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3130th; 3131st; & 7373rd Field Maintenance Group

Châteauroux Air Station
 Châteauroux, France

Maintenance Barracks
Photo provide by   Marvin Leman


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Lynwood Weeks

 Daryl Zylka

Steve Kreft

 Donald Pecore

 Willie Faulkner

Richard G. Boyd

 Sam Tackett

Capt. Mason

 Capt. Conley

William Kelly

 Jerry Painter

Col. Rheberg

Col. Riggs

 Jim Cassarly

M/Sgt Harris Mathews
Florence Mathews
Susan Mathews



3131st Field Maintenance
@ Chas:  1958
Santa Barbara, CA

Searching 3131st Maintenance unit that included the Aircraft Sheet Metal Shop during the period of 1957 - 1958?  There is a great little bistro called "Mousse Odile" at 18 E. Cota in Santa Barbara.  The owner was married to a Chas G.I.  His daughter is a Chas Dependent


BERGER, Roger   
3131st Field Maintenance
@ Chas:
Boynton Beach, FL

5-6-06 - Signed guestbook


 FISH, Dr. Gene, ATP  
3131st Field Maintenance (M&S)
@ Chas: 1955-58
 Normandy Park, WA (Near Seattle)

12-24-06  Good times were had by all.

See Gene's personal website:  www.flightcrewtraining.us

9-7-08  Gene signed the guestbook.

8-31-09  Signed the guestbook.


GILBERT, Francis X. 
7373rd Maintenance Group
Leesburg, AZ

1-1-08 (First email of 2008!)  I would welcome any contact from those who worked at La Martinerie or Déols from 1951-1955.

Searching:  Willie Faulkner

7373rd Maintenance Group
Casa Grande, AZ

4-5-09 I worked for Maj. DeSipin in Deols. I was his clerk. Orignially our office was in the center of the factory then moved up to the front office area next to Col. Jost's.

3131st Field Maintenance
@ Chad:  1957-58
Florence, OR

11-18-07 My original assignment at Chateauroux (1956 ) was with Detachment 3 , 11th CMS. Then transferred to 3131 Maint. I noticed that Det 3  11th CMS is not listed in your Sqdn index.   

[jpnote:  No one else has listed themselves in the CMS Sqdn.]

LADOCOEUR, Gary J.    See Chas Memoriam  



MCCOY, James T.  
@ Chas: 1954-56
7373rd Maintenance

10-5-04 - Visited classmates message board

Was assigned to 7373rd Maintenance Group commanded by Major Richard G. Boyd. My supervisor was T/Sgt Edward Garbowicz. First Sgt was T/Sgt Sam Tackett. Was my only overseas assignment during almost an 8 year stay in the Air Force. I retired as civilian government employee on 01/03/87 and now live in central Mississippi.

11-9-07  Hope you was able to make the visit back to Chateauroux area. I wasn't able to make it, but if you can hope you can bring me up to date of what the area looks like now. My sleeping quarters was at La Martenrie, but work place as in the office at Déols. I was a young S/Sgt in 7373rd Maintenance Group there. Best i remember was 3131st Maintenance Group and changed while we were there. Group Commander was Col A.A. Riemondy (Dave Riemondy's dad) and Sqdn Commander was Major Richard G. Boyd. First Sergeant was T/Sgt Sam Tackett. Since you arrived there after i left in April 56 probably were all different by that time.

I remember a little bar many of us went to downtown called the "Blue Moon" and i had heard it was owned by an American, but never knew the name of the American. Was just a cozy little bar with Juke Box and Bar along with maybe a dozen tables for people to eat at.

 11-23-05 - [jpnote:  Jim & I had a fun phone conversation.  he said to tell everyone hello. 

8-14-08  Guestbook Update:  Remember well the mud and the Shuttle buses to Déols for my work as Payroll Clerk and Morning Report Clerk. Never leave without a raincoat.

MCDANNOLD, Joel D. (Mac)  @9-09
@ Chad:  1956-59
3131st Field Maintenance
Canton, OH

See Joel's photos on the Déols page

12-01-03  I was the crew chief of one of the base T-33's. Flew with Capt. Mason, and Capt. Conley.  Looking for old friends. Just returned from 6 weeks in Europe and spent two days in Châteauroux. I was able to walk around most of the airbase as it is now an overhaul area for airlines. the living area (La Martinerie) is now a french military base.   Would like to hear from friends of that time.

9-10-04  My son and I (visited Chas in 2003) and were able to walk almost every place and even drove to the control tower area. [Mac's son is a Major and is head of a school in Ft. Bragg.  He went to Baghdad with the 3rd inf. div.]
The French are using the new hanger that we built (I was the first to bring an aircraft in it) to overhaul airliners now; seen a lot of 747s. The only area that was restricted was around the hangers. The fence and watch towers that were there in 59 are all gone.  The mess hall across the street is gone and the French have built a road where it had been. The tunnel under the road is still there, but not being used, and the French built a Motel near there.  The next day (Sun) we started looking for La Martinerie.  Châteauroux has grown and the roads have changed so had a little difficulty. When we found it, was occupied by the French Military. They had closed our main gate and opened another on the road going by my old barracks and the USO club. The gate was manned by an armed guard who directed us to the sergeant of the guard who would not let us in. When I told him that I had lived there, he said "no americans were here, only Déols."   My son who is an army Major could not talk his way in. He also told us, no pictures, we would be arrested. My son had just returned from Iraq and gave the sergeant an Iraqi bill as a souvenir. I don't think he knew what he had.  We returned to Chad. went to the Church and RR Depot and while walking around ran into a parade of old army jeeps, trucks and a bunch of motorcycles and bikers, leather jackets and all. They were having American's day at a nearby park. My son and I had to take a look and stopped. There were a few French dressed as WW2 American solders, a few old jeeps and trucks. Most were dressed as cowboys and bikers, my son and I were the only Americans there, told my son that must be the way they picture Americans, Cowboys and Bikers.

7-15-06  I have made many trips to Europe, and on one made in 2003 made a trip back to Chad.   Searching for anyone who was there with me; a good friend from Maine, William Kelly and a good friend from Montana, Jerry Painter.  Had many other friends that I would like to contact.

[jpnote:  I took a wild trip through Canton one time - searching for Wooster.]

MEEKS, Jim - signed the guestbook, but left no email address
@ Chad:  1956-58
3131st Field Maintenance

Worked for the Inspector General, Col. Rheberg and Col. Riggs. Jim Cassarly and I ran the 2 Base Theaters and I was mostly over at Quontown Theater.  Left word on the guestbook that his friend, Kenneth Robertson passed away on 7-3-06

ROBERTSON, Kenneth "Robby"  - See Chas Memoriam
@ Chad:  1956-58
3131st Field Maintenance
Yucaipa, CA

7373rd Maintenance Group
@ Chas:  Nov 57-Nov 60
Coburn ,PA 

[jpnote:  Warren says he was with the 36th - was that part of the 7373rd?
8-3-05:  Would like to correspond with anyone that remembers me!

9-21-07  Worked on the C-47s In the Hanger where Land Air worked.  Lived downtown 14 Rue of The United States.

Searching for:  Lynwood Weeks, Daryl Zylka, Steve Kreft,  Donald Pecore

SMITH, Charles "Granny" 
@ Chas: 1958-60
7373rd Maintenance

1-23-07  [jpnote:   Charles  is in touch with Marvin Leman.]

1-28-07  My name is Charles R. Smith.   I flew home and got married and then had my wife come over.  We lived on the economy at that time.

 I had a son born at Chas during my tour there.  His name is Raymond Roger Smith and he was born on July 29, 1960.  I remember it well, because I had so little time to get him registered with the American Embassy in Paris.  I think, (that is if I remember it right) my good friend Marvin Leman flew me up there in a small airplane that he was using at the flying club there.



TRUAX, Gordon S/Sgt     
@ Chas: 1-1953 to 11-1955
7373rd Maintenance &  73rd Air Depot Wing
Fullerton, CA

6-21-05  Listed on classmates: Golden opportunity to tour Europe.   Tent City, long chow lines, cold truck ride to work. (Déols Air Base)

Travelled Europe with the Matthews Family. 

Searching: M/Sgt Harris Mathews 866th EAB
Florence Mathews-Chad School Teacher
Susan Mathews-Chad High 1953-1955

WITHERINGTON, Msgt. Bill  -  Passed away 1998 - Chas Memoriam
3131st Field Maintenance

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