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31st, 7th & 18th Weather Sqdn

Châteauroux Air Station
Châteauroux, France

Photos from Larry Weismiller


Major Charles R.  Dunn

Patrick P. Murphy

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"By this time, we were at Emergency Fuel; with only enough fuel for two passes........"

The above quote comes from a G.I. Memory of a Colonel pilot flying into Chateauroux on 15 October 1957.  He is telling the story of a young Weather Sqdn airman who guided him and his crew to safety through heavy fog - He calls him a Chas Hero!  I wonder who this hero is today.  If you have a clue or if you heard about this story back in the day, please write me. You can read this memory at:  GI Memories - Colonel Jack L. Keith - Toul AB


BARRIX, Gerald L.  T/Sgt.    (daughter Linda's email)
@ Chas:  Aug 1963 to Feb 1965
31st Weather Sqdn

Decatur, AL

02/21/2003 Retired MSgt. Stationed at Châteauroux for 2 years, at Phalsburg before that. Was married, had 2 children. Lived in Touvent. Would love to hear from anyone that might remember me.  

BERTEAU, Larry      
@ CHAS 1964-66
31st Weather Sqdn
Astoria, OR

5-8-07  Signed the guestbook 

CHAMPLIN, Robert "Bob"   
@ CHAS 0ct 63-0ct 66
31st Weather Sqdn
Springfield, MO

8-27-07  [jpnote:  Bob is sending some photos!] 

10-16-08  See   Bob Champlin's Photo Album

COMITO, Mike  
31st Weather Sqdn  - Det 13
West End, NC

2-3-09  Guestbook Entry:  Stationed at Etain- January 1957- Sep 1959. Saran Army Airfield (Orleans)- Sep 1959-Mar 1960.

Where is Major Charles R.  Dunn - 31st Weather Sqdn - Chateauroux, France?  See newspaper article posted below on Patrick Murphy's entry.

6-22-08  JP emailed someone who might be related, but received no reply as of 2-4-09.

FORSTER, Allan      
@ CHAS 1964-67
31st Weather Sqdn
Mountain View, CA

5-5-07  Jenelle,  you have a great website . . . we had no idea.  We are a group of Air Weather Service people (about 15-20 of us) that keep in touch with each other.    Many of us were at that big reunion in 1998, hosted/sponsored by the City of Déols, the Chamber of Commerce, and the Indre Department government.  It was quite an event; over 500 people.  I'm overdue for my next trip to France, I try to go every couple of years.  I spend time in Châteauroux each visit and love the Hotel Elysee.  I have a friend in Châteauroux and we talk on the phone frequently; it was she that told me about your reunion and website.

FRY, Donald K. - Email not available
@ CHAS 1962-64

31st Weather Sqdn
Mesa, AZ & Plankinton, SD

1-19-2003 - Attended 1998 Chateauroux Reunion at Chateauroux

HALE, Gary E. 
@ CHAS 1960-64
31st Weather Sqdn
Waveland, MS

5-26-08 Guestbook - No Comment

LEWIS, Spencer A.    
 Info says 7th Weather

5-5-07 Signed the guestbook

MURPHY, T/Sgt Patrick P. (Located, but unavailable)
@ CHAS 196

31st Weather Sqdn Outstanding NCO

T/Sgt Patrick P. Murphy (Rt) receiving the award from Maj. Charles R. Dunn


CHAD Student, Philippe LeBourveau shared this article from the "Blade"









NABORS, Charles R. 
Det 22, 31st Weather Sqdndn
@ Chas:  Jul 1959 to May 1962
Crestview, FL

12-23-08    I worked at the base weather station located in Base Ops and the weather tower at the end of the runway ..Primary job was observing weather and plotting maps.  Searching:  Anyone that was there during the above dates.

ONDER, Mike 
7th Weather Sqdn
Burke, VA

5-5-07    We attended the reunion 19-20 September 1998 .
9-25-07 I think this site is wonderful and applaud your enthusiasm and energy to keep it up

PEACH, Bob   
31st Weather Sqdn

@ Chas:  63-64

 SACCONE,  Colonel (Ret.) Joseph D.  (1929-2004) 

 See Chas Memoriam

WALSH, John "Jack"
18th Weather Sqdn
- Det 59
@ Chas:  56-59
Alken, SC - originally from Brooklyn, NY

3-30-04:  Thanks for your email. I was at CHAD from Sep 56 to Sep 59. I worked at Déols in Weather.  Didn't have much to do with the dependents or civilian employees. Good luck with your website - Jack Walsh 

2-27-05  Dear Jenelle:  [from the message board on classmates]

I just recently checked out the Châteauroux site again.  I was stationed at Châteauroux from Sep 56 to Oct 59.  I was in the Weather Detachment which worked at Déols.  I have great memories of my time in France. I have been back to Châteauroux several times, and ironically, everything seems the same. The Weather Office at Déols is exactly in the same place.  The town has seen a rebirth. The Faisan hotel opposite the train station has gone down dramatically.

4-13-09  Searching for : Anyone in Weather at that time. Also, some of the firemen who shared barracks with us. Also Michel Rivardoux (spelling) who worked at PX. Madeliene (Mado) who worked at PX.  Loved CHAS and my time in France. I was back several times. Did not know of 1998 event - would lhave loved to be there. My last time there was in 2003. Joe from Maine's place, Hotel du Faisan,Le Tivoli and Parc Heidien (spalling). We were a tenant unit worked at Base Ops in Deols. Great transit mess at Deols.

@ Chas:  62-65
31st Weather Sqdn
Detroit, MI 

10/16/2000    I was stationed at CHAS from Jan 1962 to Jan 1965. I was assigned to the base weather Sqdn as a weather observer.  I have some pictures that I will scan and send later. 




[jpnote:  Larry sent some nice photos of the  Base and  Downtown.]


5-24-07  Larry sent more photos which are posted on the Lac Chambon page and  on this page at the top .

8-4-07 [jpnote:  Copied this from another website]  We live in Middleburg, Florida. I operated five  Community Employment Centers in Anderson and Burney. My wife Peggy (Hubbard) Weismiller teaches senior English at Red Bluff High School. We have two kids and two grandchildren. Update - We both retired in 2001 - it's great.. having time now to do all the things we have always wanted to do. I do a lot of fishing and woodworking, We both enjoy gardening and traveling.


WOODZICK, Tom     
@ Chas:  64-67
31st Weather Sqdn
Hazlehurst, WI

5-15-07  Tom will send some more photos - and he's identifying the guys in the photo above. 

2-4-09 [jpnote:  Guess Tom forgot about the names. 

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