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7373rd Aircraft Repair

 Châteauroux Air Station
Déols , France


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Billy J. Sellers

Captain Dahl

WO Burl W. Quimby

Cpt William H. Morton

Donald Pecore

Lynwood Weeks

Daryl Zulka

Steve Kreft

Maj Thomas DeSipin

CLERMONT, Norman -
Apr 1956-1959
& 65
7373rd Aircraft Repair Sqdn

New Braunfels TX & Bayfield, CO

12-1-09  I was stationed in Chas from 56-59. I worked at Deols in the Hydraulic Shop for Sgt Bobby D. Jones. I met my wife Monique there. She was a typist for the scheduling section. We married in April 58 Chas Marriages and came back to the US with our new son Mark in 59 Born at Chas. We both had carreers with the AF. I active duty she as a Government Employee. We went back to Chas in 65 for another tour. I worked again in Deols in the Hydraulic Shop and my wife worked in la Martinerie for APRE. We visit France often since my wife's family is from Buzancais. My last visit was last March. A few years ago I got to visit the base but I heard that this year it is scheduled to be closed completely. 

[jpnote:  La Martinerie has been sold to a Chinese company that manufactures solar panels.  They will more onto the former base in 2011.]

7- 21-51 to 7-25-55
7373rd Aircraft Repair Sqdn

Alquippa, PA

10-14-07  Entry from son, Chris Sabo:    He was in the 7373rd and lived in tent city until the barracks were ready in March 1952.  He attended the reunion in 1997 but did not get the info for the one that just passed.  When is another one planned?   He met and married my mother in Chateauroux on 9/28/1955. Chas Marriages He remembers Billy J. Sellers of West Virginia and later of California and also buying a car from a Captain Dahl from the Seattle area.  While stationed there my dad and some other guys were in a car wreck together, fortunately not too serious. His bosses were Warrant Officer Burl W. Quimby and Capt. William H. Morton in the aircraft maintainence section.  My dad's rank was Ssgt.

June 51 to May 54
7373rd Aircraft Repair Sqdn

Casa Grande, Az.

3-22-09  Email to Hi Robbin (See Robbins White), You are the first that ive found who new Maj. DeSipin. I was his clerk typist. At the time I was the only one on base he allowed to drive his car. I recieved one three day pass in three years which turned out was directed by Gen. Hicks that everry one got 3 days at christmas or new years. I also had 90 days furlow on the books and could only keep 60 when I rotated back to the states. I threatend to go to the Inspector General if he didn't approve my leave. I remember having to stand inspection at noon on saturdays till after the bus to town had left. As you said, Ididn't like my duty there but I did meet many nice people there. I moved into town with a nice French family. They treated me as a family member. They had no kids so I was there substitute. We remained friends till he and his wife died. They and there family made my stay in France great. Their brother used to show up on a Sunday morning and say grab your hat and lets go. We visited towns all around, it was great. I have many fond memories there. I had to maintain my place on base and pass inspection. I was supposed to work in Airborn Radar repair as a radar tech., but Maj. DeSipin had other ideas. Did you remember that every one who worked for the Maj. was 6ft or taller? He was 5'4". I did learn a lot from him which helped me in college and civilian work, so I guess it worked out OK, though I hated it at the time.

JONES, Bobby Don  
December 55 - December 58
7373rd Aircraft Repair Sqdn
Bandera, TX

10-15-04 - Bobby Don and Margaret live in San Antonio and Bandera, Texas.  Bobby Don belongs to a fund-raising organization for the Fire Department in Bandera and at one of their meetings discovered that he and Phil Bledsoe (Chas g.i.) were both stationed at Chateauroux, but at different times and did not know each other then.  They are both neighbors and have been friends for many years.  Margaret was married to Bobby Don when he was stationed at Chas Chas Marriages and she has great memories of bowling on the ladies' bowling team and is sending a photo of her and her teammates.  She also had her bowling shirt at our get-together.  But, the greatest memory for the Joneses is their daughter Karen who was  Born at Chas.  The Joneses attended the San Antonio, TX 2004 Dinner Get-together.






One of the ladies shown below  is Margaret, Bobby Don's wife and the bowling team. 







@ Chas:  1951-52 - 1954-55
7373rd Aircraft Repair (Maintenance)

5-25-04 Entry by daughter, Theresa: I was Born at Chas  November, 1953. My father, Gene Kerkman, served from 1951 or 1952 - 1954/55. He was in 7373rd /Aircraft Maintenance. Now resides in Arizona.

WHITE, Robbins 
@ Chas:  1952 - 54
7373rd Aircraft Repair (Maintenance)
tmore, AL


@ Chas:  7/51 - 3/53
7373rd Aircraft Repair (Maintenance)

Swanzey, NH

4-19-09  Searching information on the Rosy Bar. We loved the old man and his family. We paid our bills before we left. Not everyone did, I'm sorry to say.  I remember my Ariel motorcycle,the shortcut to Deols,having nothing to do for a year as an 'aircraft mechanic' but wash trucks and read tech manuals.  Bob Anderson, Jim Ford and I couldn't wait to get stateside again. Ironically, it turned out to be the best place I was ever stationed.

5-8-09  I assume from some of the entries that there were finally some aircraft to work on. In the two years I spent there, we never had a plane in the shop except for one F86 that came in on a truck and to my knowledge never got put together.  Would like news and/or comments about the Rosy Bar in Chateauroux.

9-2-09 It's interesting to read of what the base was like after it got going. Those early years were an exercise in frustration: six months in mud and tents; bus trips to and from Deols on the 'shortcut'; no planes to work on so washed trucks; spent a month in petroleum supply; never worked on an airplane; read tech manuals until I couldn't stand them. We had fun though. Bob Anderson and I each had blue Ariel motorcycles. Jim Ford had a tan Triumph. Trips to Paris made things bearable. I was designated as 'surplus' and sent back to the states early. I guess Ford and Andy stayed the full three years. I went to Hill Field and then George AFB in Victorville,Cal., got out, went to college,taught English Searching: Anyone's memories of the Rosy Bar, anyone who was in the English motorcycle group.

WILKES, Norman L.  - email unavailable
@ Chas:  1953-55
7373rd Aircraft Repair Sqdn
Instrument Repair Dept.
Winston-Salem, NC

7-21-04  I'm son, Kim Wilkes, responding for my dad. My dad, Norman Wilkes, served at the air force base and I was Born at Chas

We came home in '55. After 50 years we recently returned to Châteauroux. I could see the memories flood through my dad as we stood at the old airfield while he showed me where he worked. We then drove to Badecon and actually found the little house where we lived. Upon showing a 50 year old picture of a Frenchman holding me to the owner of a bar next door, it was an awesome moment to discover this was the grandson of the man in the picture! Dad's still married to mom, Barbara, retired, and in great shape. I know he would love to receive e-mails from any of his old buddies who read this.  

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