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 7373rd USAFE Hospital Sq

Châteauroux - Déols Air Station
Châteauroux - Déols, France

Photo above from Michael Brown -
Born at Chas c. 1961

ANDREWS, Andy - Sgt Major's Office (Not Located)      
7373rd Hospital Sqdn
@ Chas:  at least 59-60

[2-27-07  Note from Dave Madril:  There was also an Andy Andrews assigned to the  Sgt Major's Office at the hospital but I can't make out the image in the picture you have of an Andy Andrews at the snack bar.  The one I knew was single and PCS'd out while I was there so the one in your photo probably isn't him.]  jpnote:  The Andy Andrews in the snackbar photo is and was the step-dad of Carl Peters


AUCOIN, Gerald "Jerry"       
@ Chas:  1955-57
7373rd Hospital Sqdn
San Francisco Area, CA

6-5-04 I am an Air Force veteran who was stationed at Châteauroux  Air Station from 1955 to 1957. I knew quite a few dependent people there including high school kids, one of whom I dated for awhile;  Raedell Bunn,  Kay Cox, Barbara Douglas [still missing] and Joan Jessie Partridge [passed away] and others. I would very much  like to hear from anyone who knew me there.  I live in central California near San Francisco. Looking forward to corresponding with any and all. 

Finally got in  touch with Joe Mongelluzzo. John Hall was searching for him as well as for  me.  He lives only a  few miles from me. Raedell Bunn also has been in touch.  So a few old friends are scheming to try to get together soon. 

Searching for: William Kerr, Danny Simone, Johnny McKenna, and Injun Joe of Oklahoma

Found June 2004:  John Hall, Danny Shea, Joe Mongelluzzo


BAUER,  Lt Col Edwin -  Hospital Executive Officer (serving under Col Lawn)
7373rd USAF Hospital
@ Chas: at least 1958-1963

3-11-07  [note from  Dave Madril (7373rd Hospital Sqdn)    Col Bauer retired at Châteauroux and went to work in Civil Service on his retirement. I don't remember where he went to work but I remember seeing him visiting the hospital and on base all the time.  He was a fine man and a good Executive Officer.

 3-11-07 [jpnote:  Col Bauer is the father of one of my classmates and friend, Dr. Barbara (Babs) Bauer (aka Bower).  Her sisters Dottie and Terri also attended school at CHAD.  I am in touch with them.


BLEW, Gary   
@ Chas: 1961 - 1963 
7373rd USAF Hospital  - Dental Clinic
Florence, OR

05/26/2002  I worked at the Dental Clinic. I have been back three times in the 90s. The place has changed. 

[3-23-06 Note from John Tomasello to Gary:  Not surprised, Gary, that you went back.  I remember you in your Sherlock Holmes hat and pipe.  You even taught me how to brush my teeth properly -- have never forgotten!]

[jpnote:  Gary Blew is searching for Henry Amen DDS.  I did a search for Dr. Amen, but he was not the dentist in Brooklyn, NY.  However, that Dr. Amen was approximately the same age with the same name, but did not serve at Châteauroux.]

BLOMBERG  , 1/Lt.  Carol (Martin)     
7373rd Hospital
@ Chas 66

Alexandria, VA

 5-13-09  I was one of the OB Nurses in 1966 until the OB Dept. closed. I was present during the last Delivery at CHAD Hosp.  At that time my name was 1/Lt. C. Blomberg. I would love to hear from anyone that I assisted in their Delivery.   I assisted in the Delivery Room when the last baby was born. To the best of my knowledge the last name of the Parents was Kelly.  I have enjoyed looking at this site.  Many Blessings,  Former 1st/Lt. Blomberg

6-20-09 Hi, I enjoyed looking at the Hosp. info. I will pass this info onto 3 of the Nurses that I keep in contact with. Rita Binkley Sedor, Lynne Wahl and Veronica Putnis Casey.  I met my Husband Chuck Martin at Chateauroux, we've been married 41 years. He was an Auditor on Active Duty and was present at the Base Closure, to see the US flag come down for the last time. I think that he was one of the few, maybe the only one that was still there PCS, the rest were TDY. I'm sorry that we didn't know about the 40th Reunion, hopefully we'll hear about the 50th so we can go. We have returned a couple times. It is always exciting to go back and see where we met. The French Military have provided us with an escort both times so we could tour the Base.
This is wonderful that you have started this. I hope that my Husband will add some info.  Thank you for starting this site.  Many Blessings, Carol Blomberg Martin



 7-11-08  Note from Dave Madril:  Don Jones sent [this photo  to me and it's of SSgt Gerald Brown and A1C Bill Brunson from the lab. It looks like they're in Paris at the Arc d'Triomphe doing some sightseeing.










French Civilian Employee - 7373rd Hospital 
@ Chas:   1951-62

 Note from Paulette:  I visited your site “Châteauroux American High School Band/65”  and I would like to receive it please.  I  enjoyed it for the following reason:  I was employed at the American Hospital at “La Martinerie” (7373rd USAF Hospital) from 1951 to 1962. 

[note to Paulette from Ben Donatelli:  Bonjour Paulette,  Moi, j"étais à Châteauroux . Je travaillais dans le laboratoire dental une trentaine de mois. Maintenant, je suis en retrait comme instituteur dans les écoles publiques et comme prof à mi-parti à l'université locale. Je commence à oublier la langue française et je veux vous écrire.  Ma femme et moi nous avions voulu voyager en France mais la situation à Paris nous fait peur ! Ecrivez - nous si vous voulez.  Sincèrement, Benedetto Donatelli

[jpnote:  6-10-08  Reconnected Paulette & Ben.  You're welcome, Paulette!]

5-19-08  Note to Paulette from Don Jones:  I very well remember you at the  hospital receptionist desk and your co-worker (Collette or Claudette?) I recall how impressed you were that I could read lab reports to you in french over the phone. (I studied french at the Univ. of Maryland the three years I was there.) I was once refused service at the snack bar because the workers there did not believe I was American by the way I spoke french. I took that as a compliment. I hope that you are doing well.


BURNETT, Charles  "Charley" 
@ Chas: 1956-1958
Sqdn:  Don't remember - maybe hospital
Pearl City, Hawaii

08/17/2002:  Was a long time ago, back when I had hair on top of my head, and my navel was only a few inches from my backbone.  smile, smile.

3-2008  Charley emails JP frequently with interesting items.

3-2009  Wrote a note to Charley - Hadn't heard from him in awhile.

6-10-09  JP wrote Charley again.  Has been more than a year.


CARPENTER, Bobby This Bobby Carpenter & the Bob Carpenter just below are not the same.
@ Chas: 1963-1965
7373rd USAF Hospital
Del Rio, Texas

9-18-07  Bobby wrote that he was searching Jack Carter - email was no good.  Then Bobby wrote he had found Jack the same day.  Bobby & Jack are reconnected.

11-14-07 See Chas Marriages


CARPENTER, Robert "Bob"    
@ Chas: 1957-1960 (ouch)
7373rd USAF Hospital
Beaumont, CA

6/27/2002 -   I don't recall breakfast this morning and you want me to tell you WHAT Sqdn I was in! Heck, I don't even remember what a 'Sqdn' was !!

[jpnote:  I am linked to Bob through Howard Gunn.  Howard Gunn was Bob's roommate and the choir director of the non-denominational church during my years at Chad.  (Bob recalls that Howard was known as Deano at the time.)   My mother and I sang in the choir at the Base Chapel Protestant services with Bob.  We practiced in the cafeteria at Touvent (410).  Howard returned to the states to my hometown, San Antonio, TX, and remained friends with my mother and attended the same church.  He married a lady named Marianne.  Unfortunately, they have both passed away several years ago.  I still have several books of sheet music that belonged to Howard.  We also sang in a French choir with Howard which was located in downtown Châteauroux.  There are some other people who Bob remembers and I remember them as being my mother's friends.  One of them was "Lyda."]


@ Chas: 1963-1965
7373rd USAF Hospital
Tucson, AZ

1-24-05 - Searching for  Bobby Carpenter from years @ Chas 63-65 - Flight Surgeons Group.  (See 1st entry above)

9-19-07  [jpnote:  Jack & Bobby are reconnected.]

11-14-07  I retired from the USAF in 1989 after 27 years and have been working for the Southern Arizona VA Health Care System for the past 18 years. One of these days I might stop working, but then what would I do?


CARTER, T/Sgt Nick - Not located - See Newspaper Article at the bottom of this page.


 CASTILLE, Pete - 7373rd Hospital Sqdn     See Chas Memoriam



@ Chas: May 61-May 63
7373rd Hospital Sqdn
Sacramento, CA

2-20-06  I worked in Admin, the OP Clinic, and Air Evac and ran the movie projector for patients, upstairs in the theatre (patient lounge?). My room, in the barracks, was on the bottom floor, on the east end towards the Airmen's Club. Highlighting my tour there were trips to the French Riviera, Mont Dorn, the Alps, Geneva, Orleans and many trips to Paris but the real thrill was going to the 1962 running of Le 24 Heures du Le Mans. That was the first year that an American car (Corvette) was entered and it had the fastest practice runs and we (two car-loads from the Hospital) were all excited about it. Then the race began, the Corvette had everyone eating its dust and we were near the Dunlop Tire overpass, timing it.  We waited and waited and here came all of the other cars but no Corvette. It didn't even make ONE lap. With nothing else to root for, we spent the rest of the weekend getting drunk.

3-29-08  I have emailed to Mick several times this past year, but no reply.


COLES, Dr. William "Bill"
7373rd Hospital Sqdn   

Atlanta, GA

 4-18-07  jpnote:  T'was moving some information around and came across Caroline Cole's entry from 2003.  At that time, I did not know where Jack & Jackie Russell were located.  Since I had found them lately, I searched for Caroline again (the email address she had left in 2003 was no longer valid.  I found her and had a fun conversation with her and Jackie and I'm sure they will enjoy reminiscing.  Ahhhh!  Technology.

 Entry from Caroline -  Dr. Cole's former wife
 5-2003 I had no affiliation with the high school other than having the students as babysitters. My husband was a medical officer. Jackie Porowski was the babysitter we used most. Those were very happy days
. [jpnote: Jackie lives in the Dallas, TX area. She married g.i. Jack Russell. ] 

8-6-07  jpnote:  During my conversation with Caroline, she mentioned her friends, Dr. Jim & Robbie Urban.  I located Dr. Urban, but had a difficult time convincing his office staff to contact him and let him know about his old friends from Chateauroux.   Patience pays off!  See Dr. Urban's note below.

8-6-07  Reconnected Dr. & Prue Rosenthal, Caroline Coles & Dr. Jim & Robbi Urban

8-9-09  I loved the three years we spent in France and have been back whenever possible. I have often thought of the military friends and the French friends we had and wish we had not lost touch.

9-8-09  Caroline is asking about Lynne & Richard Bennett.


COLLIER, Barry    
Years @ Chas: 1956 -57
7373rd Hospital Sqdn (Dental Clinic)
Albion, MI 

04/07/2002 :  I was a dental officer and have many fond memories.  I wish to thank again those responsible for putting me on the plane to England.


CONLAN, Herb - 7373rd Hospital Sqdn    
 @ Chas:  1964-65

10/24/2002  Entry from son, Matthew Conlan:  Born at Chas My dad (Herb Conlan) was stationed at Châteauroux AS 1964-1966, and I was born in the AF hospital there. He worked at the hospital, I think in immunology. We left there in Dec 1966 and went to Athens Air Base. He retired from the AF in 1978 and both he and mom are doing well in Alaska. I'm now on active duty myself (once a Brat, always a Brat) at Hickam AFB, HI.


DONALD, Robert  - 7373rd Hospital 
Hawthorne, CA

10/31/2004 - No comment


DONATELLI, Ben      
7373rd Dental Clinic (Dental Lab Tech) 
@ Chas 54-56
Akron, OH

                  1 2-12-05  Those were good years. I found my life's work...teaching French for 40 yrs at all levels ...ending at the university.  Searching for any dental employee.

12-18-05  I have been fortunate to have used my experiences in France during my life's work. I was a French teacher in public schools and after retirement in "88" , I taught at the local university for 10 years. Along the way, I picked up a BA and MA degree and returned to France via a scholarship from the University of Oregon. While in France, I revisited Châteauroux and the Air Base (which of course was under French command) My wife is a retired teacher too. We are physical fitness buffs and our main hobby is ballroom dancing. It has been a full life.

2-20-09  I revisited the base when on a scholarship with the University of Oregon 64 (je crois) Je commence à oublier maintenant que je suis un vieux.  Mais c'était un plaisir de visiter même s'il n'y avait personne qui j'avais connu

[jpnote:  Connected Ben & Richard Fulton - see below, this page.] Les Hall, listed below, is also searching for Pete Peterson aka Gerald C. Peterson.  Still not located as of 3-09.                        


DOWNS, Dr. Spencer (& wife, Corky)  -  (Dr. Downs says 1602nd Hospital Sqdn)  ?  
@ Chas:  1964-1966

       12-20-08  Was assigned as a physician at the Base Hospital in the Department of Medicine. We were there approximately 18 months before FRELOC, then went to Ramstein, Germany to finish the tour. Our kids, Jerry, Debi, Nelson and Wesley attended school there. It was a great tour even though somewhat short. Fondest memories. Thanks Jenelle!

[jpnote:  Dr. Downs' son, Nelson, emails with me frequently.  A bit of trivia:  Nelson was a Little Kid in Touvent Elementary during his father's time at Chateauroux.  Nelson was friends with Ronne Flietcher's (remember him?) little brother, John.]

12-19-08  [JP received this email:]  "My mom and I were searching for her old friends, Spence and Corky Downs, and were pleased to find a photo of them on your website. Is it possible for you to forward our email addresses to them or their children? We would really appreciate it!
Sincerely, Carol (Glennon) Young and Bernie (Glennon) Pritchard ]

jp replied with downs' email address




DUNCAN, Larry - Has not been located)
7373rd USAF Hospital - Dental Clinic

 4-21-08  Judy Alger (Chad Student) searching for Larry Duncan.  


DURHAM, Eugene & Stella - NCOIC of Medical Supply, 7373rd USAF Hospital - (Has not been located)
7373rd USAF Hospital
@ Chas 58-61
San Antonio, TX

Steve Fletcher (Chad student - class of 68) shared this photo.  It was taken outside the Church of Christ in Downtown Châteauroux around 59-60.

6-14-04  jpnote:  "Perhaps" the Durhams returned to San Antonio, TX in the early 60's.  I did a people search for Eugene, but no success.  Gloria, his daughter, was my classmate, but I don't know her married name.

2-27-07  note from Dave Madril (7373rd Hospital Sqdn)  TSgt Eugene F. Durham. NCOIC of Medical Supply, 7373rd USAF Hospital.  He was my first USAF NCOIC and like many troops that worked for him went to his home for dinner where we loved to have his wife fuss over us much to his consternation.

Note from Dreux Air Base Webdesigner, Vicki Key: I believe he is deceased (1995), but his wife Stella may still be alive. 



FULTON, Richard 
7373rd Dental Clinic
Marshfield, Mo.

12/19/2000  On a fluke I thought I would look up Old Chad and to my surprise there was a listing. I was stationed at Chas during 55-58 with the 7373rd Hospital Sqdn. I was assigned to the Dental clinic in the Hospital Sqdn.  Made a lot of pretty teeth for service personnel and dependents in both France and Germany. What a place.  Searching for:  A/1c Bennidito R. Donatelli; A/1c Billy Stokes 

 [jpnote:  Connected Richard & Ben Donatelli]

3-27-09  Ben said he had lost touch with Richard again.  I sent Richard an email.


GAMBLE, Clarence D. "Deano" (A/2C)    
@ Chas:  1957-1959
7373rd USAF Hospital (Radiology)
St. Clair Shores, MI

Deano - 1958 Medical Barracks in the background

10-8-03 Stationed at Chas 57-59.  Worked as an X-ray tech in 7373rd USAF Hospital under Dr. Arnold Z. Geller, Radiologist with 2 other techs.  Col. Lawn was C.O. at that time.  I have photos and memories of that time period to share. Tisch (see Deano & Friends Photos) and I have been dancing professionally for over 25 years and continue to do so.


jpnote:  Deano toured  as a performer at many service centers throughout Europe.  He surely boosted the morale of the G.I.'s "enduring" their stay at Chas and other exotic bases.  Thanks, Deano,  for sharing these great photos.] 

8-9-09  Some of the best years of my life were spent at Chad and in the USAF.  I did a lot of entertaining on tours and at the service club as a tap dancer and also choreographer putting on shows.  Searching:  Hospital personnel or service club personnel at Chad.  Sent more photos.



GRAHAM, George W.  - 7373rd  Hospital
@ Chas:  1959-1962
Tomball, TX

07/16/2003   I was assigned as a Dental Lab Tech to the 7373 Hospital during my time at Châteauroux, but spent more time as a Jock than as a medic. I played Quaterback for the base football team and played for the base volleyball team. I also played for the Medic's softball and basketball teams.  I have many fond memories of my stay there and of the friends I made there, some with whom I have been in contact in recent years and some whom unfortunately have passed away.


[jpnote:  George dated Joy Moore '61.  I remember Joy - she was my classmate.]

jpnote:  7-10-04 - George and his wife have moved to Tomball from RI to be near their son.  Welcome to Texas!







HALL, Les   
@ Chas:  1956-59
7373rd Hospital Sqdn - Dental Clinic
Columbia, SC

8-3-05 Any news of Pete Peterson? My friend Pete Peterson was from Texas and was stationed at Chad from about 56 to 58. We both were dental tech's and worked at the main clinic. I also did a lot of time at the Deol's clinic. We hung out with Pete Peterson and Frank Latimer

  [8-3-05  jpnote:  Gerald C. Peterson was at Chas the same years as Les.  Gerald was listed on another website - emailed him but no reply.  Now he's no longer on that other website.  Ben Donatelli (listed above) was also Pete's friend and he also has inquired about Pete.]

7373 USAFE Hospital (Dental Clinic). This had to be the original "MASH" unit. At Christmas, every department had its own signature drink. Ours was Champagne, oranges, and seventy-five year old Napoleon Cognac. The dental "specialty" was mixed in a large washtub sporting an even taller ice sculpture. Such class!  Patients were wandering, staggering and then eventually falling all over the place. I worked in Surgery or at Déols Dental Clinic most of the time. It was located in one of the glass side rooms overlooking the runway and the milling area. The Luftwaffe certainly knew how to build a hanger. Of course, there were those great weekends in Normandy, Argenton, Paris, and especially Blvd Hausman. Then there were the Brit dancers at the Moulin Rouge, dancing all night at the Plata Bar, Breakfast at Les Halles and swimming the Seine (Aggggh). Thank you Mademoiselle C. Desire, you were so right!  Truth of course is that you can never go back, but it was fun... Wait! I did go back in 1978; it was then a French Army Base. They graciously assigned a young Lt to escort the family. The main Sqdnuare was unchanged. The exchange and the hospital were the same, but nicer. However, the old Dental Clinic was gone. Quontown looked the same, just painted. Déols is now a commercial airport, with factories along the entrance road from Châteauroux. As for the town, the overpass at the RR station seemed a little smaller. The "White Swan" was still there and the Beaujolais’, Escargots, French bread, and Onion soup just as good. There were also many new factories, mostly electronic plants built by De Gaulle to compensate for the loss of the "Ugly" Americans. Remember the, "Go Home US" signs? Well, unfortunately, we did!


HARRIS, Phil  - See Chas Memoriam 
7373rd USAF Hospital

@ Chas:  1963-66

Upon return to the States, the Harrises settled in Syracuse, NY


JACKSITS, James              
7373rd USAF Hospital
@ Chas: 
Austin, Texas

9-22-08  I worked in hospital supply with Dave Verdi and had the misfortune to close the hospital and was one of the last to leave Chas AFB.



JACKSON, Paul & Wife, Jeannette Luneau Jackson
3130th Air Installation / AIO
  7373rd USAF Hospital Sqdn
  Civilian Employee - Billeting

See Chas Memoriam 

Son, Paul, Jr.  Born at Chas   


JOHNSON, Larry Thomas
7373rd USAF Hospital
@ Chas:  19

8-17-08 Daughter, Sabine Brown   sent this info:  My father, Larry Thomas Johnson, Jr. was stationed in Chateauroux AFB La Martinerie and he was a nurse from 1958 to 1961....  .He loved to play basketball.  When he left France he went to Ogden, UT. 

[jpnote:  Daughter Sabine was Born at Chas


JOHNSON, Richard "Dick"        
7373rd USAF Hospital
@ Chas: 1962-65
Four Oaks, NC


 2-18-06  Dave Shively and I worked together for CMSgt Yankovich.

 Has anyone heard from our buddy Joe Yates of Otumwa, Iowa? [Note from Dave Madril:  Dick, you asked about  little Joe Yates who was from Fergus Falls, MN.   I got a call from a Joe Yates from Coon Rapids, MN who said Joe was his great uncle. He had never met his Uncle Joe.  He said Joe was in the USAF in France in the 60s and he was named after him. Little Joe sadly passed away around 1975 while still in his 40s.]

5-12-07  Note from Dave Madril:  Guys, Tonite I got a real shock!! I received a phone call from the "dead" Joe Yates and he wasn't calling from heaven. He's not very computer literate but was messing with yahoo and he typed in Châteauroux and found the web page. Was surprised to find out he had passed on. As it turns out, it was his brother John who is no longer with us. Anyway, we spoke for about an hour and he lives in Farmington, NM.

 How about Wes Reamer (the best in the West) or Mike Dupree, Bobo, Gochenour, Taylor?

 Hey Dave, remember all the old vinyl LP records we had in the storage room? Little did I know then what great memories we were making.

Searching:  Old friends. Hello to Dave Shively and Mick Chamberlain. I saw Dave's note. [jpnote:  emailed Richard, Dave & Vince Pandolfi  to reconnect.]

[note to Richard from John Tomasello:  3-23-06 Certainly remember Yankovich, Dupree, Gochenour (I traveled to France and back 3 years later with Ralph G.), and good ole’ Wiley Taylor!



JONES, A/1C Donald -   
7373rd Hospital - Lab Technician
@ Chas 60-63
Hammond, LA

4-23-08  Guestbook Entry:  The time of my life was spent @ Chas.

[jpnote:  Don is sending copies of the 63 La Martinerie phone book to me.  Great source of info to find other Chas Guys!]

5-19-08   Let me mention some names. . .   In the lab with me were: Lt. John Kennedy, Sgt. Zorichak, Sgt. Wright, Sgt. Gerald "Charlie" Brown, [photo above] Sgt. Hansen, Doug Oglesby, William Bronson, [photo above] Thomas Mann, Sortiris Nacopolous, Bobo (?), and I may have forgotten one or two.  French Nationals: Jean Romain, Michele Lecompte & Solange (?) Heading up the hospital was Col. Nagle and Dr. Gillispie. I worked the hospital photo lab as a sideline (in the basement under the ER) and  I was on the track team with Holcy Gay, Pandolfi and others.


KING, Jane E.
7373rd Hospital - Dependent Ward Nurse
@ Chas 59-63
Montgomery, AL

9-20-10  This site brings back very pleasant memories. I loved my tour. I worked the Dependant ward. I remember Col. Nagel,Dr's Slagle, Fulton, Warren,Isreal and Robinson. Love reading comments on this site. The pictures bring back memories since I lived on the economy and got to know the people.  Searching:  Any nurse that can jog my memory, since I can't seem to recall names.
[Hello Joan: I have word that Dr Warren passed away (no more info). My own mother was a Gray Lady and worked with Dr Warren. Since we were in Chatx the same time, maybe you knew her - Virginia Peterson. I know Col Nagel's daughter, Nancy. No info for the others.]

KRAMER, Donald C.  DDS & Janet
7373rd Hospital - Dental Clinic
@ Chas 64-66
Houston, TX

My son Donald M. Kramer  was  Born at Chas to Janet and Donald C. Kramer on the 4th of November 1964 at the 7373 Hospital. Dr.Kramer was a dentist assigned to the dental clinic at Chas from 1963-1966.   Dr. Harold Miller (listed below) delivered Don and now lives  in Houston, Texas where we live..


LANGE, Christopher  - 7373rd Hospital    
@ Chas 64-66
Rhode Island

11-27-06  I was at CHAS from June '64 to June '66 at 7373 USAF Hospital Sqdn.  I served as a field medic and worked all depts. of the hospital, including surgery and ER.  Fond memories of the Red Cross Club downtown and the young women who worked there.  I drove a beat up old VW and often rode the bus from the base to the train station and back.  Drove all over central France photographing chateaux and beautiful country side.  I left CHAS and was stationed with the 48th TAC Hospital at RAF Lakenheath in the UK.  At one point I covered the medical unit at Déols.

Searching:  Dorothy Ann Olson


 LAQUA, Bill  - CHAS Memoriam
7373rd Hospital Sqdn - Pharmacy Technician

3-23-07  Dave Madril wrote that he had located Bill Laqua only to find that he had passed away.  Dave spoke with Bill's brother.



7373rd Hospital
@ Chas 59-63
San Jose, CA

[jpnote:  3-11-07 Dr. Levitz and I had a fun phone conversation last evening.  He said to tell the 7373rd Hospital Sqdn servicemen hello.  He has a family practice in San Jose.  Dr. Levitz and Drs Karl Robinson; Jack Fulton; Ed Slagle and Wally Silberman have been "reunioning" for several years; reminiscing about old times at CHAS.  They all recalled fond memories of their time there. Unfortunately, Drs Silberman and Slagle have recently passed away.  See Chas Memoriam 


L'HEUREUX, William "Bill" "Lash" - No Email address - Corresponds with Dave Madril


  MADRIL, Dave        See Dave's Photo Page
7373rd Hospital
@ Chas 59-63
Grand Junction, CO

4-7-05 Sending memorabilia - [jpnote:  Dave's son, James,              Born at Chas

 6-1-06  [jpnote:  Received Sports Newspaper articles from Dave's daughter, Danielle.  They're posted on Vet Sports Page.  Thank you, Danielle.]  

2-20-07  I've got some photos of the 1998 reunion of a lot of people I don't know that were just snapped at random.

See the 1998 Vet Comeback Reunion

10-06  Dave plans on attending the CHAS 2007 Reunion. [He did.}

3-07  Notes from Dave regarding 7373rd Hospital Sqdn G.I.'s:  I  visited William "Bill" "Lash" L'Heureux at Hamilton AFB when I returned from France since I was in San Jose with my Mom. Had a great visit. I've kept up with them over the years, visited them in Moreno Valley, in southern Cal and we always exchanged Christmas letters. I got a call in 1995 from Bill telling me that his wife, Bea, had passed away but to keep the letters coming as that's mainly how we kept up. If any of you would like to talk to him, I have his number.  He doesn't have an email address.

I kept in touch with Oliver Spaulding from Med Supply for about 30 years but stopped hearing from him around 1995. He had moved in with his son in South Carolina but I believe he passed away.

 Another I lost track of over 15 years ago was James W. Cutlip, also of Med Supply. He was from West Virginia.

Others I knew but have no idea where they are now:

SSgt Michael (Sou Sou) Southard - Air Force Clinic, last seen in Spain
TSgt Allen, Medical Ward NCOIC, last seen Lakenheath England as SMSgt
Sgt Mathew Bonolevitz, last seen Lakenheath England as TSgt
Sgt William O'Dell, last seen as SSgt, Cam Rahn Bay, RVN
Lt Houlihan, Surg Ward Male Nurse, last seen as patient, Cam Rahn Bay, RVN
Lt Globus, Surg Ward male Nurse, last seen at Cam Rahn Bay, RVN
John Waitman, seen a couple times, lives in Wheatland, WY
Capt. Richard Preator, Ortho Surgeon, last seen 1975 at Wilford Hall, Lackland
Lloyd Linderhof, Medical Maintenance, address unknown. Gored at Pamplona one year. !!!!!!!!!
Wayne Haertling, Medical Maintenance, address unknown, replaced by Linderhof
Klaus Krueger, last seen as SSgt at Ramstein Germany, now retired in Germany
William Hightshoe, Supply Sqdn, Last seen Nha Trang RVN in 1968.
Lt Charles S. Batchelor, SPS, Football coach, last seen Nha Trang RVN in 68 as Lt Col.
MSgt St. George, SPS, last seen Nha Trang RVN as CMSgt SP Superintendent
Maj Lloyd G. Thomas, last seen in Denver, ill with Alzheimer's in 1998
Leonard Wentz, Orderly Room, last seen Glendive, MT in 1967

3-13-07  Lt B.H. Corum, Sqdndn Cmdr, last seen as Col and Exec Officer at Wilford Hall, Lackland.  Just thought I'd let you all know that I spoke to B.H. Corum today and mentioned his photo has surfaced. He got a big kick out of it and I told him I'd burn a cd for him to see of all the photos we end up with. He remembered your names and even told me about TSgt Carter. Turns out he was an Army general's aide as a MSgt and was pretty well shot up with a lot of metal in his body. When he enlisted in the USAF they started him off as an A1C and BH said he went right up the ladder and retired as a CMSgt. He's since passed away but BH and I had a nice conversation.

7-24-07  Hi Jenelle, Was on the internet getting ready to get a plane ticket for the reunion and I naturally started looking over the Chas page. It brought something I had forgotten about a person assigned to the flight line at Deols. I'm not sure what Sqdn he was in but he was in the control tower at Deols or passenger service. His name was Dwight (Fritz) Cottington. He married a French lady by the name of Helene and when I ran into him they owned a couple of gift shops in the Torrejon AB area. They had a shop downtown Madrid (where I ran into him) and they opened one right outside the main gate at Torrejon. I do remember he also played football on the 1962 Sabres. I don't know if they're still in Spain or not but I doubt it. I thought I'd tell you in case someone knew him or knows where he's at.  

8-23-07  Jenelle, I've been downsizing since my move and today while getting rid of some stuff from storage I came across an old Chateauroux Sabre baseball uniform. The only thing missing is the socks and hat. I've also got packed away somewhere my old football letterman's jacket with the leather sleeves. I guess I'm just a packrat! Looking forward to the trip.

5-19-08  Note to Dave from Don Jones:  Dave Madril, with your contributions, you are like the ever ready bunny, you just keep on going and from all over the place.. My compliments to you.  You asked about a couple people that I possibly can fill you in on. Sgt Alfred Allen died in the early 90's in Omaha, NE; Tommy Smith as of the late 80's was retired and living out from Riverside, Ca. Sgt. Gerald Brown was retired and living in Riverside but has moved and I lost contact. Sgt James "Jim" Collins, orderly room, died in California about late 80's or early 90's.

This photo is from Dave's return to Chateauroux in April 2008.  The lady on the left is Michele Charvy.  She has shared many photos for the website. Evelyne and Alain Fourre' were participants at the Chas 2007 Return.  Evelyne cooked the dinner at Deols.  They are all active members of France-Etats Unis Association.   This photo was taken at dinner at the Best Western Colbert.






MCQUEEN, Don       
7373rd Hospital
@ Chas 59-62
Delta, CO

4-5-09  Worked in pharmacy during that time. I was happy to leave France.

5-5-09  Dave Madril sent these photos of Don McQueen:


Don McQeen in the the Parmacy - 1960


MILLER, Harold MD   - No email available
7373rd Hospital
@ Chas 64-66
Houston, TX

10-14-07  [Note from Dr. Donald C. Kramer:   Dr. Harold Miller delivered my son  Donald M. Kramer (Born at Chas) and now lives in Houston, Texas.

[10-14-07  jpnote:  Wonder how many kids listed on the  Born at Chas page of this website were delivered by Dr. Miller??? 


MOORE, William K.        
@ Chas: 1960-62
7373rd USAF Hospital - Dental Clinic

Greensburg, IN


Bill Moore - Dental Lab

11-17-09  Would like to hear from anyone I served with at Chas. 

 The ones in the boat are Alain (Frenchy) Bonardel. He worked
in the Sgt Majors Office with Andy Anderson. I believe he was discharged in
France , Bill Moore, Danny Topolski, John (Red) Costello, George Graham and Mike Southard.









@ Chas: 1960-64
7373rd USAF Hospital
Huntingdon Valley, PA

7-21-09  Upon discharge I worked my way through Penn State's architectural school as an X-ray Tech. using GI Bill. Retired as an architect. Visited CHAS a couple of times and hope to do so again.

Searching:  Bruce Miller, Heinrich VonOetinger

PANDOLFI, Vincent W.  
@ Chas: 1960-62
7373rd USAF Hospital
Pearl River, NY

4-4-04  It was a long time ago but I was able to contact 2 of many good friends, Dave (Shiveley) & Mick (Chamberlain). Hope a few more will contact us. Hey! Remember the Frog Pond? Let me hear from you.

5-9-04  Just to say Hello to some of the guys/gals I served with during those years.  It's been a few years since I was in Chad. But looking through the site it has brought back many memories.

5-31-04 Over the internet, I've been able to locate Dave Shively & Mick Chamberlain. We've had very interesting conversations. Too bad more of us don't take advantage of this site. It sure would be great if we could arrange a reunion. [jpnote:  Emailed to reconnect Mick Chamberlain with Richard Johnson.]

[note to Vincent from John Tomasello:  3-23-06 Could never forget Pandolfi, the clown!  Hey Pandolfi, if you read this, is that our Paulette from the hospital reception desk? [jpnote:  The answer to that was "yes."]

[jpnote:  See newspaper article at the bottom of this page - featuring Vince and T/Sgt Nick Carter (not located)]

5-19-08  Note to Vince from Don Jones:  You were hard not to be noticed, but I remember you most from the 50 mile run you made (to keep JFK happy), We wound up together  in Paris, Fountainbleu and Versailles a time or two with the track team. '62 USAFE Champs!!??


7373rd Hospital Sqdn  - Registrar's Ofc  

@ Chas:  1957-1959
Jack was Dave Madril's roommate.












 ROBINSON, Dr. Karl   (See the notes on Dr. Gene Levitz' entry above)





4-19-07  [jpnote:  Dr. William Coles and his wife, Caroline, were friends with Dr. Rosenthal and his wife, Prudence.  I did some sleuthing and was able to connect Caroline and Prue.]

4-19-07  Entry from Prue Rosenthal:  We live in Ann Arbor Michigan, where Ami is a professor of Pediatric Cardiology and I am a community volunteer.

8-6-07  Reconnected Dr. & Prue Rosenthal, Caroline Coles & Dr. Jim & Robbi Urban


SAVOCA, Tony  - 7373rd Hospital Sqdn    
@ Chas:  1957-1959


SHEA, Danny - Danny doesn't have an email address -  Jerry Aucoin is his buddy & would be able to contact him.
@ Chas:  1955-1957
7373rd Hospital
Hagerstown, MD

8-15-04  Entry by friend, Jerry Aucoin

Danny loved Châteauroux, just as much as the rest of his friends did. He was a smart, funny and caring friend.  Loved to go to Paris with Jerry and John (Hall).  Montparnasse was his favorite region in Paris.  He dated Kay Cox, one of five high school girls that he and the other friends dated.

Found: Friends, Jerry Aucoin, John Hall, Joe Mongelluzzo,  John Hall & Danny Shea         


SHIVELY,  David "Dave" (A/1C)            
 7373rd USAF Hospital - Sgt Major's Office
@ Chas:  January 1961-March 1963
Southern California in the San Gabriel Valley

3-28-04 Comments:  I played on our basketball softball and football teams at the intramural level. In 1962 our basketball team won the intramural league.  I certainly made many trips to Joe from Maine's place to get hamburgers and chili to eat and to listen to American music.  One of our late night favorite hangouts was the "Frog Pond."  In the past year I came into contact with Vince Pandolfi and Mick Chamberlain from my old outfit. We correspond regularly.  I have lots of pictures and articles that I could forward to you for the web site.   I worked for about a year in the Airmans club as a bartender. I am retired from Law Enforcement.

[3-9-07 jpnote:  Dave dug up some great photos of his CHAS buddies!  Thanks for sharing them all with us, Dave!]

Below:  Dave Shively, C/Msgt Yankovitz, next Unknown, Leonard Tierney. Sitting:  Col Moore


SILBERMAN, Dr Wally - 7373rd  Hospital  - See Chas memoriam   
@ Chas:  1959-63 



SLAGLE, Dr Edward H.
7373rd  Hospital  - See Chas memoriam    

SMITH, Tommy - Not located - Played on '61 Sabres Football Team


SMOAK, Randolph  - Not Located - Played on '61 Sabres Football Team


STANZIONE, Tracy L.A.       Dependent
@ Chas:  61-64
7373rd  Hospital Sqdn
San Diego, CA

12-18-09  We lived in apartments off base. I remember going to a little French school where they would pull our hair if we were late. I also remember the bazillion bb's in the sand in the sand on base. I was only 3- 6 yr s old.  Looking for a guy named Elvis who was my friend with. He was a cute black kid.

@ Chas:  66 to closing
7373rd  Hospital Sqdn
Hull, MA

2-16-04  Chas was a fantastic eye opener for young folk not far from basic. Great place to be. GI's and French pretty [girls] great to be around. Most cheerful GI's I encountered in 4 years. Must have been the water.

4-2-07   Hello from Jim.


TARR, John  MD 
@ Chas: 
7373rd  Hospital Sqdn

5-30-09  Thank you very much for the web-site and fascinating information.   I was stationed at the hospital 1957--1959.  The Air Force was very short of psychiatrists so after graduating from medical school I was give a three month course in psychiatry and assigned as  a psychiatrist.  It was a wonderful time and my wife Beverly and I enjoyed the base, the town, the frech people, and France enormously.  We lived in the home of the Guesnard's in Chateauroux.  We remember with much fondness so many people including Karl Robinson, Dale Curtis, Arnie Geller, Newton Scherly, Stu Hollingsworth, Ed Bauer and the many pilots who so kindly flew me on weekends all over Europe (Berlin, Athens, Copenhagen, Oslo, Madrid, and multiple trips to England).  We tried to practice good medicine but also savored the intriguing french personality and lifestyle.  Greets to and all.  I 

@ Chas:  11/61-11/64

7373rd  Hospital Sqdn

Arlington, VA

  3-23-06 - I was stationed [at Chas]  from November 1961 through November 1964 starting out as a "medic" at the hospital where they finally believed what I had been telling them since basic training at Lackland -- ain't gonna work !  So I wound up in the photo lab and got to work with Dave [Lairmore] quite a bit. 

 As I recall, Dave had been stationed there as an airman, married a French woman and stuck around as a U.S. government employee.  I visited his home for dinner one time and met his lovely wife and child and Doberman, who didn't like me! ....

I can't say all the days at CHAS were wonderful; I was young and missed the good old USA.  But I did travel to Paris a few times, as well as Germany, Spain, Greece (where an aunt was stationed with the CIA!), Italy (where I visited relatives:  a great aunt on my mother's side, and her husband, son and his wife).  All in all, the memories make for fond nostalgia, and I wouldn't mind visiting once more and see how much has changed. 

Interesting to read articles from the guys who were there in the fifties when it was tent city.  All their stories ring true because I heard so many of them.    For us airmen, most of us anyway, it wasn't exactly a Riviera vacation; three years is a long time in a foreign country so far away from home, but I tried to make the most of my time there.   I got into town often, not just for the bars, but with a friend to a particular restaurant (great food)  that was hidden away down a narrow street (aren't they all narrow?).  We learned about it from an officer's wife, and whenever we went there, we were the only Americans.  The same friend wrote me after I got back to the states saying the man who ran the restaurant who did not speak English asked him about his "dark-haired friend".  I guess he remembered me since the last trip there I splurged on the meal, and even asked for a more expensive wine than usual which he produced from the cellar, dusting if off carefully before opening for us. 

I recognize most places in the photos on the website;  especially the barracks which were being built by those brave, hardy souls who came before us (living in Tent City) which we heard about upon our arrival.  By those standards, we were living in luxury.


@ Chas:  53-56
7373rd  Hospital Sqdn
The Villages, FL

5-1-09  I often wonder who burned the Class 6 store down on Christmas Eve. I was on call that night and happened to look out the x-ray window to see a mob of G.I.s running out the door with bottles of booze in their hands (thru the fire).
I still get a kick out of it!


Turner, Herbert J. "Herbie" aka Baltimore   
@ Chas:  52-55
7373rd  Hospital Sqdn
Anchorage, AK

2-28-10  I have lots of friends that were there from Philadelphia,Pa. Cunningham, Arrendal and S. Dixiopn from Phila., or anyone else that remembers, etc. hjt677@gci.net

URBAN, MD Jim   
@ Chas:  66-67
7373rd  Hospital Sqdn
Rio Verde, AZ  

 jpnote:  I located Dr. Urban after a phone conversation with Caroline Coles (entry above).  She and her former husband had been friends with the Urbans and the Rosenthals.  I located Dr. Urban's office and left word with his staff that a friend from Chateauroux would like to contact him.    After some months, Dr. Urban wrote:

6-13-07  I remember both Dr. Coles and Dr. Rosenthal very well. We kept in touch with the Rosenthals for many years- I guess we just gradually stopped doing so. Both Robbi and I would very much like to get up to date with both couples. Even better would be to get together.

8-6-07  Reconnected Dr. & Prue Rosenthal, Caroline Coles & Dr. Jim & Robbi Urban


VERDI, Dave 
@ Chas:  66-67
7373rd  Hospital Sqdn
Huntington, IN

2-9-06  I am searching Jim Hahn [not John Hahn] who was stationed there the same time with me.  He and I both ended up in England when they closed [Chas] down.   I went to Bentwaters and he went to Wethersfield I believe.  I think he lived in Indiana, he married a French girl, Arlette. I loved Châteauroux and made the best of life there. I dated a local girl named Maria Noelle, known as Merry Xmas. I often think of her, I went back to see her after I was stationed in England in my brand new MG Midget. Thank You for this opportunity to stir up good memories.  [jpnote:  Connected Dave & Jim Storment.)


WAITMAN, John  No email available

[jpnote:  4-28-07  Received an email from Dave Madril that he was in touch with John.  No further info available.]

WARREN, Donald J. MD
7373rd  Hospital Sqdn

10-26-08  Guestbook comments from Barbara (Warren) Duggen (daughter):  Just searching sites in memory of my dad. We lived on the bottom floor in the apts at the Deols maingate. [jpnote:  Apartments at Deols?  I'd like to know more about this.]  I remember going to half days each of French and American schools. I recall the French were still friendly when we were there.

 WINTER, Bruce 
@ Chas: 1962-1965 
7373rd Hospital Sqdn - Dental Clinic

Hi to all, My name is Bruce Winter and I was a dental tech in the dental clinic next to the hospital from 62 to 65. I've been trying to locate friends from that time but have had no luck so far. Even to this day I have many fond memories of France. I explored much of France, north to Scandinavia and south to Spain  in my old crash-box VW painted air force ambulance blue with a brush. I was enchanted the whole time. I had many friends in the French air force and wonder where they are too. I liked to drive to lac du Chambon on the weekend, and Argenton, a lovely town. Too many memories to write about. I'm filled with nostalgia.  Bruce

[note from John Tomasello:  3-23-06 Hi Bruce:  Couldn’t forget you!  We did one of those drives one time somewhere off the base, and discovered a beautiful camping site down in a green valley which was dotted with the bright colors of French camping tents.  I got some good shots with the Speed Graphic 4x5 press camera I was learning to use after I transferred from hospital (eeechh!) work to the photo lab.  Love to hear from you some time.  Take care.]

Corresponds with Gary Blew.

7-25-08  I was sifting through the site and wanted to add a few things.   I spoke with Gary Blew (listed above) and he is in touch with Lloyd Linderoff.  Lloyd is in the "search" list.  I've also spoken with Richard Heiser who has no email.   I see a post by Dr Don Kramer (listed above) who I remember well, and Dr. Urban, (see above) both of the dental clinic.     And I'm still looking for Richard Olsen who married a local girl in 65 and hasn't been seen since.


YATES, Joe  No email available
7373rd Hospital Sqdn

5-12-07  Note from Dave Madril:  Guys, Tonite I got a real shock!! I received a phone call from the "dead" Joe Yates and he wasn't calling from heaven. He's not very computer literate but was messing with yahoo and he typed in Châteauroux and found the web page. Was surprised to find out he had passed on. As it turns out, it was his brother John who is no longer with us. Anyway, we spoke for about an hour and he lives in Farmington, NM.


ZORICHAK, Sr Joseph Samuel   CHAS Memoriam
7373rd Hospital Sqdn

2-7-09    Entry from daughter, Cynthia,    who was Born at Chas My dad Joseph Samuel Zorichak Sr.  was in the 7373rd Hospital Sqdn - Lab Technician. Our father was the Lab Tech when Col. Nagle was the Hospital Commander.  (Col. Nagle was Nancy (Chad '62) & Joe's (Chad '65) dad.)


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The photo that says 1962 ragan-Brunson Vince George Edgar is:
Russ Ragan, Vet Svs, Bill Brunson, Med Lab, Vince Pandolfi, George Graham,
and James Edgar. Edgar and Ragan are new names for you.
The volleyball game in this was taken behind Medical Supply and
the guys identified are Dave Madril, medical supply, Dick Mann, med lab,
and Keith Crank, dental clinic
Joe Bidner and Leonard Wentz (Orderly Room) was taken by Bill Moore in Spain.


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