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7373rd Air Depot Wing

Châteauroux Air Station
 Châteauroux, France










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@ Chas:  195
7373rd Air Depot Wing
Dunbar, WV

7-3-09  Searching:  Jack Welborn, Ed Brezinski, and "Murry, the guy from Dublin", Lt C. B. Williams

Like to hear from any air freight guys who flew C47's/C-119's, or any one that I may have ridden motorcycles with - I kept Triumphs


ATKINS, Lt. Col E. Richard, USAF (Ret) 
@ Chas:  1952-53
7373rd Air Depot Wing
Arlington, TX

1-20-04 Comments:  A cold, wet, muddy mess during my stay at La Martinerie.  Had a single road down the middle of the base was made up of large stones.  All the rest was mud.  We had a commanding General (Hicks) who did not allow coffee pots in the offices.  Px was a 40 foot trailer.  Theatre was a tin shed with a tarp top as was the officers' club.  Stone barracks were bombed out shells.  Only one intact hangar.  Remember the mess hall was a hangar with no roof.  Had tarps lashed together for cover.

Officers were allowed to stay at the St. Catherine Hotel for one week and then we had to find a place to live in town.  Wonder if the ST C is still standing???  I was mercifully transferred to command the project Roller/Seawood Fox operation in Metz.  It was another administrative mess, but had great fun bringing order there.

[jpnote:  Sallie Wren (Chad Class of '52) provided the photo of old Sainte Catherine from 1951-54. There is no Sainte Catherine Hotel now in Chateauroux, but there is one located in Bordeaux.]

10-29-05  Guys I am still in touch with are:  Col Robert Grady - Colorado Springs, CO; Lt Roy Miles - Nashville, TN; Lt. Jack Higgins - St. Louis, MO; Sgt Howard Newmark - Sebring, FL; Sgt Robert Hotz - North Port, FL


BEASLEY, Guy N. "Nick"  
@ Chas 1951-1953
7373rd Air Depot [jpnote:  Guy named his Sqdn as 7373rd Depot Supply (Service Stock D)  Hope this is the correct page for his info]
Reside in Madill, Oklahoma

8-23-06  When 2000 troops arrived on July 21, 1951 there were no tents or living accommodations. Was quite an experience. Lived in tents for about 1 1/2 years.

2-19-07  Searching:  Anyone there at the same time.

CIHAK, William J. 
@ Chas 1951-1954
7373rd Air Depot  - [jpnote:  I don't know if this is the correct Sqdn.]
Creston, Iowa

Searching:  Paul Torrigan & Nick Nicholas

9-6-08  I would like to hear from anyone stationed there during the time I was. I have pictures of tent city and others.

EVANS, Earl 
@ Chas 1952-1954
7373rd Air Depot  - [jpnote:  I don't know if this is the correct Sqdn.]
Newcastle, DE

9-14-09   I was in the fire dept.  Fforgotten a lot of it.  Bbeen a very long time.  A lot of mud in winter and dust in summer.  Moved from tents to quonset huts in 53.  My tent was row c; had one little tent for the office and one fire truck.  After that went to Deols.  Would do stand by on runways all day.  I do remember when the 75 trans came and brought their own stuff.  My bar was the jockey bar.  Took a early out.  I am 74 now.

7373rd Air Depot Wing
@ Chas:  1952-55

6-8-06  I was assigned to the 7373rd Air Depot Group from 1952 through 1955 and have often wondered if any of the vets still are remembered?  When I arrived in Châteauroux in 1951, I was quickly introduced to the "Tent City" located at La Martinerie.  Time is marching on and if anyone knows of me, would appreciate an email.  I was a cryptographer and worked over at Déols; the building on the left as you entered the main gate.  I'm now retired from the Air Force, since 1971.


HAHN, John V.   TSgt, USAF  Passed away 11-19-06 -Chas Memoriam
@ Chas:  Jan 53 thru Jun 56
7373rd Air Depot Wing &  Headquarters CAMAE
Marlboro, MD 


HICKS, Major Gen. Joseph H.  -Passed away 6-3-91 - Chas Memoriam
@ Chas 51-53
7300th Materiel Control Group & 7373rd Air Depot Wing
Retired 4-30-54


TENNIES, Ted - 73rd Admin 
@ Chas:  1951-52
Phoenix, AZ

3-3-05 Thanx for your website.   I was one of the first group to arrive in Tent City in 1951 took train down from Bremerhaven for 2 days...lived there for about 10 months then finally moved over to barracks...then transferred to 73rd Ammo Supply Sq Neubiberg AB (Munich) Germ....then back to France to open up the Ammo Storage Depot in Chize Forest,  Niort France, then discharged in Nov 1953.. Found some old photos that you might be interested in.   Many fond memories of my youth and times in France.  I am 73 now and live alone in Scottsdale, AZ.   Best Regards Ted Tennies

[3-3-05 jp emailed connection with Charles Johnston]

5-16-04:  Many memories..mud, rain etc..was 19 now 72 and reflect back many times. wish I took trip back w/kids. Been to Europe 2 times but not back to Chad. Was one of the early arrivees. Spent some time also at Chize Ammo Supply, Niort Fr. .  Had 53 Austin Sedan..went to beach resort La Sables DLonne, was paradise for this young guy. Anyone else out there. Email me...Alone now...

Searching:  T/Sgt Farback - Sgt Kong- Sgt Jim Plato

Beer Tent - Benches outside right - My Tent - aka Los Angeles Country Club



TRUAX, Gordon S/Sgt 
@ Chas: 1-1953 to 11-1955
7373rd Maintenance Sqdn &  7373rd Air Depot Wing
Fullerton, CA

6-21-05  Listed on classmates: Golden opportunity to tour Europe.   Tent City, long chow lines, cold truck ride to work. (Déols Air Base)

Travelled Europe with the Matthews Family. 

Searching: M/Sgt Harris Mathews 866th EAB
Florence Mathews-Chad School Teacher
Susan Mathews-Chad High 1953-1955

4-3-07  [jpnote:  Gordon is searching W/O Neff (I emailed his daughter, Darlene) and the father of Norman L. Wilkes (CHAD student). 

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