3130th Aircraft Refueling (POL)

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Châteauroux - Déols France Air Station

Updated:  August 25, 2010

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3130th Aircraft Refueling (POL)

@ Chas: Dec. 1958-Oct. 1960
Lexingston, SC

2004:   We returned last Sunday from our trip to Europe.  We left on April 25 [2004] and flew into London.  We visited our son for a few days and then spent 4 days in Scotland.  We returned to our son's and then the next day he joined us and we flew into Hahn, Germany, where we rented a car.  We drove to Triers and I went to my former base at Bitburg. 

Then we drove to France and went to the Normandy area.  We really enjoyed that--spent the night at Bayveux.  We then drove to Châteauroux where we stayed at the Comfort Inn.  We had some difficulty finding the motel and when we did, it was too late to go to "Joe from Maine's".  We didn't attempt to get on the base, just rode around it.  I could see my old barracks.  We walked around town some--all of that brought back a lot of memories.  We drove back through Luxembourg and into Beligum where we spent a little time in Bastogne and visited some war memorials there.  Our son did all the driving--getting around in a strange country can be difficult, especially when you can't speak the language and need directions!!  But we managed okay. "


Road to the Base

Pictures of when I re-connected with two of my old buddies from Chad.

Late Sept. 2006  we spent a few days with Roger Berger and his wife at their home in Beaver Creek, Ohio, just outside of Dayton. We had a good visit and spent some time at the Air Force Museum at Wright-Patterson AF Base.

The other  two pictures are from my visit with Marvin Leman in May, 2009. We spent a few hours and had lunch together . Marv and I are in the first picture and the other is Marv and his wife, Jane.   We visited them at their place in Princeville, IL. Our son lives about 45 min. away from there near Peoria.



Wayne & Roger Berger - May 2006

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