866th Engineer Aviation Book


Duty at Châteauroux, France

Updated:  08/25/10


The 866th Army Battalion was deployed to Châteauroux, France in 1954 to build roads and assist in the construction of the USAF base called La Martinerie.   This page tells  the detailed history of how La Martinerie was expanded and  built on the grounds of a WWI facility.

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7th Engineer Aviation Brigade - Col Benjamin C. Fowlkes, Jr.; 924th Engineer Aviation Group - Col Joe W. Burleson; 866th Engineer Aviation Battalion - Maj Raymond B. Bunton (left photo also) Executive Officer - Maj James E. Hosch; Chaplain - Maj Rex M. Thompson; Adjutant - Capt Ken E. Schoonover; Operations Officer - Capt Reginald M. Leonard; Battalion Maintenance Officer - Capt Samuel C. Alexander; Asst Bn Maintenance Officer - Capt Kendrick Newton; Battalion Medical Officer - Lt V.K. Vaitkevicius; Battalion Supply Officer - Lt Richard R. Sterba; Asst Operations Officer - Lt Darrell Stone; Personnel Officer - CWO Ken F. Thompson

Headquarters & Service Co.

First Platoon - Second Platoon - Third Platoon - Fourth Platoon - Cooks - Co's A, B & C

866th EAB - A Company


866th EAB - Headquarters - Construction - Transportation - Earth Moving - MP's Platoons

866th EAB - B Company

866th EAB - Headquarters - Construction - Transportation - Earth Moving Platoons - Sports

866th EAB - C Company

866th EAB - Headquarters - Construction - Transportation - Earth Moving Platoons

866th EAB - Battalion Officers Roster

*(Herve' Simonnet is in the French Military; he was stationed at La Martinerie (transferred to Paris in 2007) (and lives in Brassioux - still).  He obtained this booklet at the base; scanned the pages one-by-one and provided it for the website.      

The notation on the last page of the booklet, indicated it had  belonged to a serviceman named Jack Harnett.  Jack had visited CHAS a few years ago and was given the booklet by another french militaryman.  I located Jack here in the States and he graciously provided many items for the website.  Thank you, Herve' and Jack for your contributions to our memories.)  (Herve' and Jack have never met.)