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3130th -7373rd Food Service

Châteauroux - Déols Air Station
 Châteauroux, France

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William J. Wright; Joe Sagace, Emory Cox, Stan Vanos, Ronald Brunner;

Clarkson, Griffin, Larkum, Heisler, Ellerbush, Sparks, also Kelly

Jack Smith


COTTEN, Curtis E.  
@ Chas:  57-60
7373rd Food Service
Robeline, LA

12-09-09  Signed the Guestbook


@ Chas:  64-67
3130th Food Service
Corinth, TX

Would like to hear from anyone stationed at Chas at this time.

2-23-07  jpnote:  I visited with Jack  & Jackie in their lovely home.  Below are photos of Jack in his home office.  Family and golf are his passions these days - oh! and Jackie, 39 years later.  Jackie is from the Chad Class of 1966.  They married after returning to the States.  See Chas Marriages

Jack & Jackie - R&R









SMITH, Jack  - Hasn't signed the Guestbook
@ Chas:  51-54
7373rd Food Service
Arlington, TX

[jpnote:  Helene Vickers (below) told me Jack was their best man at their wedding. ]

VICKERS, William A. 
@ Chas:  51-54
7373rd Food Service
 McMinnville, TN

9-22-05 My wife Helene is from Châteauroux. We were married on April 29th, 1954.   [Chas Marriages]  She worked at the exchange from June 1953 to April 1954.  Searching for anyone who worked with me or my wife during those years.

12-13-05   [entry from wife, Helene]  I lived in Châteauroux before William Vickers and I were married in 1954.  We were married at the french protestant church in Châteauroux; we had the chaplain from the base and the french pastor. Of course we had to be married at the mairie in Châteauroux first for the marriage to be legal.  Bill and I went back last year for our 50th anniversary.  He hadn't been there in 30 years so he didn't recognize too many places.  We did take my family to the restaurant in "La Forge de L'isle" where we had our wedding reception 50 years ago.  I go home pretty often.  My mother is 95 and lives close to Touvent.  She used to babysit for American families.  So did my sister, Jeannine.  One of my brothers lives in Le Poinconnet. 

Photos above and below were taken December 2006 at Bill & Helene's farm

[jpnote:  1-06  Bill recalls these guys:  The  Mess Sgt at that time was Roy D Ball; Sgt Fannin was in charge of the bakery dept.; St John was a butcher; Jack Smith was in the orderly room, and he remembers a lot of the guys who worked in the kitchen:  William J. Wright; Joe Sagace, Emory Cox, Stan Vanos, Ronald Brunner, and some first names escapes him (we all have senior moments!!), Clarkson, Griffin, Larkum, Heisler, Ellerbush, Sparks, also Kelly who married a french girl from Issoudun we think!  Perhaps John Williams (listed below)  will remember some of these guys.]

WILLIAMS, John A., Jr 
@ Chas:  1951-1953
7373rd Food Service
Sumter, SC
3-29-05 Used to be a meat cutter.  Searching for anyone in food service at that time.

@ Chas: 1955-1958 
7373rd Food Service Sqdn
Fort Worth, TX

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