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7322nd Materiel Sq

Châteauroux Air Station
 Deols - Châteauroux, France




Photo from Ron Terrill (3130th HQ Sqdn)




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 Men at Work
Photos from Ralph "T-Bird" Tompkins


BACK, Dave  - Unlocated
7322nd Materiel Sqdn (Transient Alert)
@ Chas: 1963-65

Buddy of Ralph "T-Bird" Tompkins who provided the photos (See T-Bird's Page for more photos)  
Dave - F-86 - 1963

BEDNAR, Ron    [Where is your email address, Ron?]

 @ Chas: 1962-1964

7322nd Materiel Sqdn (Transient Alert)

New Jersey


10/8/2004     I worked in Transient Alert from 1962-1964. My PAFSC was 43151C. Names I remember are, Ralph Tompkins, Leland Bundy, Robert Roe, Chris Boyle, Jim Ledbetter, Mike Bush, Smooch, Sergeants Hoyt or Hyatt, Spurrier, Breedlove, Jack Lavespere, and Ralph Flowers? The civilians that worked with us were Mr. Pages. Bertrand and Lecour. My roommate's first name was Dave; he worked in POL. I remember parking an F-104 on the "T." The general, piloting the aircraft gave us a nice departure, straight up.


Ron's Souvenirs & Memories



Does anyone remember the slot machines in the bowling alley/snack bar?  Jackie and Yvette who worked at the Frog Pond?  How heavy the chocks were that we used on the transports?  Who doesn't remember Radio Luxembourg and Radio Caroline the pirate broadcast station?

 A/2C John Doyle on the right.  Merci, Herve' for sending this clipping.


My most memorable event was the news of John Fitzgerald Kennedy's assassination; I was in the OD’s office when I heard the radio announcement of his death on November 22, 1963.


































One of the highlights of my tour of duty in France was TDY in Paris; ground support for the 1963 International Air Show at Le Bourget.  Another airman and I signed out two pickup trucks from Motor Pool, a book of gas ration coupons and away we went, as I remember approximately 150 miles to Paris. Imagine; being at the airport Charles Lindbergh landed at. What an adventure it was, especially driving around the Arc De Triumph. We were billeted at the Hotel Littre. I was impressed with the METRO and the air show was fantastic; the Air Force Thunderbirds were flying the F-100D at the time. I saw a lot of firsts, the Rocket Belt and the crash of a VTOL aircraft; no injury but the craft was totaled and is now on display in a museum. I also remember going TDY to Bitburg AFB Germany with Chris Boyle to learn how to service F-105’s as they often visited Châteauroux. We had taken the wrong train and were on our way to Frankfurt. I also had some nice R&R in Torrejon, Spain having signed on as a crew member on a base C-47.


I was transferred to the 81st TFW, 81st OMS RAF Base Bentwaters/Woodbridge England where I performed duties as a crew chief on the F-101C; I had TDY in Wheelus AFB Libya where our aircraft went for bombing and gunnery practice. I completed my tour of active duty in England before returning to McGuire AFB for separation. By coincidence, Mike Bush was discharged on the same day, July 14,1965. Mike and I hooked up at McGuire and he stayed with me at my parents’ home in New Jersey until we completed separation at which time he returned home to Minnesota.

BLEDSOE, Phillip  @ Chas:  1956-59 & 1963-64
Materiel Sqdn
Bandera, TX

See Blade article shown below on this page.

Phil and his wife, Nola, returned from a visit to France the day before they attended the San Antonio Dinner Get-together - Nov 2004


Phil's wife (smiling at camera) was sitting on the side of the table (outdoors at the Bar-b-que place) when the bench collapsed.  Thank goodness, no one was hurt.  That's Phil across from her in the blue shirt and justa side note - that's JP's husband, Charles, in the red shirt.

Gerry Busald (Chad Student) sent these photos.

7322nd Materiel Sqdn (Transient Alert)

BUNDY, Leland    
@ Chas:  1962-64
7322nd Materiel Sqdn (Transient Alert)

Pittsburgh, PA

These photos are from Ralph "T-Bird" Tompkins' personal photos.

Below:  Ralph  "T-Bird "Tompkins (sweater) and Leland Bundy at the restaurant next to Hotel Littre in Paris - 1964

CALHOUN,  A/1C Richard
@ Chas:  1965 - 1966 
7322nd Materiel Sqdn 
Pensacola, FL 

01/11/2003  I was assigned to the vehicle maintenance dept. of the 7322 Materiel Sqdn. Aug.20, 1965-Dec. 31,1966.  Enjoyed my tour in Châteauroux and the many weekend visits to Paris.

4-4-09  Chateauroux was the best tour of duty I had while in the USAF. Enjoyed many hamburgers at Joes from Maine bar and grill.

7322nd Materiel Sqdn   (Finance) @ Chas:  9/65-3/67
Monsey,  NY

03/03/2001  Was at CHAS Sept 1965-Mar 1967...one of the last out.  Worked in Finance Office for Sgt. Briscoe who coached the  famous football team.  Lots of hours at Joe from Maine & any other place that had beer.  love to hear from anyone ....great memories

COUNTERMAN, M/Sgt Andrew (wife, Ruth)
1965 - 1966 7233 Materiel Squadron

Children:  Colleen, Donna, Rhonda, Rebeccah, John, Matthew

05-06-07  Info from daughter, Rhonda Huber - brother Matthew Born @ Chas 

3130th Air Materiel (Finance) & 3130th Air Base Wing
Mentone, CA

12-05-04 As a young Airman, I spent a lot of time with the "dependent" group. I married one. Marcellene Gray in 1963. We're still together. [See Chas Marriages]  My two military buddies were Paul Engel and Jerry Maguire. Paul and I coached little league baseball and flag football. Burley and Foxx were members of the sports group. Although I spent time at a number of watering holes, my favorite place was "Pops".

7-17-07  JP,
Trish Burley '61 worked with me for one summer at a small part of the Accounting and Finance Office that was located near the base hospital. Perhaps she remembers some of us. There were a few French civilains that worked there. The lady that ran the section's name was Mrs. Ward. the French personnel were Mr. Roget, Mr. Madray, Mr. Kockelier(sp).

KATZ, Marshall  
08/06/2000  I took a chance putting my info on the Military Connections page on the chance of getting mail from  someone. So, needless to say, I was pleasantly surprised to receive your (Jenelle's) email. Thanks for writing.  Guess our paths crossed as I didn't arrive at Châteauroux until 1965. I was assigned to the 7322d  Matron Sqdn. and worked in BEMO (warehouse functions) although we didn't have a warehouse.   BEMO was located on the La Martinerie administrative side (Déols was the operational side).   I'll send you some scans of interesting items and scenes from around town to add to the website.  Thanks for the Memories!  Best regards,  Marshall Katz CMS, USAF Ret.

 Marshall's Photos

KRAFT, Robert "Bob"  

5-20-08  I  was stationed at Chateauroux 1962-66. I thought it would be neat to find a website for Chateauroux and found yours. I was assigned to the radar shop which, I believe was under the 7322 Materiel Sqdn. ....    I have a friend who was in the base photo lab that I may be able to get some pictures from and send to you.

LAW, Bill - 1963
7322nd Materiel Sqdn (Transient Alert)
(friend of Ralph "T-Bird" Tompkins)

7-13-07  My name is Bill Law, age 71.  I was stationed at CHAS from Jan 62 until Jan 66.  My daughter Teresa was born @ CHAS  August 27, 1964.  My son went to grammar school there also.  I would like to go to the CHAS 2007 Reunion.  Thank you very much and you also have a very nice site.

[jpnote:    Thanks, T-Bird, for the photos.]
Bill & unnamed buddy - in the Barracks.

Bill &  Ralph "T-Bird" Tompkins. 







MARCANTINO, Terrence (Terry) A/1C
7322nd Materiel Sqdn
Jan 64 - March 67


I just met with an Air Force friend (Airman Paul Sullivan) to reminiss about our days at Châteauroux Air Station. Without having my DD214 handy, I was stationed there @January 1964 thru March 1967  with the 7322 Air Material Squadren. I worked in Aircraft Supply NORS (Non-Operational Readiness Support) at La Martine (sp)  with Airman Michael Cobb  and a SSgt Harris (Paul Sullivan, Hugh Steele, Tom Munich, etc.).
After regular duty, I also worked as a dishwasher, waiter then bartender at the on-base Airmans Club with Airman John Denton and Airman Stan Nixon, waiter Andre  among others.
When French Président DeGaule "kicked" NATO out of France, we had to close the entire base down. When I left in mid-March 1967, there less than 50 Air Force personnel left. We used to share a ride (if we could) to go downtown to Joe from Maine's, etc.  because the bus service became very limited.
Just wanted to say "Hi!" to anyone that may have been there during the same timeframe; feel free to share this e-mail.  Be good to hear from someone.


MARTINEZ, Marty - 1927-2003 - Chas memoriam - Unknown Sqdn
Sabre Baseball Team Coach - 1964



PELTOLA, Wallace A. (Not found yet)
7322nd Materiel Sqdn (Transient Alert)
@ CHAS 1965

See Sabre Blade Article 4-8-66 (shown below) about Wallace - "The Whittling Mechanic"

The article is shared by  - Philippe LeBourveau


7322nd Materiel Sqdn (Transient Alert)
Williamsburg, VA

03/09/2001  Comments:  I was stationed Chas (7322nd Material Sqdn). from 1961 to 1963. Was A1C at the time and worked on all of the AC including Silk Purse C-118's

REAVES, Russell
7322nd Materiel Sqdn (Transient Alert)
Buddy of Ralph "T-Bird" Tompkins  - Photo taken 1961 - T-Bird sent  the photo.

ROE, Bob
7322nd Materiel Sqdn (Transient Alert)
@ Chas: 1963-65 (probably)

Bob is a buddy of Ralph "T-Bird" Tompkins.  Thanks, T-Bird for the photo



ROEBER, Robert R.  - 7322nd  Air Materiel  (Finance Office) 
@ Chas:  May 1964 thru Aug 1966
Lannon, WI

10-16-06  Great times at Joe from Maine, Wine shack, Royan, LeMans, Paris, Working with the team at the finance office, Airmans club with the great bands and drink specials, Hi-Fi Latin club in Paris, and best friends a person could ever have, Driving around in my 1965 VW.   I do have pics to share.

ROHR, Bill - 7322 MATS  (silk purse)
@ Chas:  1963-1965
7322nd Materiel Sqdn (Transient Alert)

Burkeville, VA

I lived at 302 Georgia Place in Brassioux for the years listed.


RUSSELL, Charles 
@ Chas:  1962-1966
7322 Materiel Sqdn
San Antonio, Texas

Searching for: Anyone in Aircraft Maintenance C-118 and specifically the electric shop

My best memories was winning the base fast pitch softball championship with Ray Lejuene pitching.


SPUNG, T/Sgt James
@ Chas:  1961-1963
@ Chas:  1965-1966
7322 Materiel Sqdn

2-9-09 Email from daughter, Nathalie,  Born at Chas  Hi, ran across this website looking up something about my Dad. He was in the 7322nd Material Sqdn. His name is James Spung he was a T Sgt. He was stationed there twice Feb. 1961 to July 1963 and again Sept. 1965 to 1966. I was born there in the base hospital in 1961. Just seeing if anyone remembers him. Thank you Nathalie Spung

STARNES, Garland  R.  See Garland's Photo Page
3130th Air Base Group &

7322nd Air Police Sqdn &
7322nd Materiel Control  Sqdn (BEMO)
Mount Olive, NC

7-3-00  I was just surfing and ran across this page and bookmarked it as a favorite. I was stationed @ Chad from 1961 thru 1963. I was assigned to the Air Police Sqdndn. In 1961 for "Operation Silk Purse." Later, I was reclassified & assigned to BEMO in the Supply Sqdndn. At one time, I knew some of the Chad students, but time has erased the memory of their names. I think it is greate that you guys have a forum such as this to stay in touch with each other. This is one of the best such sites I have found. The pics of Joe Gagne bring back memories of a lot of good times in the Ville. Thanks Mike! I would like to hear from any friends of mine "American or French" that may run across this site.


Art & Cathy Dunn with Evelyn & Garland Starnes - taken 9/23/04 in Smithfield, NC.

This was a 41-year reunion.  We had not seen each other in that long. We have have been in contact by email for several years. It was good to hash over old times & to see him & meet his wife Cathy.



  Hello everyone: I was stationed at Châteauroux AS from Feb 1962 thru Sept 1963. I was originally assigned to the 3130th Air Base Group as a part of Operation "SILK PURSE." First assignment at Châteauroux was in the Air Police. I was assigned to the 7322nd Air Police Sqdndn. as air policeman and security guard in July of 1962. I was reclassified Dec 1962 and assigned to the 7322nd Materiel Sqdndn. (Worked in the tool crib) BEMO = Base Equipment Materiel Office as a clerk. I would hope that everyone that visits this site will sign in. Let everyone know if you have a connection to Châteauroux. I would like to hear from you guys and so would the other guys. It makes no difference what outfit you were in. I hope if you have material or pictures that would add value to this site, you will share with the administrator of the site. Let's make this forum a success. (My nickname at Chad was "Horse). To any of our French friends that may come to this site, Welcome!!!!!!!! Everybody sign in and drop me a line. Let's stay in touch. Special thanks to John Doyle. Let us hear from you. 


SULLIVAN, Paul R.   
@ Chas:  64-67
7322nd Materiel Sqdn
Middleboro, MA

10/22/2002 -  Recently had a reunion with two other Chas vets. Terrence Marcantonio and Stanley Nixon.
05/01/2003 - C,mon, lemmee hear from someone. Went back to CHAS in 2000. Place still the same.

12-7-03 Lemme hear from somebody. Went back for a visit in 2000. Joe from Maine still there. A Tex-Mex restaurant, believe it or not.

12-31-06 [jpnote:  Paul is thinking about going to Chas 2007 Reunion but, he was not able to attend.]

12-27-09  Guestbook hello

  TOMPKINS, Ralph E. "T-bird"]  Passed Away - June 5, 2005
 @ Chas:  1962-1965 
7322nd Materiel Sqdn (Transient Alert) From Tennessee 

T-Bird - 1963 - Taken at the Chas Bus Station in one of those photo boxes

08/18/2002  Comments:  bon jur: Im still alive, amazing isn't.  How's big daddy [fat daddy] do you remember? 

[jpnote 6-8-05:  I debated leaving Ralph's opening comment he made when he first found the website.  Obviously, I decided to leave it.  I had phone conversations with T-Bird many times and learned the meaning behind his cursive comment.  T-Bird lived most of his adult life disabled and in pain.  For the most part, so he said, T-Bird enjoyed his tour of duty at Châteauroux and shared many reminders and memories of his buddies and their activities.  Though we never met in person, I felt a kinship with T-Bird especially after meeting his daughter, Lisa, and grandchildren at Gatlinburg, TN a couple of years ago.  T-Bird's photos are scattered throughout the website and for his thoughtfulness his memory will be kept alive.  T-Bird, you are missed.]

[jpnote:  Ralph & I talked a few times on the phone.  He was very proud of his daughter, Lisa, and her children, Todd & Nicole.  This photo was taken when a few Chad friends met in Gatlinburg, TN.  Lisa works a few miles up the road in Sieverville.  Ralph couldn't come to the gathering; he was up north on the east coast at the time.]

jpnote:  I just noticed the resemblence between T-Bird and his grandson!





T-Bird's Photos

T-Bird at Déols beside a C-130 & an F86 - 1963

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