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7120th Airborne Command &

Control Sqdn (ACCS)

Châteauroux Air Station
 Châteauroux, France



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Bob Heiges


@ Chas:  64-66
7120th Airborne Command & Control Sqdn (ACCS)
Cape Fair, MO

4-2-09  I flew C-118's then took over Flight Service flying C-47 & C-54. A friend of Joe-from-Maine and Pierre Valiex.  Daughter born there in 1965 (no info for Born at Chas page of website.

Searching:  Bob Heiges

@ Chas:  62-66
7120th Airborne Command & Control Sqdn (ACCS)
Prairieville, LA
4-11-06 [jpnote:  Reconnected John Johnson, Mike Harvey  & Jim. ]

@ Chas:  Sep 1961 -Sep 1965
7120th Airborne Command & Control Sqdn (ACCS)
Colorado Springs, CO

Pat Bordes, (Chas Marriages) a teacher at the elementary school. Lived in Balsan Park 1963-65 whereupon we transferred to Richards-Gebaur AFB Mo. "Shattered-Rocks" was a great assignment!


RICHARDSON, Jim  - [jpnote:  Jim doesn't have a computer.]
7120th Airborne Command & Control Sqdn (ACCS)
Lakeland, FL

4-11-06 [jpnote:  Reconnected John Johnson (listed above) , Mike Harvey  & Jim.]


WOOD, Lee C.
@ Chas:  Sep 1964-66
7120th Airborne Command & Control Sqdn (ACCS)
Georgetown, SC

9-28-09  Info from dependent son - My Father Lee C. Wood Sr was stationed in France and in England he was there during the Silk Purse. Just looking for anyone who he might be able to get in contact with from his squadron. He is looking for a orange flight hat he said he use to wear.


[jpnote:  This excerpt from http://www.mildenhall.af.mil/library/factsheets/factsheet.asp?id=3847"In late 1965, Mildenhall welcomed the arrival of the Silk Purse Control Group and the 7120th Airborne Command and Control Sqdn (7120th ACCS), previously stationed at Châteauroux Air Station, France. Upon its arrival at Mildenhall, the 7120 ACCS converted from C-118s to EC-135s. On 8 June 1966, the base received yet another unit, the 513th Troop Carrier Wing (513 TCW), which relocated from Evreaux-Fauville Air Base, France. With its activation on Mildenhall, the 513 TCW assumed operational control of two Military Airlift Command rotational C-130 Squadrons and the 7120 ACCS. Two years after its arrival, the Air Force redesignated the 513 TCW the 513th Tactical Airlift Wing (513 TAW) with no change in its mission."

Crew members:  Capt. Tadeuss (Thadeus?) S. Gorcryea; Capt. Weldon Y. Hudson; 1st Lt. Gene Knight; T/Sgt. Dennis Martina; S/Sgt. Charles L. Skipper; S/Sgt James C. McDonald; A/1C Winfred Stanley




[jpnote:  4-19-08  Eric Archer has researched and contributed the following information about the Silk Purse activity associated with Chateauroux's 7120th ACCS.  Eric was not a g.i. stationed at Chateauroux.  He is a military buff and collector of guns and air force memorabilia.  He corresponds with me on occasion and I am grateful for his contributions to our military history at Chateauroux.  Thank you very much, Eric.  ] 

Follow the link below to a web article offering information on the KW-7 Orestes cryptographic unit used in the Silk Purse Control Group EC-118A aircraft operated by the 7120th Airborne Command & Control Sqdn from Chateauroux. The same type of equipment was used later in the EC-135 aircraft operated by the 7120th ACCS from RAF Mildenhall. http://www.jproc.ca/crypto/kw7.html

Histoire de la machine Myosotis

In this article scroll down to section 3.6 on page 112  to read about cryptographic trials involving French, German, English and American equipment. The paragraph on page 113 beginning "En mars..."  mentions the Silk Purse Control Group. One  12 hour flight is described in the following paragraph.  The aircraft of course was not a DC-7, but an EC-118A derived from the Douglas DC-6 Liftmaster.   


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