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Chateauroux Air Station
Chateauroux, France



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GOSS, Robert H. "Hondo" 
Jericho, VT
@ Chad Dec 63-1966 with Federal Electric Corp

6-15-08  [jpnote:  I found this guestbook entry on the net.]

Arrived Lowry 1953, completed Bomb/Nav school June 1954, assigned to 55th SRW, Topeka, KS (RB-47E, -47H, -47K). Worked in Field Shop then Periodic Docks until Sept 1957. Reupped at Pease AFB, NH (B-47E) and worked in Field Shop until spring 1959, then in "Malfunction Junction" until August 1959. One of first PMEL class at Lowry, graduated Dec 1959. Assigned 72nd BW, Ramey AFB, PR (B-52, GAM72, GAM77) from Oct 1960 to July 1962 then back to Pease until discharge in Nov 1963. Joined Federal Electric Corp in Dec 1963 and assigned to Chateauroux, France in USAF Depot as PMEL Certification Inpector until Sept 1966. Worked for IBM Corp until 1990.

WEAVER, Charles Oneal  - PMEL     
@ Chad 1958-1960
Los Angeles, CA

12/06/2003  Entry by son, Michael Weaver  Greetings, I was born at the airbase hospital in Châteauroux in Feb. 1958. My father, Charles Oneal Weaver, originally from Alabama, worked at PMEL (the lab), my mother Colette is from Liverpool, UK. Her twin sister, Frances also married a "yank", Richard (Ritchie) Hoffman and also had a son, Steven in 1958 at the base hospital. Any of you remember any of us? I visited Châteauroux last year, saw the house where my parents lived when I was born (16 rue de la republique) and visited Nouvelle Galleries where my mom and her sister used to shop in town. I was very impressed by the vibrant, well maintained small city Châteauroux is. In 1977 I returned to Paris to study and left France in 1982 but visit at least once a year.  I'd love to hear from anyone who may remember any of my family.

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