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7322nd/3130th Air Police Sqdn

Châteauroux Air Station
 Châteauroux, France

Thanks, Garland Starnes for the AP Barracks photo.

Fred Babb, Glen McCracken, Richard Wells, ??, John Doyle, ??, Lester Chastain,Pete Hoogerzeil, Richard Roderick  1963-64




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7322nd Air Police Sqdn

@ Chas:  1964
Dalton, GA 


DOYLE, John F.
7322nd Air Police Sqdn

Westborough, MA

  June 2001 - I stumbled across Barbara Bush's name on the web linked to the CHAD veterans reunion in Sept. of '98. I contacted her and received copies of those who were there (180). I also received some French newspaper accounts of that event and found a phone number in Châteauroux in one of the articles.  The gambler that I am, I called and asked for Joe Gagne and lo and behold, on the other end of the line was Annette, his daughter. We had a 45-minute talk that just about blew me away since I remembered her and all the family. I used to go downstairs at Joe's when Annette was dating her future husband, a guy named Thornton, who was in the base fire dept.

By the way, my favorite chow at Joe's was that toasted ham and cheese his wife used to fix. The beer was downstairs along with that jukebox playing Dionne Warwick, Ray Charles and Francoise Hardy tunes.

Sabres Baseball Team - 1964
Baseball Reunion 2001 - San Antonio Photos

G.I. Memories - John Doyle



DUNN, Arthur T.    
@ Chas: 1961-66
7322nd Air Police Sqdn

Chas Marriages & Born at Chas

We have been in contact by email for several years. It was good to hash over old times & to see him & meet his wife Evelyn.





[jpnote:  September 2005:  Art and his wife, Kathy, visited Châteauroux and took the grand tour of La Martinerie - thanks to our french military friend, Herve' {pictured below in uniform.  Herve' sent these photos.]



EXLINE,  S/Sgt See Chas Memoriam
@ Chas: 56-58

7322nd Air Police

Louisville, KY

FOLTZ, James
@ Chas:  1951-1955
7322nd Air Police

12-8-08 Gustbook entry from Dawn Foltz:  Anyone who knew James Foltz, I have a picture of him at Chateauroux with John Cash, not the singer.  

GANNON, Gary   [See Chad Marriages
@ Chas:  1955 to 1958
7322nd Air Police, K-9 Section
Steilacoom, WA (Just South of Tacoma)

4-23-03  I was in the Air Police Sqdn., K-9 section .for 2 years, then transferred to Heavy Equipment and drove Tractor & Trailers back and forth to Germany, the last year, plus flew on Gen. Smith's, C-54, as flight steward, as needed. I met Jackie Byrd, (She graduated from CHAD High School 1956) and we got married there, Apr 21, 1957, at the Base Chapel.  The day before yesterday we celebrated our 46th Wedding anniversary!! How Cool?! (4-21-03)  We visited Chad in 1970, with our 3 children before leaving Madrid, Spain . Sure brought back great memories !!  Do any of you folks know the whereabouts of Walt Peterford, Hobart Pack, Dave Siefert, Joe Milhone?   See Gary & Jackie's Photo Album  








HABERMAN, Raymond James -
7322nd Air Police Sqdn
Naperville, Illinois

See more photos on Ray's Photo Page 





[jpnote:  Thank you, Ray, for the many items you have contributed to the website.  You have been a good email friend.]










HELLER, Warren  
7322nd Air Police Sqdn
Troy, OH (updated)

8-1-09  Searching: Anyone from that period of time.

HOOGERZEIL, Pete See Chas Memoriam
@ Chas 2/62 - 2/65
7322nd Air Police


HUEY, Billie Lee
@ Chas 1950-53
7322nd Air Police

Listed on another website [jp emld 9-04 but have not received a reply]  We had a tent city and we had barracks. It was a fairly small base. I remember the hard french bread, the cheese, and the red wine. There was a club downtown called The Lido. The base stockade was located in tent city where I was in charge of the prison at one time. Our Air Police Office, downtown, was located in the Chamber of Commerce building.

HULSTINE, George  
@ Chas:  52-55
7322nd Air Police
Kennewick, WA


@ Chas:  57-58
7322nd Air Police
Paris, France

6-22-06  When Moulins was closed in '57 most of us were transferred to CHAD which very few cared for. As a result I simply "put in my time" and returned to New Jersey where I delivered mail for 30+ years in beautiful Newark. Now fully "retired" I live in Paris which was a life long goal. It ain't cheap but worth it in my opinion. Anyone visiting or simply passing thru drop me a note and possibly we can meet for a drink.

@ Chas:  64-66

7322nd Air Police
Jackson, TN

9-16-08  Nothing but bad memories for me, wasted assigement, I was glad to get back to SAC.  

@ Chas:  1958 - 1960
Air Police
Elmore, AL



Da Nang Air Base 68-69

Chateauroux Air Station ~ Central Air Materiel Area 58-60 Kimpo Air Base 51-52 Somerville High School 48-50 Class of 50


10-20-05  I was stationed at Châteauroux 1958-1960 with the 3130th Air Base Group Police Sqdn (7322nd Air Police). I worked Town & Highway Patrol for the three years that I was there.  Spent virtually every tour of duty checking Jimmie's Club, the Frog Pond, Joe From Maine's, the German Club, Chez Danni's, etc.  Took an awful lot of drunk GIs back to the base and occasionally, had to take some to the stockade. Worked a tremendous amount of wrecks caused by the lousy roads, small cars & available booze. I worked almost exclusively with one partner, Darryl Delanoy.  Lost contact but would like to get in touch with him. Would appreciate anyone passing on info about him. [jpnote:  Darryl is located.]

I retired from the Air Force in 74 & went to work with the State of Alabama for 20 years.  Retired again as Director of Investigations & Intelligence for the State Prison Department.

My wife, Jo, and I spent several days in Châteauroux last year.  Things have really changed.  Our stay in Châteauroux brought back some great memories.  Our son, Kevin,  was born at the base hospital in June of 60.  [See Born at Chas]   Would really like to hear from some others who served at CHAS while I was there - particularly from some of the APs.

@ May 2008

6-28-09  I worked Town & Highway Patrol during my entire three years at Chateauroux. I vividly remember the time spent at Jimmy's Club, the Frog Pond, Danny's, Joe From Maine's, & others (both while off & on duty.) A great many fond memories. My wife & I spent several days in Chateauroux three years ago & were amazed at how much things have changed.
Would like to go back again someday soon!


Returning the colors to AP Hq following the evening retreat ceremony.  Rod bringing up the rear.  




MASON, Thomas "Tommy" 
3130th Air Police
@ Chas: 58-61
Cool, CA

2-25-02 I was Mary Lynn James' (Chad '61) "steady" from the 3130th Air Police Sqdn, now retired as the senior field representative for U.S. Army night vision weapons system (in 1988). (Chas Marriages)  Our last duty assignment was with 1st Armored Division at Ansbach, Germany, then straight to Cool and horse country. We have two children, Margaret, now 38 years old and a son, Thomas Paxton Mason III (Pack) now 37. Both children live within 25 miles. Margaret is an endurance rider and our son is into "boy things", like four wheeling, etc. We live in a gated equestrian community in Cool, California, about 35 miles east of Sacramento in the foothills and at 2,000 ft elevation. We have horses and do some riding. Lynn is an oncology RN.

5-30-06 [jpnote:  I received an email from a Chas Guest, Mike Jones, who was a Boy Scout in the 70's and Tom Mason was his scoutmaster.  I forwarded Mike's email to Tom.  Hope they enjoy reminiscing.]


Jon Harris, son of Phil Harris of 7373rd Hospital Sqdn (passed on) sent this photo of Eddie's album cover.

jpnote: When I was in Chateauroux in 2007, I saw this album cover posted on a bulletin board at Belle Isle.  I also took a photo of it.

Jon also asked about JImmy Frieden (1992nd AACS Sqdn) who was in the Sharptones Band with Jon's dad, Phil Harris.  JP connected Jon and Jimmy.

Note from Garland "Horse" Starnes - another A.P. - Eddie Mattison went to CHAS from Myrtle Beach AFB with me. I think he was from South Carolina.  I am not sure, but I believe he has passed away.



MAYES, Gerald "Jerry"
3130th Air Police
@ Chas: Feb. 1959 to April 1962
 Olathe, KS

MCENANEY, Arthur - 7322nd Air Police
@ Chas:  1965-1967
 Folkston, GA

MURRY, Mitchell Joe  - 3130th Air Police
@ Chas:  1957 - 1958
Jacksonville, FL

01/20/2003  Comments:  The two happiest years of my life.

6-9-04  I sure miss those years


@ Chas:  1958-1960

05/26/2001  Stationed at Châteauroux with the  Air Police  Sqdn from 58 - 60. Played both Base and Sqdn level Softball.  Spent many a cold night guarding the entrance to Quontown or delivering messages to 410 housing residents from  the Elementary School.  Made many old friends, especially looking for a SSgt Piercy, who worked with the Air Police.

Searching:  S/Sgt Piercy, Chas 7322nd Air Police - Where are you?

RILEY, James M. "Jim" - 7322nd Air Police Sqdn
@ Chas:  1961-1965

Sabre Baseball Team - 1964

RILEY, Tim- 7322nd Air Police Sqdn -
@ Chas:  1962 - 1965
Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida

Sabre Baseball Team - 1964

4/10/01: Hello to all 7322nd AP's

02/03/2003 Comments:  Those were the years..... 


@ Chas: 1962-1965
 7322nd Air Police
  Newport Beach, CA

 (Sabres Baseball Team - 1964)

11/02/2001:  Just wanted to say hi to all of the old 7322nd AP Guys. Those were the good old days. 1961-1965.  I returned to CHAS in Oct. 2003 while I was driving through the area. Still looks the same!
Ray Haberman; Ronnie Turner - misnamed on the photo - should be Tommy Turner; Tom Vinghofsky; Douglas Scherff


SIRAGUSA, Robert "Goose" 
@ Chas:  1964-67
7322nd Air Police Sqdn
Sussex, NJ

6-8-05  Recently I got to spend some time with John Doyle in Boston. We hadn't seen each other in forty years. We talked about old times at Chas and he gave me a great tour of the City of Boston. John is a real gentleman and a good friend. Bob "Goose" Siragusa

CHAD student, Philippe LeBourveau, sent this newspaper article "Weightlifting Champ Favored But He Will Have Problems" about Goose.



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