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7322nd - 3130th ABG - Fire Crash Rescue

G.I. Entries

Châteauroux Air Station
 Châteauroux, France

Photo from Dr. Gene Fish - c.1956

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Odell; Barker; Kinman

Mickey Ayers (An old french buddy is searching for you)


     Welcome to the 7322nd - 3130th ABG - Fire Crash Rescue Page

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AYERS, Mickey - Missing

4-9-10 Someone's searching for you, Mickey Ayers.

  Wonder if that's "Rex" in this photo??  See John O'Donnell's entry below.


That's Rex OK   Rex came to Chateauroux  with John T Wright sometime in 1957 or 1958 when one of the bases closed in France . Rex wasn't the only dog in the Fire Department we had. a little mixed breed called shoo-shoo. Have a good time in France this summer. John  O'Donnell


















BEMIS, Bob  7322nd ABG  (Fire Crash Rescue) See Chas Memoriam
@ Chas 1962-65
Warner Robins, GA

See photo below at Ed Reilly's entry



Friend of Bob Bemis

JERROLDS, William "Bill"  7322nd  ABG (Fire Crash Rescue) [send your email again, Bill]
Mindenhall, MS

10-4-05  Searching anyone from Châteauroux during that time, especially Firefighters.

There are photos of Bill on this Squadron Photo Album

JOHNSON, William C. 
7322nd  ABG (Fire Crash Rescue)
@ Chas: 1954-56
Genesee, MI

6-25-02  This is great, would be great to hear from some of the boys from the fire dept.

3130th  ABG (Fire Crash Rescue)

@ Chas:  1962-64
Sussex, NJ

See Sabre Baseball Team

See photo below at Ed Reilly's entry

O'DONNELL, John Msgt  AF (Ret) 
3130th Air Installation Sqdn & 3130th ABG - Fire Crash Rescue

@ Chas: 1956-59
Dothan, AL


08/09/2000   I was assigned to the 3130th Air Installations Sqdn working in the fire and crash rescue department.  (From 1956-1959)  I worked at both fire stations La Martinerie and Déols. 

It's been so long I can only remember one thing that stands out.  We had a dog at the crash station who had a bad habit of relieving flight crews of sack lunches that was left  outside base operations building.  I also spent many nights roaming the streets and visiting bars in Châteauroux and Paris. 

Photo of Rex from Bob Bemis.












QUINN, Bill   
7322nd  ABG (Fire Crash Rescue)
@ Chas: 1951-54
Cleveland, TN

4-24-07  Emailed hello

2-13-09  Guestbook Entry:  Searching "Greer"

There are photos of Bill on this Squadron Photo Album

3130th ABG / Fire Crash Rescue - Déols  
@ Chas:  1/8/60 to 3/23/63
Upper Darby, PA

5-10-03:  Thanks for taking the time to make this web site. i just put Châteauroux, France in the search box and it came up. I found 2 guys i was stationed with 60 to 63. I have since contacted 1 of them. thanks again.   Ed Reilly

A beautiful place, beautiful people.  I see 2 of my old buddies, Paul Morrison and Bob Bemis. I'll be e-mailing you shortly!

4-09-09  Had an email hello from Ed.  He's offered more photos!

  Paul Morrison, Bob Bemis and Ed, but I don't know who is who.








3130th   ABG (Fire Crash Rescue)

@ Chad: 1963 to base closing and then some

I only wish my 19 year old son could experience what I did at nineteen.  I had the good fortune to attend the reunion, {jpnote:  I think this refers to the Veterans Comeback in 1998] didn't see anybody from the Fire Department but met wonderful people and memories galore.  I welcome all contacts.

4-4-09  Guestbook:  So much on the base and the flight line was like back to the future. The fire and crash rescue station was exactly the same except for the fire trucks and no Rex, our fire station dog.  (See John O'Donnell"s tribute to Rex above.)  [Would like to communicate with] anybody from Chas that was Fire Rescue or chit chat Chateauroux 1963 and on.....

SANTOIR, Jean - French Employee 
7322nd-3130th  ABG (Fire Crash Rescue)

7-5-08  Guestbook Entry from son, Christian:  I'm born in Chateauroux and my father, Jean Santoir was employed by the base as a fireman, fire inspector, and then ground safety engineer between 1954-1968. We had many American friends at the time, coming each week-end to our home. I remember Major Compton, [jpnote:  maybe Major Compton is Ginny & Clayton's dad); Shea, Pittman, [could this be Gen. Don Pittman?] Colonel Gossett (David's dad?], George Grantham from Baton Rouge..I'll send you photographs of my father with those USAF men.  Best Christian

See  3130th-7322nd ABG - Fire Crash Rescue - Photo Album

SMITH, S/Sgt James W., Jr. 
7322nd  ABG (Fire Crash Rescue)
@Chas:  1951

5-30-06  I arrived for my tour of duty at Châteauroux in July 1951....One big mud hole and no barracks.  The Mess Hall was set up in a bombed out Hanger (a bldg. that resembled a hanger) with a ceiling fashioned out of plastic.   The advance crew had set up "TENT CITY."   Boy! what an experience.  Freeze your butt off in the winter and unbearable in the summer.  Latrines and showers were set up far enough away that if the mud didn't make your shower useless, you had to return to the latrine.  We set the fire dept up in an old bldg that was half gone, but after a week or so, we did make it where we had a place to put our only fire truck.  Oh, by the way, I had my first experience with the "HONEY BUCKET" as that was all we had.  You went only if absolutely necessary.  I do have photos of the fire station and crew and some of the frenchmen that worked with us, and some of tent city.   [jpnote:  emailed reply about photos.]

2-23-09  jpnote - PHOTOS!  Yay!  PHOTOS on page 2 of this Sqdn's album


VIETS, Wayne R. T/Sgt  (daughter Yvette's email)
3130th  ABG (Fire Crash Rescue)

@ Chas:  11-61 - 8-65
Eau Claire, WI

10/21/2000   GB signed by daughter, Chad Student, Yvette Viets Flaten  - Great Page!  My father was stationed at Chas from Nov '61 until Aug '65, with (I believe) the 1722nd FMS. Toward the end of our tour, he was with Crash and Reclamation at Déols.  We lived on the 'Economy' in Châteauroux--Rue Hoche--and later  in Quontown. I attended school from 4th through 7th grade.  I'd love to hear from classmates or from those who may have known my father, T/Sgt Wayne R. Viets.  Merci bien.


Firemen friends of Ralph "T-Bird" Tompkins. - These photos were taken in 1963.

George Matson/Jordan (he had name changed at Chad), r. Tom Ueline (95% certain) (also on left in photo at right).   [jpnote:  Bob Bemis identified these guys.] 

 Sabre Blade newspaper article, written by A/2C Earl Sweatt,  about the Fire Department.  Article mentions Fire Chief, M/Sgt Charley C. Coffey; A/3C Edward C. Granville; John Roberts; A/2C Henry D. Mayberry; S/Sgt William Arthur; Dennis J. Cunningham & T/Sgt Eddie D. Brumble

[jpnote:  These photos are filed in a safe place - so safe that I can't locate them at the moment.  I'll put them back up when I find them again.]

9-20-07 Note from Bob Bemis regarding the men listed in this article

1. MSgt Coffey was interim fire chief for a short time between SMSgt Foster and CMSgt William Carey.
2. The name Cunningham is familiar, but I can't put a face with the name.  I believe S/Sgt Arthur is really S/Sgt William Anthony - I'll know for certain when you are able to locate the photos..  All of the others were there at the same time I was.


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