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44th Statistical Services

Châteauroux Air Station
 Châteauroux, France

Hat photo from Ike Hunt

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Chas Memoriam



John Johnsen and George Fujimoto

Jim Jacobs

Prosper Zerie

 Frank Henderson

 Leroy L Lewis

Al Rugani

 George Jackson


BOTOROFF, Lester    
44th Stat Services Sqdn







DOUGHERTY, Paul D., Sr  - 44th Stat Services Sqdn.  
@ Chas: May 1955-Nov 56
Athens, AL

2-17-09 Searching:  Frank Henderson,Prosper Zeri(e)Leroy L Lewis. I wirked in BLDG 256 Data Processing; I was 17 in france, got reaaaigned to Hq SAMA for 7 months in 57.

8-11-09  New GB Entry - chg of email - changed him to 44th stat services -Lots of good times.  Transferred to the Army in 1967, retired CW3.

HUNT, Isaac "Ike" D. - 44th Stat Services Sqdn.  
@ Chas: 1952-1955
Springfield, IL

5-21-06  Searching:  Anybody stationed at Châteauroux with this group. 
[jpnote:  Isaac sent many photos of the 44th Stat Services Sqdn reunion these past few years. He also told me that Richard "Smitty" Smith had passed away in April 2004.]

Friends of Ike

[2-17-07 jpnote:  I emld Isaac for an update on all these missing guys from this Sqdn which have attended reunions in the past and any news of a 2006 reunion and perhaps some photos.]

8-10-09  Searching old friends Al Rugani, George Jackson




L-Harold Weinbender & Ike Hunt at the 2005 Reunion






JACKSON, George L. -  44th Stat Services Sqdn. @ 1-13-07 - No email available

George also served with the 7322nd  Air Base Wing 

Mary Jo & George Jackson at the 2005 Reunion







MAKANT, Kenneth (Ken) - 44th Stat Services Sqdn.  
@ Chas: 1957-1958
Ellijay, GA 

12/23/2002 John Johnsen and George Feugimotto [Fujimoto?] (spelling might be wrong) were my roommates we were housed in the barracks that was started in WW1 and completed after WW2. John is from St. Cloud, MN and George is from Hawaii. I would like to hear from them.

OLMSTEAD, Richard T.  - See Chas Memoriam
44th Stat Services Sqdn



44th Stat Services Sqdn

Photo Left:  Al (with the hood) and unknown buddy

Photo Below:  Jim Jacobs, left and Al on the right



SMITH, Richard " Smitty" - 44th Stat Services Sqdn Chas Memoriam
@ Chas: 1951-1955
Roswell, GA


TANNER, Verne  - 44th Statistical Services    
@ Chas:  1952-55
Osage, IA

05-14-06  Searching:  Jim Rusk who  served during the same time as I did -
[jpnote:  I have info that Jim is deceased - 2004}

Verne & his wife, Donna, at the 2005 Reunion








44th Stat Services Sqdn
@ Chas:  1952-55
5-18-06  - Signed In

TOMASI, Silla  
44th Stat Services Sqdn

44TH Statistical Service Sqdn - Reunions

Reunion - September 8-10, 2000 - Erlanger, KY

Lester Bottorff - Jeffersonville, IN
Isaac Hunt - Springfield, IL
Jim "Jake" Jacobs - Germantown, TN
Ernest Jeanmard - Gulf Shore, AL
Richard Laskey - Canton, OH
George Pawlak - Beaver Dam, WI
William "Jeek" Remblake - Chicago, IL
Al Rugani - Staten Island, NY
Silla Gigi Tomasi - Utica, MI
Harold Weinbender - Bella Vista, AR
Leo "Red" Weska - Niles, IL


Reunion - September 6-8, 2002 - Erlanger, KY

LR Standing: Houston Rogers - Duane Thorsheim - George Jackson -Silla Tomasi - ID Hunt - Lester Bottroff - Dick Olmstead - Al Rugani.
Seated in Front: Richard Smith*

"What a feeling to see guys for the first time in 50 Years. I saw 19-20-year-old guys going on 70. True friendship never leaves you. It is hard to describe the comradeship."
[Richard Smith]


Reunion - September 5-7, 2003 - Erlanger, KY

Lester Bottorff - Jeffersonville, IN
Isaac Hunt - Springfield, IL
George Jackson & wife, Mary Jo
Richard Laskey - Canton, OH
Houston Rogers - Trotwood, OH
Al Ragani - Staten Island, NY
Verne Tanner - Osage, IA
Silla  Gigi Tomasi - Utica, MI




Reunion - September 9-11, 2005 - Nashville, TN

Lester Bottorff - Jeffersonville, IN
Isaac Hunt - Springfield, IL
George Jackson
Jim &"Jake" Jacobs - Germantown, TN
Houston Rogers - Trotwood, OH
Al Ragani - Staten Island, NY
Verne Tanner - Osage, IA
Harold Weinbender - Bella Vista, AR




Richard Smith (R.I.P.)  & Isaac Hunt sent most of the photos on this page.



Douglas Brekke (6-00)
Wendell Cormey
William Counts
Ronald Huelin
Ernest Jeanmard (5-13-01)
Tom " The Bomb" Neafsey
Richard T. Olmstead (6-7--3)
Joe Potter
Richard Smith (4-04)
Sam Winthrow

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