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3130th - 7322nd ABG Fire Crash Rescue
Photo Album

Châteauroux Air Station
 Châteauroux - Déols, France

Photo from Dr. Gene Fish - c.1956



Chas Home      3130th -7322nd ABG - Fire Crash Rescue G.I. Entries


Photo Gallery below from J. W. Smith:


Fire Station - Early Days

More photos from J. W. Smith


These photos were taken at our rented chateau where five families shared. We had frequent parties and invited guys living on base out for a little R&R. There were no clubs on base for them to gather, so we tried to make them feel welcome and a little like being home. Maybe someone can recognize some of of the guys. These photos were takin in late 1951 and early 1951. J.W. (Smitty) Smith


Photos below from Christian Santoir, son of  Jean Santoir


My father had several chiefs in the Ground Safety Office, among them :  Lt Colonel John E. Hixson 1958; Major Don D. Pittman 1961.  I remember when major Pittman had to bail out from his T-33 when the engine failed, on the 2nd January 1962.  I was with my parents at his home in Brassioux. His wife, and everybody there, were very pleased to see him coming home in the afternoon, without injury, and with the ripcord in his hand! and then-Major,Lt Colonel Henry W. Compton 1965.


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