August 25, 2010


3130th-7373rd Air Installation (AIO)

aka Civil Engineering

Châteauroux Air Station
Châteauroux, France




Photo from Richard Farrow nd CAMS)




Jim Rhinehart



ALBERSON, James W.  "Tennessee" 
@ Chas:  1954-1955
7373rd  Air Installation / AIO
@ Moulins 1955-56

Byhalia, MS

9-4-09  James intends to attend the Chatx 2010 Presentation.

BARRY, Jim   
@ Chas:  1953-56
7373rd Air Installation Sqdn (CE)
Huntington Beach, CA

COX, Wayne 
3130th Air Installation / AIO
@ Chas: 56-59
Gooddrich, TX

8-9-09 I had some wonderful times in chat. I was Married while stationed there to a girl from Belgium had a son borned in the Base Hosp. I retired from AF in 1967 .  Searching:  Harold Doucett or any one that was in that Sqd during these years.

8-22-09  had alot of good times in Chas.  Would like to hear from anyone that was in AIO between 56-59

EDWARDS, Lincoln H. 
@ Chas: 51-54
Hopatcong, NJ

4-7-08  Searching:  Anyone from the Sqdn that remembers the mud, tent city & the breezy latrines where the toilet paper stuck to your bottom when the wind blew.


GRAHAM, Don     
@ Chas: 1953 to 1956
Shelbyville, Indiana

8-29-07  Where are you Jim Rhinehart and others Don Graham  served with?

HALL, John 
7373rd Air Installation / AIO Sqdn
@ Chas: 55-57
New Carlisle, In 

06/15/2001 Comments:  I was at Châteauroux in 1955-1957. In AIO Sqdndn. The best memories and friends I ever experienced was at apo #10. 

Buddies:  Danny Shea   See John Hall Photos

HERRIMAN, Gerald L. 
@ Chas:  56-60
3130th Air Installation Sqdn
White Lake, MI

After leaving Wurtsmith AFB where I was employed managing Utilities as a civilian employee, I transfered to Châteauroux, France where I managed the utilities (water and sewage treatment facilities) at both La Martinerie and Déols as a civilian employee of the USAF. I lived for awhile in a housing unit on base (2 to a room and later my own room) and later when my family arrived lived in 410  in Châteauroux. We also lived at 122 Chemin de La Pangotiere (spelling) Those four years included some very good memories. I had about a dozen military and perhaps 30 or more French nationals under my supervision. I enjoyed the Officer's club the base theater, the px and other base facilities. I enjoyed my work. Near the end of my last year there the military had left and I was left monitoring a French Contract work force. I finally decided to return to Michigan, my home and returned to school at Michigan Tech in Houghton MI. I subsequently obtained similar employment at Walker AFB in Roswell MN. When Walker closed I returned to Michigan and my last employment was for the city of Warren MI managing their Waste Water Treatment facility.

November 2008 - Note from Joyce, Jerry's wife:  Our eldest daughter, Diana, attended first grade at Touvent Elementary and we sent a photo to you of her with her class and teacher, Miss Lacey, taken on 11 May, 1959. You included the photo on your site. Our second daughter, Rebecca (Beki), was born in the hospital at Chateauroux Air Station on November 6, 1957.

My daughter, Beki Franchock, and I are leaving for Paris in February 2009. Beki's 16- year- old daughter, Rachel, is a member of the Chrystellettes, a synchronized Figure Skating team out of Dearborn, Michigan. We will fly to Paris with the team and will proceed with them to Rouen. They will compete in Rouen for the French Cup (against other synchronized teams). Last year they competed in Prague and finished third behind Finland and Russia. Beki and I went along.

Rachel must fly back to the US with her team, but Beki and I have extended our stay. Beki would like to return to Chateauroux, her birthplace, to see the locale. She was only three when we left.
[jpnote:  Mike Gagne' will tend to Joyce and her daughter while they visit Chateauroux.]

JACKSON, Paul & Wife, Jeannette Luneau Jackson
3130th Air Installation / AIO

7373rd USAF Hospital Sqdn
Civilian Employee - Billeting

See Chas Memoriam  See Chas Marriages  Son, Paul, Jr.  Born at Chas



 KRAEMER, Arthur - no email provided
@ Chas: 1951-54
7373rd Air Installation / AIO

Art asked us to email him, but gave no email address.  Listed on classmates - jp emld 9-24-04

This is Art's posting on the message board of classmates:  To:  Joel McDannold & me:  A pleasure to meet you, and Ms. Peterson, I'm happy to see that someone has looked at the message board..  I followed the advanced party by a few months, when the rest of the 7373rd. A.D.W. crossed the waters from Staten Island to the coast of France at La Pallice.  I was a construction equipment operator in A.I.O and so I was super busy day and night at the railroad siding, unloading trucks, jeeps, weapons carriers, six bys and all types of supplies, including coal.. Later on some of us built an earth runway at La Martinerie, near the mess hall, which was a converted hanger.  At that time A.I.O. was actually off base, behind the B.O.Q.  Eventually we moved out of the ten main tents at tent city, and moved upstairs over the Air Police.  I bought a Triumph Tiger motorcycle and traveled all over, and even brought it home to the states, space available which means FREE.   Send me an e-mail..Art Kraemer  [3-15-07 jpnote:  Never have heard from Art.]

O'DONNELL, John Msgt  AF (Ret) 
3130th Air Installation Sqdn & 3130th ABG - Fire Crash Rescue
@ Chas: 1956-59
Dothan, AL
We had a dog at the crash station who had a bad habit of relieving flight crews of sack lunches that was left  outside base operations building.  I also spent many nights roaming the streets and visiting bars in Châteauroux and Paris. 









POLSTON, T/Sgt Don - See Chas Memoriam 
7373rd Air Installation AIO Sqdn


    He was stationed at La Martinerie from 1951-1953.


RANKIN, Robert P.   3130th Air Installation Sqdn 
 @ Chas:  1957
Houma, LA

07/28/2002  & 5-12-03  Comments:  Transferred from Moulins Air Depot when it closed. Took an early release in October 1957

SANBORN,  CMSgt PAUL W.     20 Nov 1932 – 25 Aug 2007  See Chas Memoriam

Information sent by son, MSgt Daniel Sanborn, USAF  

[jpnote:  I wonder  if the man pictured below with Homer Sparks is Paul Sanborn with the name misspelled.]

SPARKS, Rev. Homer M.P. 
7373rd AIO Sqdn

9-5-07 - Sue Polston, wife of Don Polston, this Sqdn, sent this photo of Homer Sparks and A/1C Sandborn

3-13-07 When I left Lowery Air Force Base in Denver, I was told I would be assigned to a unit in Germany.  Man, was I excited as I had heard what good duty those Airmen were enjoying.  When I arrived in Germany, I was told that I had been reassigned to a base in France.  Well, I thought, France should be a good place to spend 36 months of my life.  A couple months prior to my being notified I was shipping out, I had read an article in Life Magazine about a place called Châteauroux.  It showed pictures of tents, mud, and stated that one mess hall served around 8,000 airmen.   I made the statement to one of my buddies, " I sure don't want to go to that place."  Well, much to my surprise, that ended up being my home for many months.  I lived in tent city for about three weeks and was then assigned to the 7373rd AIO Sqdn.  I made many friends while there.   My best friend was T/Sgt Don Polston, who was in charge of the work order section.  He was responsible for issuing all work orders pertaining to construction and other activities on the base.  Don & I remained friends (over fifty years) until his death a couple months ago.  Don took me under his wings and imparted to me much valuable information pertaining to the Air Force. I have very fond memories of Châteauroux.  The town folks were very friendly and  would often invite us to their home for dinner.  It would be a blessing to return there for a visit.  If it doesn't happen, I will cherish my memories.

SWANSON, Ronald D.  & wife, Barbara  See Chas Memoriam
7373rd AIO Sqdn
@ Chas:  1952-1954
Munster, IN


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