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Photo from Richard Farrow





"Fat Frank"

"Big Jake"

 "Little Jake"

Smoot, Fuzz Smith, Tommy "T" Byrd, Skip Conception, Carolton R. Thomas lll, Douglas W. Dean, M/sgt Lewis, T/sgt Wolf, Pugliese, M/Sgt's Shoults & Colgrove (Pappy) Billy C. Austin (Lil Will) ? Paz, George Nash, S/Sgt. Darrows, Randall E. Shephard, T/sgt Wayne Viets , his wife & daughter, Joyce & Yvette [*Yvette has been located], & Romereo Riverez; M/Sgt. E.E. Holt & Terrisa & their 7 kids & Maj. William E Sullivan, & his wife Jeannie & their kids, Clark V., Mark, Billy, Cecilia, & Mary, & Charles Wayne Sullivan

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On 01OCT1964, the 7322 Consolidated Aircraft Maintenance Sqdn (7322 CAMS) was activated.  7322nd CAMS was derived from all of the aircraft maintenance functions formerly assigned to the 7322nd Material Sqdn. We moved from one of the old, three story barracks near the Enlisted Dining facility, to Barracks #107,  near the Base Gym and to the rear of the Airman's Club.  [info from Tom Fischer] 

BACK, Dave  - Unlocated
7322nd Materiel Sqdn (Transient Alert)

@ Chas: 1963-65

Buddy of Ralph "T-Bird" Tompkins who provided the photos

See T-Bird's Page for more photos)  
Dave - F-86 - 1963









BEDNAR, Ron    [What is your email address, Ron?]

 @ Chas: 1962-1964

7322nd Materiel Sqdn (Transient Alert)

New Jersey


10/8/2004     I worked in Transient Alert from 1962-1964. My PAFSC was 43151C. Names I remember are, Ralph Tompkins, Leland Bundy, Robert Roe, Chris Boyle, Jim Ledbetter, Mike Bush, Smooch, Sergeants Hoyt or Hyatt, Spurrier, Breedlove, Jack Lavespere, and Ralph Flowers? The civilians that worked with us were Mr. Pages. Bertrand and Lecour. My roommate's first name was Dave; he worked in POL. I remember parking an F-104 on the "T." The general, piloting the aircraft gave us a nice departure, straight up.


Ron's Souvenirs & Memories



Does anyone remember the slot machines in the bowling alley/snack bar?  Jackie and Yvette who worked at the Frog Pond?  How heavy the chocks were that we used on the transports?  Who doesn't remember Radio Luxembourg and Radio Caroline the pirate broadcast station?

 A/2C John Doyle on the right.  Merci, Herve' for sending this clipping.


My most memorable event was the news of John Fitzgerald Kennedy's assassination; I was in the OD’s office when I heard the radio announcement of his death on November 22, 1963.











One of the highlights of my tour of duty in France was TDY in Paris; ground support for the 1963 International Air Show at Le Bourget.  Another airman and I signed out two pickup trucks from Motor Pool, a book of gas ration coupons and away we went, as I remember approximately 150 miles to Paris. Imagine; being at the airport Charles Lindbergh landed at. What an adventure it was, especially driving around the Arc De Triumph. We were billeted at the Hotel Littre. I was impressed with the METRO and the air show was fantastic; the Air Force Thunderbirds were flying the F-100D at the time. I saw a lot of firsts, the Rocket Belt and the crash of a VTOL aircraft; no injury but the craft was totaled and is now on display in a museum. I also remember going TDY to Bitburg AFB Germany with Chris Boyle to learn how to service F-105’s as they often visited Châteauroux. We had taken the wrong train and were on our way to Frankfurt. I also had some nice R&R in Torrejon, Spain having signed on as a crew member on a base C-47.


I was transferred to the 81st TFW, 81st OMS RAF Base Bentwaters/Woodbridge England where I performed duties as a crew chief on the F-101C; I had TDY in Wheelus AFB Libya where our aircraft went for bombing and gunnery practice. I completed my tour of active duty in England before returning to McGuire AFB for separation. By coincidence, Mike Bush was discharged on the same day, July 14,1965. Mike and I hooked up at McGuire and he stayed with me at my parents’ home in New Jersey until we completed separation at which time he returned home to Minnesota.


7322 Consolidated Aircraft Maintenance Sqdn (CAMS)
Grand Rapids, MI

2-27-09  I worked in the Jet Engine Shop. We were transferred from Ramstein AFB, Germany specifically to work on engines for the T39 executive jets in Europe. Had a great time both in Germany and France.

BLEDSOE, Phillip  @ Chas:  1956-59 & 1963-64
Materiel Sqdn
Bandera, TX

See Blade article shown below on this page.

Phil and his wife, Nola, returned from a visit to France the day before they attended the San Antonio Dinner Get-together - Nov 2004


Phil's wife (smiling at camera) was sitting on the side of the table (outdoors at the Bar-b-que place) when the bench collapsed.  Thank goodness, no one was hurt.  That's Phil across from her in the blue shirt.

Gerry Busald (Chad Student) sent these photos.











7322nd Materiel Sqdn

BUNDY, Leland    
@ Chas:  1962-64

7322nd Materiel Sqdn (Transient Alert)

Pittsburgh, PA

These photos are from Ralph "T-Bird" Tompkins' personal photos.

Below:  Ralph  "T-Bird "Tompkins (sweater) and Leland Bundy at the restaurant next to Hotel Littre in Paris - 1964

CALHOUN,  A/1C  Richard
7322nd Materiel Sqdn
@ Chas:  1965 - 1966 
Pensacola, FL 

01/11/2003  I was assigned to the vehicle maintenance dept. of the 7322 Materiel Sqdn. Aug.20, 1965-Dec. 31,1966.  Enjoyed my tour in Châteauroux and the many weekend visits to Paris.

7322 Consolidated Aircraft Maintenance Sqdn (CAMS)
Dumfries, VA

03/04/2001   I shall return!

Grandson, Nicholas - 2002

Below:  Ben and wife, Fran Aulich-Chavez (Chad Student) - Photo-2004

Go Redskins!








7322nd Materiel Sqdn   (Finance)  
@ Chas:  9/65-3/67
Monsey,  NY

03/03/2001  Was at CHAS Sept 1965-Mar 1967...one of the last out.  Worked in Finance Office for Sgt. Briscoe who coached the  famous football team.  Lots of hours at Joe from Maine & any other place that had beer.  love to hear from anyone ....great memories

EDWARDS, S/Sgt  John E. Edwards also known as Jack Edwards
@ Chas:  1965
7322nd CAMS
Morrisonville, NY

11-30-08  Guestbook entry from son T. Mousseau/Edwards    My father has since passed in 1979.  Every year I dedicate a memorial Christmas tree with pictures. One picture kept falling off the tree; a very old one and on the back info regarding his Sqdn! Please feel free to email me of memories of this wonderful man.

FARROW, Richard 
@ Chas:  April 62-June 64
7322nd CAMS
New Bern, NC

3-22-06  What a wonderful site;  brings out some fond memories.  I would like to add some photos and history later.  Anybody knew the BLUE BAR and CHICKEN COOP and Kerry (French girl)

11-12-07 hi all was reviewing the site and wondered where Belle Isle is was there for several years 63/64  7322 camron Sqdn working on the silk purse planes. dated the blonde at the hospital front desk, and married her in 67 did the Chicken COOP and was there at the time JFK was shot.

@ Chas:  1963-1965
7322nd CAMS
Crofton, MD

07/23/2003  Thanks for sharing the photos and vets comments ... brought back fond memories.  I worked in the Jet Engine Shop 1963-65. Recall many good people from that group - dedicated; professional. Good times and camaraderie at local haunts (Jimmy's Bar, Crossroads, Frogpond, et al) and the Airman's Club. Anyone from that era remember club regulars, e.g., "Spud", jovial farmer from the deep South who would always yell "Suuuuuie" after a little too much to drink ... "Fat Frank", from Base Flight, whose cheerfulness and generosity was as big as he was ... "Big Jake" (MATS Cargo Traffic Mgmt) and "Little Jake" (Base Pest Control Exterminator), both great companions ... Would enjoy hearing from former colleagues.

PARKER, P. J. (Jerry) 
7322nd CAMS 

@ Chas:  Dec. 61- Dec. 64 
Marietta, GA

10/07/2002    Easily the most memorable 3 years of my life. The Red Cross center downtown & Square dancing. Joe From Maine, The Chicken Coop, & Belle Isle, The Frog Pond. Lake Chambon. I was an A/2C & an aircraft mechanic on the C-118 Flying command posts, called Operation Silk Purse. We kept a command post in the air 24 hrs. a day. I had a baby blue 1962 Ford Falcon & a 61 Triumph T-110 motorcycle. I remember names of a few guys I knew, et al, Smoot, Fuzz Smith, Tommy "T" Byrd, Skip Conception, Carolton R. Thomas lll, Douglas W. Dean, M/sgt Lewis, T/sgt Wolf, Pugliese, M/Ssgt's Shoults & Colgrove (Pappy) Billy C. Austin (Lil Will) ? Paz, George Nash, S/sgt. Darrows, Randall E. Shephard, T/sgt Wayne Viets , his wife & daughter, Joyce & Yvette, & Romereo Riverez.  If you knew me or any of the people who were stationed there from Dec 1961-Dec.1964 Please get in contact with me so we can talk over old days. I musn't forget M/sgt. E.E. Holt & Terrisa & their 7 kids & Maj. William E Sullivan, & his wife Jeannie & their kids, Clark V., Mark, Billy, Cecilia, & Mary, & Charles Wayne Sullivan. This is a long shot I know but as the old saying goes, "Nothing ventured, Nothing Gained".  Someone,- Somewhere.

See G.I. Memories - Jerry "PJ" Parker

8-10-09  Don Rantenon, Billy C.(Lil Will) Austin, (Galax Va.) George or Betty Nash, Chuck Darrows, would very much enjoy hearing from anyone who might remember me. E.E.Holt family or Sullivan family.

Sabre Blade Article - April 8, 1966

Chas Intramural Bowling Chmps - 7322nd Materiel Sqdn  

Norman LaFave; Phil Bledsoe; John Corso; Jack Mathis & Harold Killen - Photo by A/1C Al Christiansen

(From the souvenirs of Chad former student  Philippe Bourveau '68)

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