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3130th - 7322nd  Air Base Wing (ABW)  

Chateauroux Air Station
Chateauroux, France


7322nd Air Base Wing Barracks - 2nd Floor Middle

  Photo from Bill Kowalski



3130th - 7322nd ABW Photo Album


Mrs. Ward Mr. Roget, Mr. Madray, Mr. Kockelier(sp)

Robert AshmanEdward Helvenston

@ Chas:  1951-54
Dunbar, WV

 5-17-09  Was a Loadmaster.  Rode a Triumph motorcycle.

Searching:  Flight crew and motorcycle buddies

BAXTER,William G.  
@ Chas:  1955-58 
Fairborn, OH

10-9-09  I retired from the Air Force in 1981 and Civil service 2008 from Wright-Patterson AFB, OH with 52 years of government service. My wife and I have resided in Fairborn, OH since 1981. I hope everyone is fine and in good health. I enjoyed my time in CHAS.  Searching:  Anyone who has known me and have worked in the Military Personnel. Also, anyone of my Basketball Buddies with whom I had loads of fun.

BECKHAM, Bill  - Invalid Email
@ Chas:  June & July 1964
Legal Office
Wichita, KS

7/09/2003    Was there for a very short time.  Later transferred to Rhein Main AB Germany. Remember  

DURAN, James D.    
@ Chas:  1958-59
3130th ABWG -  Comm Div
Johnson City, NY


Moving From Moulins to Châteauroux - 1957 - left to right

07/28/2002   arrived in Moulins fall of 1955...mustered out of AF Jan 1959 @ McGuire AFB 

4-10-05  I have just been contacted by Bud Hankins from Binghamton, NY...Living in my home town all these years and never knew. I have been in some contact also with "Jenelle Peterson". Forgive me Jenelle for not writing more.  I spent most of my tour in Moulins where I worked in the comm center in Cryptography and Teletype Communications. I began in Biloxi Mississippi first as airborne radio operator, then ground and finally Cryptography at Scott AFB, Illinois before shipping out to Moulins, in Allier France via Bremmerhaven Germany in late 55. We did have a very good web site for our MAD GROUP, maintained by Jim Reilly

[jpnote:  2-17-07  I had asked Jim to clarify his Squadron.  He wrote:  my orders dated 27 January 1958 read;  HEADQUARTERS   3130TH AIR BASE WING (AMC)  The FNA, Hq 3130th ABWG, this sta, are rel from asg dy as indc, and asg dy as indc, eff 27 Jan 58, Changes reflect reorganization of 3130th ABWG.]

5-23-08  As Jim stated above, he is a dedicated Civil War Buff and this newspaper article talks about the Civil War era and includes a photo of Jim. Click the small photo to view the article full size; use your back button to return to this page.




3130th Air Materiel (Finance) & 3130th Air Base Wing
Mentone, CA

12-05-04 As a young Airman, I spent a lot of time with the "dependent" group. I married one. Marcellene Gray in 1963. We're still together. [See Chas Marriages ]  My two military buddies were Paul Engel and Jerry Maguire. Paul and I coached little league baseball and flag football.   Burley and Foxx were members of the sports group. Although I spent time at a number of watering holes, my favorite place was "Pops".

7-17-07   Trish Burley '61 worked with me for one summer at a small part of the Accounting and Finance Office that was located near the base hospital. Perhaps she remembers some of us. There were a few French civilains that worked there. The lady that ran the section's name was Mrs. Ward. the French personnel were Mr. Roget, Mr. Madray, Mr. Kockelier(sp).

GOGGIN, Robert 
7322nd Air Base Wing 
@ Chas:  1962-1965
Bryn Mawr, PA

03/23/2003     JAG Officer under Cols. Robert Ashman & Edward Helvenston Wonderful friends and memories.  Two children born at Chas .

9-20-07  I was a Captain in Jag from 1962 to 1965 and lived on Rue Littre in Chateauroux with my wife Jane and three children, two of which were born in the base hospital. We enjoyed our tour immensely and had many wonderful evenings with the Riddles and Formans. Our apartment was a new building at the time and housed many airmen from the 7020th. Squadron. All of the above were found late nights in Joe from Maine's. Wish I could bring the kids back and let them share those great times.

HERRES, General Robert T.   See  Chas Memoriam


JACKSON, George 
@ Chas:  1952-54 & 61-65 - Comptroller

@ Chas: 19
3130th Air Base Wing
Surrey, B.C., Canada

12-20-09  Signed the guestbook.

@ Chas: 1955-57
3130th Air Base Wing (HEDRON)
Morgan Hill, CA

Joe's Photo Page

Photo - 7373rd USAF Hospital

7-13-04  I was stationed at Châteauroux from 55 to 57.  I was attached to the 3130th Air Base Wing Hedron.  I was a radio operator and later assigned as an airborne radio and cryptographer.  I was fortunate enough to fly to most of the countries in  Europe.  I have many pictures of the base and of friends as well as downtown chad.  I dated a Major's daughter, Barbara Ann Douglas, who attended the high school there.

[jpnote: Buddies with  Joe only lives a few miles from Jerry.


Thanks, Joe, for the many photos posted on the website which you have shared with us.

Trip to the "City of Light"

  Melinda, Joe's wife.





Joe & his roadster







PITTMAN, Gen Don - Info sent from Bob Bemis (3130th-7322nd ABG (Fire Crash Rescue)

Posted 10-25-07  In August 1960 [General Pittman]  was a distinguished graduate of the Air Command and Staff College at Maxwell Air Force Base, Ala. He then was transferred to Chateauroux Air Base, France, where he served as NATO project officer for the Fiat G-91, and in July 1961 he became chief of safety for Air Materiel Forces, European Area, at Chateauroux.


RAGE, Douglas
7322nd  Air Base Wing  
@ Chad:  1962-1965
Savage, MN

I served at Châteauroux from April 1962 until April 1965.  I now live in Minnesota, originally from Chicago.

ROEBER, Robert R.   
7322nd  Air Base Wing  
- Finance
@ Chad:  196
Lannon, WI

10-16-06 Great times at Joe's from Maine, Wine shack, Royan, LeMans, Paris, Working with the team at the finance office, Airmans club with the great bands and drink specials, Hi-Fi Latin club in Paris, and best friends a person could ever have, Driving around in my 1965 VW. I do have pics to share.

11-30-07  I am Robert R. Roeber, was stationed at Chateauroux AS June 64 till Aug 66. I was assigned to the 7322nd AB Wg, and worked in the finance office (first in the travel section and then in military pay).

SINCLAIR, Jack- No email available
7322nd Air Base Wing (Personnel Specialist)
@ Chas:  1963-66
Brentwood, NH

Note from Jack's Chas Buddy - Jack Kowalski (listed above):  10-18-07     Earlier this year, I was able to get together with one of my buddies form CHAS .   Jack Sinclair and I served there from 1963-1966 as Personnel Specialists.   I last saw him at his wedding in Boston in 1969.  I live in Amsterdam, NY and he and his wife live in Brentwood, NH.  It took 38 years to make only a 5 hour drive.   During our visit we were able to enjoy the website.  Brought back a lot of great memories.   Thank you........Bill Kowalski     

 Photo from Jack's buddy - Bill Kowalski

  Jack Sinclair & Bill Kowalski - reunited after 38 years!  2007  










SMITH, CWO Bernard A. "Pete"      
7322nd  Air Base Wing
@ Chad:  1958-60
Vacaville, CA

1-27-08  [Info from son, Steve Smith who was a Little Kid at Touvent Elementary during his dad's duty at Chas.]  My family lived in Chateauroux 1957-1960.  I went to 3rd, 4th and 5th grade at the American school.  We lived in Cite de Touvent, 410 housing, building D-2.  My dad, CWO Bernard A. (Pete) Smith, was a personnel officer at Air Base Wing.  There were five of us kids, plus one more sister born at the base hospital while we were there.  I got around pretty good, and I remember a lot of Chateauroux.  I went back several times in the 1990's when I was stationed in Italy.  I toured the base.  Not much had changed.  The people are very nice.

@ Chas:  1958 and 1959
 3130th ABWG, Comm Div








WALL, Lt. Robert E. - Wing Security Officer 

@ CHAS 51-53

[jpnote:  I'm not sure this is the correct Squadron  for Robert Wall.]

4-29-06 My father, then Lieutenant Robert E. Wall, was stationed at Châteauroux AFS from August 1951 to March 1953. He was the Wing Security Officer. My sister, Leslie E. Wall, was born at the base hospital on November 7, 1952. Apparently, we could not get base housing, so we lived in Loches, which was 40 miles away. We lived in a small chateau. I attended the equivalent of first grade in Loches, and I'm told that I spoke fluent French. I look forward to a return trip some day - especially after looking at the photos on the Châteauroux websites. My sister has her birth certificate, but she is very reluctant to give it up (e.g., for passport purposes) because she does not know how to get additional copies. While I did not attend school in Châteauroux, I did have the OCONUS experience at another school - RAF Lakenheath, England.

WILSON, Lloyd - 7322nd  Air Base Wing- No email available  

[jpnote:  I don't have info regarding Sgt. Wilson except his child was born at the base hospital - Dane Bone.]

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