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CHAS Civilian Employees

Châteauroux Air Station
Déols , France




 John Swartz


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ACH, Jacques 
@ Chas:  1957


Sonia & Jacques


3-09-04  My memory of Châteauroux is a bit sketchy. I was there for only 7 or 8 months in 1957. I was installing a primitive Air Cargo picking and loading system on IBM tabulating equipment. Châteauroux was the pilot location, I then proceeded to implement the same in Athens.  I remember there was a group of Pathfinders in this organization as well.  Thanks for jogging my memory a bit :-)

BABIN, Francis E. 
@ Chas: 
Dec 1952 to Nov 1954
San Antonio, FL

8-15-10  Email to JP:  I served at chad from Dec 1952 to Nov 1954 H&S CO Construction Surveyor In Tents for 8 Months until we Got a roof over our heads Quonset Huts.  We waited in the long lines at the consolidated mess until our commander had four mess halls for our use . Got to have real showers middle part of 53. My crew and I laid out the road from main base to 866 area. Contact me if you would like more info

BANE, Frank J., Sr.   
@ Chas:  March-55 - June-61
Civilian - Air Material Command-Supply
Cincinnatti, OH

08/12/2003  Was field service engineer for Curtiss Wright Corp (j-65 Jet engines).  Became air force civilian on July 1, 1956 in Supply (Depot).  Left around Easter 1961 for California and Air Force Missile and Space Command.  Served at AFSC Hq June 71-Nov 74.  Back to West Coast retiring Jan 1980.  To Wash DC for the TRW Corp.  Retiring  for the last time on 2 Jan 92.  My son, Frank Jr.,  was born in the 7373 Air Force Hospital on 17 July 1958. [See Born at Chas] Two daughters, Sharon & Sandra, attended school.  I'm a World War Navy II Vet, but Châteauroux was the best and most fun.

[jpnote emld to Frank 9-04 regarding Sharon & Sandra whereabouts - 10-21-04 - Frank wrote he was forwarding website info to daughters.]

1-27-08 [jpnote:] Steve Smith, the son of Frank's 410 neighbors, Bernard "Pete" & his wife and 5 kids, found the website and located several names  of their old friends.

BANKS, Edward L.   
@ Chas: 1958-59
Civilian Airframe Repair
Nazereth, PA

12-19-07 I would like to hear more about Joe frome Main, Is he still around. [jp replied]

& Wife, Jeannette Luneau Jackson
3130th Air Installation / AIO

7373rd USAF Hospital Sqdn
Civilian Employee - Billeting
Chateauroux, France

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Son, Paul, Jr.  Born at Chas

See Paul Jackson's Page

@ Chas:  1958-59
Civilian working for Land-Air Inc.
Tucker, GA

08/29/2001 Comments:  I worked depot level maintenance on the Douglas B-66.   I remember some good fights in Jimmys Club, Playing liars poker at Joe from Maines, Big Red at the La Tomat.  Would like to know what ever happen to Civilian John Swartz who married French girl whose father was Peugot dealer in Orleans. any other ex Land-Air employees out there? 

KOLBENSCHLAG, David (Dave)  
@ Chas:  March-55 - June-61

1-3-08  Hi,  Just found your web site. Do you know if there is a site like this for Chaumont?? I was stationed there 1954 to 1957 with the 1239th AACS. Would love to have contact with those guys!!  Chatearoux two of my kids were born in the USAF hospital there.  I later worked for RCA Service company as a tech rep for the NATO depot at Chateauroux.  Have a lot of pix of Chaumont but not Chateauroux. Lived in the Chateauroux area for five years as a civilian

[jpnote:  Told Dave that my Dad had also been at Chaumont, but later than him.]

WILLIAMS, Dan - Passed away the last week of August 2006  - See CHAS Memoriam for photos & information
Father of
Chad Students - Tommy  '60, Dana '61 & Steve '62
Retired Civil Service
Technical Assistance Branch under Colonel Kronkite
San Antonio, TX

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