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3134th Stock Control & Warehouse
(prior to 1957 - 7373rd Supply Group)

Châteauroux - Déols Air Station
 Châteauroux, France



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Al & Jeannie Genter

Bud & Bernie Beadles

Dick & Kay Dolan

Noal Miles



ALTIZER, Maynard
3134th Stock Control & 3130th-7373rd Aircraft Refueling (POL)

@ Chas: 55-58
Waynesboro, VA

4-10-03 - Maynard wrote that he was curious to find Bonnie Sue Markell '60, a Chad student he had known. 

1-17-07  [jpnote:  Patience pays off!  Maynard mentioned Bonnie to me in 2003 - I found Bonnie Sue today!  Happy reminiscing!]

See Maynard Altizer Photo Page



BOKAS, David D. 
7373rd Supply Group / 3134th Stock Control
@ Chas:  9/55 -9/58
Southfield, MI

06/08/2003 When I stumbled upon this page, I was overcome with a combination of sadness, joy, nostalgia and frustration (that I didn't find it sooner). I have returned to Paris many times since on business, but time never permitted me to visit Châteauroux. Now that I am retired, I hope to show my wife the place where I spent 3 of the happiest years of my life.

1-12-06 You know - over the years we have taken a bit of ribbing from family and friends for fighting the battle of Pigalle in the (warless) part of the fifties. The debauching, the boozing and other unsavory pursuits, while true, in retrospect these activities pale by comparison to the bigger picture.  We gave four years of our lives in service to our country.  "The proud, the few" doesn't apply only to Marines.  I was proud of those three stripes on my arm;  proud to be a part of the Air Force.  Those were times during the height of the Cold War when keeping the aircraft supplied with parts made a big difference.  Fortunately, the cold war stayed cold, but hell, we put ourselves out there and for that we and all of those like us should be proud to call ourselves veterans!  D. Bokas

See Dave Bokas Photos

7373rd Supply Group - 3134th Stock Control  
Milwaukee, WI

7373rd Supply Group - 3134th Stock Control  
@ Chas:1955-1958
Portland, OR

[jpnote:  9-8-07  Phone conversation w/Ed to clarify his email address.  Ed is recovering from Quintuple Bypass earlier this year.  Says he's doing great - lost 40 lbs and has taken up hiking.  Ed will be 71 this month of September.]  [jpnote:  Rev. William Warnock was a roommate of Ed Conroy]

 Ed & Noal Miles visited Summer of 2007)

DOLENIAK, Art    Chas Memoriam
3134th Stock Control


ELSEA,  Stan Lt. Col. (Ret)  
7373rd Supply Group -  3134th Warehouse
Manhattan, KS
@ Chas:  Nov 1955 - June 1958

4-15-03  I was in two different Squadrons, but was adjutant in the 3134th Warehouse Sqdn.  Our son,  Charles L. Elsea, was born at CHAS came across this website.

4-28-07:   Searching:  Al and Jeannie Genter; Bud and Bernie Beadles; Dick and Kay Dolan



7373rd Supply Group -  3134th Warehouse

@ Chas:  10/55 - 4/59
Eagle Grove, IA

11-29-07   I was at the air base from Oct. 1955 to Apr. 1959.  The command was CAMA when I first arrived.  Later it was changed to AMFEA and  CAMAE.    Also I seen the name Kay Cox in the school website.  I believe her dad was my officer in charge. His first name was Raymond. The first several months we worked out of a building just up the street from the Frogpond.  It was called Renovex.

1-20-08    We were a medical material Sqdn. first. Later we were split up, office personel to 3134th stock control Sqdn. , warehouse personnel to the 3134th warehouse Sqdn. of the 3130th Air Base Group.  We shut down in 1958. I stayed on and was bus guard from Sept. of 58 to April of 59.  

HINES, Robert R. 
7373rd Supply Group -  3134th Warehouse
1992nd AACS
Burkburnett, TX
@ Chas:  1953-1957 & 1960-1963

4-15-03  My daughter Ginette attended school at Chad.  I am searching for anyone who was in HEDRON 3134th Supply Group, (53-57), or the 1992 Comm Sqdn (59-63) I would like to hear from anyone who was there during those years.

LONG, Richard - Unlocated

Friend of Ed Conroy







MILES, Noal - Unlocated

Friend of Ed Conroy







RAY, Loie E. 
@ Chas:  1955-1957
7373rd Supply Group
Conowingo, Maryland

02/24/2003 Worked in Bldg. 356 with Sgt. William Pack. Played in a country Band at the Airmans, NCO, Service Club and Officers club as well as some of the clubs and bars downtown, Chas. My C.O that I remember was Capt. Roy Green. Served under another officer by last name of Hoyle. He was a Major and may have been base commander.[jpnote:  Major Basil L. Hoyl was Commander, 3134th Stock CONRON]

REESE, Ronald - Unlocated 

Ed Conroy's friend







7373rd Supply Group
@ Chas:  1955- June 1957
Riverside, CA

12-10-07  Searching for:  pictures and civilians (french) that I worked with; also any pictures of Chas and gi's.  Thank you for making it possible to remain in contact with the past.

I do  have  a few  pictures.    Emilio Garibay; Carlos  Avarez; Roland DeMarque; Pete Sierra; Pedro Alvarado.  I  worked  with  some  french  civilians.

Francisco Zuniga;

Ray Rosales & Guadalupe Baldez

Martinez; Paul Elko; Rosales






Paul K. Heath; Pedro Cruz Abello; Miguel Melendrez;  and  Andres A. Arcaute;  Claude; Robert; Grange in the  warehouse, I had  many occasions  when  i  had  to go  to  356.  My  sergeant was  T/Sgt Hilkovitch.  I  left  in June 1957. 

My email address  is the  name  of  my  cousin (Calistro Rosales) 82nd Airborne, 507 PIR Pathfinder, who died  at  Sainte-Mère-Église  after parachuting on D-day.  He  lasted  20  days  in  combat.  The following link is very interesting to read.




5-12-09  Guestbook Entry:  Hello I'm looking for any info about Raymond Rosales, I'm his Cousins, Nephew. My Uncle was in 507th P.I.R.of the 82nd Airborne mentioned in the site. If anyone could pass my email address to him it would be appreciated.  [jpnote:  I emailed both]





6-7-09  Guestbook hello.

ROSS, Andrew F. 
7373rd Warehouse
@ Chas:  8-16-52 to-8-16-55
Glendale, AZ

1-31-09  I am looking for any of my buddies who were there with me from those dates. Our first sgt. was Jesse E. Tatro, and our CO was Maj. Melvin E. Smith. He always carried a walking cane. we also had another 1st Sgt - his name was Bigley. The mess hall was right out our front door, and the NCO club was right near it, and where the px was they had asnack bar and a barbar shop and a English clothing store up stairs. The sgt in charge of the nco club was S/Sgt Joe Melvin from NY.   My daughter was Born at Chas.   If anyone knew the lady who used to work at the English clothing store, her name was Lucy.  I wish i could have done my whole tour there. I loved the base, the people, and I had a lot of respect for the guys and frenchmen I worked with. If anyone wants to email me, please do. Thank you and Vaya con Dios.

Andrew's Family

 THOMAS, Eldon L. 
7373rd Supply Group
@ Chas:  1955-1957
Salem, MO

I worked in BLDG 356. Inventory Control. played in a Country Band at the Airmans Club, NCO, & Service Club, Officers Club, American Red Cross,and several bars and clubs downtown

VANCE, Ben  
7373rd Supply Group
@ Chas:  1953-1956
Oceanside, CA

VONKENSECK, Horst - Unlocated

  Jerry Whitehead's friend







WARNOCK, William Reverend 
3134th Stock Control
@ Chas:  1955-58

  [Bio notes:  The Rev William and Mrs. Grace Warnock
Director of
Missions and Director of Christian Education

A native of Alabama, Rev. Warnock received a B.A. in Religion: Greek Philosophy from Emory and Henry College, Emory, Virginia, a. B.D. in New Testament from the University of Glasgow, Scotland and a Master of Divinity in Pastoral Theology and Missions from Asbury Theological Seminary, Wilmore, Kentucky. He is married to Grace Elisabeth, and they are the parents of four children: Lissa, Anne, Bill, Jr., and Virginia and the grandparents of David, Christopher, Renee, Benjamin and John.]

2004:  Grace and I went back to visit Châteauroux and La Martinerie in 1997 during the year of our 40th wedding anniversary while we were living in Russia and Lithuania. We did have a tour of the base courtesy of a very sharp and polite young French soldier.  They would not let us in the Chapel where we were married, but we were able to go across to the other side and see my former office that we affectionately called the "Little Pentagon."
[jpnote:  Rev. Warnock was a roommate of Ed Conroy]

William and Grace were married at the Base Chapel on November 21, 1957.

WHITEHEAD, Jerry C. - 
@ Chas:  1955-1958
7373rd Supply Group - 3134th Stock Control
Eagle Lake, FL

9-02:  I completed basic training at Lackland AFB in the summer of 1954, tech school at Cheyenne AFB and went by troopship to Germany where I was temporary assigned In Weisbaden. Shortly thereafter, I was transferred to Châteauroux at La Martinerie arriving there in February of 1955. We were housed in tents in a very muddy field until renovation of housing was complete. When it rained (and sometimes for days), whole pallets of equipment and supplies would sink below the mud and disappear. After about 3 months we were moved into what is now the headquarters building. My memories of life at Châteauroux consists of making lots of friends, drinking with my buddies( Yes, the Chicken Coop also!),
The American Red Cross downtown (I organized a combo band and played there often as well for the dependents on base and the french version of the American Legion.) I was a regular at Joe from Maine and sadly was tossed out on my ear on several occasions. I spent a lot of my time at the snack bar on base and taking weekend trips to Paris on the train. I later met and married a danish girl and my son was
Born at Chas. I would love to hear from anyone from that time period and especially that young lady (dependent) that sang for our band ("The Drifters".)


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