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583rd USAFE Band

Châteauroux Air Station
 Châteauroux, France



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BROWN, Richard G.  583rd USAF Band Sqdn 
@ Chas: 1956

09/29/2002: Hi fellow vets of La Martinerie! What a pleasure to find this site! I moved to Headquarters SHAPE but I miss the people and the area of Châteauroux. They were so nice to me in the surrounding Grape farm areas. I learned how to make good wine when I lived there and the Farmers were so friendly. I'll always remember Châteauroux. Some of you may have heard us play there on Base. I have pic's from that era that I can share. We had a small Combo that played at the Camacabana there on base. We played American Bluegrass. Get in touch and we will hash over old times.

1-5-09  Guestbook hello.  Searching:   Members of my outfit... Others whom are interested.  [J'aime La France!]


EAKINS, Sam   583rd USAF Band Sqdn  (email unknown)
@ Chas:  Dec 56-Nov 58

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