7300th Materiel Control Group
(Mutual Defense Assistance Program)

Châteauroux Air Station
 Châteauroux, France

Photo Album


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Bud Hankins; John Goddard; Gene Slutzker; Art Ungier; Otto Wilson; Bob Burton; Carl Rakoski
(Photo above from Bud Hankins)

Below:  Santos Barilla & Arthur Ungier - Photo from Bud Hankins

Click the thumbnail for a larger view of the photos. Left to right  -  Bud Hankins; Austin Merrill, Cincinnati, OH;  Donald  Ekoes, Washington State.  This photo was taken at Captieux Army Ordnance Depot . We had been sent  T.D.Y. to learn the operation of Quartermaster Field Laundry units.   Photo from Al Hannema






Carl (Rakoski?) & Bud Hankins - Photo from Al Hennema






The building in about the center is probably the PX.
Photo from Al Hennema

(Maybe) Art Ungier & Bud Hankins off to the Mess Hall located in the hangar at the end of the road.

Photo from Al Hennema 





Unnamed g.i. buddy, Bud Hankins behind Al Ungier - Photo from Al Hennema







Volleyball Break - Construction behind - Photo from Al Hennema






Below:  The beautiful 4 story barracks we were supposed to move into on arrival  July 1951...from Bud Hankins

Our home to be was the first tent from the orderly room;  the first row of tents not quite across from the latrine - Tent 8A. We promptly named our new quarters Chateau -de Canvas . It was about 15 months before the last of the 7300 Mat. Sqdn. moved to their elegant new home.



Carl Rakoski & John Rudosky - Creating a gravel walkway from barracks to supply tents.

Photo from Bud Hankins


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