Photo Album

BOKAS, David D. 
7373rd Supply Group / 3134th Stock Control
@ Chas:  9/55 -9/58
Southfield, MI

Châteauroux Air Station
 Châteauroux, France

CHAS Home          7373rd  - 3134th  

10-5-05  Dave and his wife, Joanne, celebrated the wedding of their daughter, Jessica and her new husband Cameron Hayes on October 1, 2005 in Louisville, KY. Son John officiated at the ceremony, son Danny composed and sang the "bride dances with groom" song....sons John, Gary, Danny and Bill sang "Pretty Little Brown Eyed Girl" to their sister.

11-06-06 - One of Dave's Handsome Sons

7-26-07  Family Reunion Picnic

Dave with Mary Kay's husband (standing)

Dave with brother George - Dave's comments:  "82 in December
and much better shape than me."

Surviving  family (Ted, Ralph and Irene in spirit) oldest to youngest - George; Charlotte; Gerald; Mark;  Mary Kay; Dave; and Diane

[jpnote:  Despite the fact that Dave has appeared in many stage and film productions, he is apparently a very modest man.  I had to search for the following information.  Congratulations! Dave for being able to do what gave you pleasure in your life.]

 1983 Tiger Town       Family TV, 96 Minutes 
Director: Alan Shapiro  
Starring: Roy Scheider, Justin Henry, Ron McLarty, Bethany Carpenter, Lindsay Barr, Dave Bokas, Chris Bremer, Mary Louise Wilson, Jack Fish, Noah Moazezi

 Over-the-hill Detroit Tiger player Billy Young (Roy Scheider) is in a batting slump, and it appears that he may finish his career without being in a World Series. But along comes 12-year-old Alex (Justin Henry) who attends the games and "wills" Billy to get a hit. It works, but will Alex be on hand for the pennant-deciding game? Disney.


February 2007

"Dave is reprising his role from the first production of Malice Aforethought: The Sweet Trials. He was also in The Theatre Company's production of Kismet, Wayne State University's production of California Suite, and JET's production of Man in the Glass Booth. He has appeared in several major motion pictures over the past thirty years. A member of SAG and AFTRA, he also does industrials films and voiceovers."  from


Selections from Detroit Wilde Awards 2007 -

David Bokas, 'Malice Aforethought: The Sweet Trials' - UDM Theatre Company