling (POL)
@ Chas:  53-55
Morilton, AR

6-24-05 It is great to remember! Thanks!!

Searching:  W.R. Tipton; Bernard Orhn; Mestad; Cabler

RIDDLE, Warren  
@ Chas:  55
3130th Aircraft Refueling POL
Harrisonburg, VA

12-05-07 Signed the Guestbook

10-04-08 Signed the Guestbook

2-8-09  Signed the Guestbook

[jpnote:  A copy of your orders are shown below (provided by Marvin Leman.)


RODEE, [RHODEE] Walter F. 
Aircraft Refueling (POL)  

RUSS, Joseph 
Aircraft Refueling (POL)
@ Chas: 1952-1955
Pleasanton, CA

Was in the 7373rd supply group. My wife is from Châteauroux. Her maiden name was Arlette Robin. [Chas Marriages]  She worked on the base.

SAVAGE, Alfred "Al"   Chas Memoriam
@ Chas: 1958-62
Aircraft Refueling (POL)
Goldsboro, NC


2-07 These orders were provided by Marvin Leman - Thanks Marv for the many photos you have shared and which are posted throughout the website.  I have typed the names on this page in case someone out there Googles their own name, they will find the website.

M/Sgts:   Royce M. Greer (Suzi & Vicki's dad?);  Robert C. Hamlin; Joseph F. Hanson;

 Clifton R. Heath (Bud & Jan's Dad?); Oldna Keck; George R. Kelly, Jr.;  Wardon W. Sprinkle; Joseph Vertuca -
T/Sgts:  Louis R. Crook;  Paul E. Frederick; Joseph Hopkins; Don E. Kelt; Lloyd A. Lange; John P. L'Angelle; Warren L. Overby; Nelson A. Pridgen;  Andrew Sanchez; Charles V. Starks; Melvin Steedley; Sheldon W. Vigeant; Steve N. Vucic -

S/Sgts:  John H. Bartholomai;  Martin F. Bell; Frank A. Browning; Oscar A. Cantrell; Bobby H. Cheatham; Walter K. O. Chow; Robert A. Dash; Evan M. Driggers, Sr.; Emil J. Erhard; Edward D. Fetterholf; Arthur D. Franks; Jose H. Gonzalez;  Homer E. Henry; Francis D. Higdon; Sonny A. Kantro; Dean T. Keairns; Charlie H. King; James W. McCafee; Leonard L. Mccomas;

James T. McQueary; Decreer W. McQuillian; Chester M. Miller, Jr.; Chester L. Nephew; Quentin R. Olson: Robert W. Russell; Robert A. Severson; Francisco A. Torres; Willie H. Warren; John F. Whitlock -

A/1Cs:  Cecil Belgrave, Jr.; James R. Bishop, Jr.; Vernon E. Boe; William A. Brown, Jr.;

Robert Cain, Jr.; Tollie Chism;

Harry J. Gryniewicz; Blenzske D. Gunn; Charles L. Heller; James Henley; Royce B. Hughes; Parry J. Humphreys; Joseph L. Landry; George R. Lang; Kenneth Ledbetter; Wilmer L. Moody; Jose Pina, Jr.; Orval L. Rasmussen; Charles D. Richardson; Luis G. Rivas; Sam

Salsberry; Joseph W. Shannon; Louis W. Strutz; James Walizer; Robert A. Williams -

A/2Cs:  Earle G. Adams; Robert A. Contreras; Leopold Finley; Emilio Garibay; William N. Harper; James A. Hendrickson; John D. Henry; Pedro Hernandez; Samuel D. Herrera; Bobby E. Jumper; Mark A. Kansala; William L. Knepper
(Kneffer?); Gerald F. Lowery; James A. Miller; Ryial C. Mills; Robert L. Moore; Richard R. Morrison; Bradley S. Owens, Jr.; Manson S. Reid; Lloyd M. Reynolds; Vincent Scotto; John H. Turner; Kirby L. Weaver

A/3Cs:   Marshall V. Baker; Bobby S. Buckholtz; Jessie F. Cobb; Joseph J. Cook; William E. Crossman, Jr.; Hilario Garcis; Charles W. Gilbert;
Gordon Gilman*; Gary T. Haddock; John E. Hood; Paul L. Horn; Jerry W. Hoyle; Frederick O. Jendrick; Alfus C. Johnson; Richard L. Johnston; Garry D. Kettell; Marvin L. Leman; William A. Lynde; Paul W. Malec; Felix L. Shepherd; Billy E. Massey; Richard W. Morris; ; Donald R. Ried; Lyle A. Simon; Charles R. Smith; Clyde J. Smith; Theodore Whitmore, Jr.; Russell L. R. Betz; Homer D. Brown

2nd Lt. Robert W. Jones - Admin Officer - 3130th Air Base Group (AMC)

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