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@ Chas:  1954-56

Ron and his wife Jayne own a beautiful resort in Oregon.  Check out their website @ touroregon.com/moonset.

 Ron in Paris - 2005  

Belle Isle - 1955

I was there from 1954-56. I should mention that I was at UCLA for seven years as a student, followed by a 26-year career as a professor of political science, but I sometimes think that it was Châteauroux and my USAF experience that had the greater influence on my life. It has certainly loomed larger in my memories and affections.

I was 21 when I arrived in Châteauroux in 1954, far from my California home, family and girlfriend. What an adventure! The men and women I served with were among the best people I have known, and our French hosts were unfailingly kind.

I have returned to France nearly every year since the late 1960s, and remain in touch with numerous friends from those years at Chad. Although my wife and I usually rent an apartment in Paris, we also make it a point to visit  Châteauroux.

Ron & friend in front of Le Strasbourg Bar - 1955

Ron @ Argenton-1955







 [jpnote:  Lance Olsen of Victoria, BC was not stationed at Chateauroux, but he is a friend of Ron.  On  2-25-05 he wrote:  " I am searching for Ron Fraese 1954-56.  He seems to have dropped off the planet.  Last heard of in Florence Oregon. does anyone have an email for this dear friend."    By coincidence, Ron & his wife were on vacation 30 minutes from where Lance lives.  They met and had dinner!]


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