Paul Jackson
Chas Civilian Employee - Billeting
formerly USAF assigned to 7373rd USAF Hospital Sqdn
3130th Air Installation / AIO



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AMFEA News (March 10, 1961)
 Paul arrived in France for the first time in 1952, September 2, by boat to Bremerhaven in Germany and train to Chateauroux. 

 January 7,1954,  he came back to Conus where he was demobilized. On April 1, 1954 he went in Chateauroux, to meet again his fiancée, Jeannette Luneau. On April 26, he got a job as a civilian at Billeting at La Martinerie (building 82). Paul ande Jeannette married in Chateauroux (see Chas Marriages)  In August 1954 (Chad News August 13, 1954).  Paul, Jr. was born in 1962.  Born at Chas

 In 1967, Paul bought a hotel in Chateauroux, and was the manager nearly 20 years. Afterwards,  he retired in the country, in Buxieres d'Aillac, where his son, Paul Jr. and his two grandchildren, Paul and Thomas, also reside.

 During 56 years, Paul went back to the USA only two times: the first time to tell to his mother, "now, I will live in France" and the second time with his wife, for their honeymoon.  Paul was only an American citizen in Berry; he never asked for the French nationality, and lived with a "Carte de séjour"

[jpnote:  Paul attended the Chas 2007 Return to Chatx.




Photo courtesy I. Batch

Paul Jackson and Col A. L. Johnson


Paul on the right with unnamed officer in front of the "CAMA Arms" at La Martinerie.  the Commendation Letter (shown above) mentions that the Congo Airlift personnel stayed here for some months during late 1960-61.

Thank you, Yves Bardet, "La Nouvelle Republic," for the photos, newspaper articles and information about Paul Jackson.