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I was assigned to USFAE, and a SCARWAF US Army unit the 866th Engineer Aviation Battalion.  Yes, there was mud and plenty of it. Plenty of rain also.  We quickly learned why the French were referred to as "Frogs."  Quonsets were up and the tents were down, the grass/clay/mud landing strip between the main base and Quonset City (Quontown) had transferred to Déols. I was assigned to the Headquarters section. Most of the Scrapbook info. and photos were from the time and of the personnel with whom I served. See this web site. I arrived early March 1954 and left for the ZI on August 15, 1955. I had a very memorable tour of duty. Many, many fond memories of Châteauroux and enjoyed my return back to CHAS with my wife in July 1995.

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