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Click the thumbnail to enlarge the chart below - more names.  Use your back button to return to this page after viewing the larger charts.  Thanks to Rick Avvampato for the charts from his dad's papers.

1961 NATO Supply Center Organizational Directory Charts

1962 NATO Supply Center Organizational Directory Charts

1964 NATO Supply Center Organizational Directory Charts

AVVAMPATO, Charles - NATO Supply Center   See  Chas Memoriam
@ Chas:  1959 to 1968

Mr. Avvampato's card provided by Yves Bardet




6-20-08  Guestbook Entry from son, Robert Avvampato:   Did not attend American schools... however some of my brothers and sisters did... John and Larry and Richard and Mary Jo... Two brothers and a sister were born there... Father, Charles, was supply officer NATO Supply Center...

HARVEY, Michael   
NATO Supply Center  
@ Chas:  1962 to 1968
Courrensan, France

5-30-04  I spent six wonderful years with NATO based at La Martinerie and it was with great sadness that we saw our American friends leave France. I am now retired and live in France. Would like to hear from anyone that would like to discuss those Châteauroux days. Also any info on Jim Richardson or John Johnson would be greatly appreciated. They were good friends and we sadly lost touch. Does anyone know the whereabouts of Jim Richardson or John Johnson  {see jpnote below}.  Both were with the USAF 7120th ACCS at Chas.

[6-1-04 & 4-11-06 jpnote:  Reconnected Mike with Jim Richardson & John Johnson.]

[12-26-08  jpnote:  Wonder if Michael, Jim & John reconnected?]

SAMPLE, W. D. "David"  
NATO Supply Center  
@ Chas:  3-60 to 4-61
Palmer, TX

5-11-09  Was only there 1 year then was moved to ComZ Hqts at Orleans for a year. In Orleans worked in the L.O.I.A. Office until 05/62.  Any Ole Army buddys there at that time?

TOPAC, Irfan  
NATO Supply Center  
@ Chas:  1962 to 1964
Izmir, Turkey

2-2-09  It was a wonderful time I was in Chateaurux. I was a representative in Turkish Liaison Group in NATO SUPPLY CENTER, as MSGT. I was there with my family and we made friends with some American families, specialy with MSGT Joseph TIRPAK and his family. He was the First Sgt. We used to visit our houses very often and spent good time which I missed and never forgot. Joe died some years ago and we still write to Mrs. Tirpak every new year. I was a member of the NCO club and I was there every Bingo and Floor show day. I realy miss the days we spent there.

Searching:  Any one who worked in NATO SUPPLY Center or CHAS within September 1962 - August 1964 and knows me, please write me to remember the time we spent in Chateaurux.

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