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SPROSSEL, Otto - Procurement  
@ Chas:  April-October 1966

Dutchess County, NY 

01/16/2001  Comments:  I was at the base only from April to October 1966, as the base was closing, but enjoyed every minute I was there! Including the annual escargot fest and all the evenings at Joe From Maine! Met some very good friends there, both military and civilian, and found the natives some of the friendliest people in Europe. I worked in Procurement during my short stay, and lived in the dormitories (TSgt). Great page, hope to see more military (and how about some local civilians too?) faces and names here. 

1-14-07  I was at Châteauroux AS only about 3 months in 1966, when the base was beginning to close.  From there, I was sent to 322nd Air Division in High Wycombe, England.  While at Châteauroux, I met some wonderful people, and enjoyed many of the French amenities and made some excellent French friends, particularly one who was a cook at the French Canteen.  Visited his home (right on the river in downtown Châteauroux!) several times, and on one occasion enjoyed a wonderfully prepared, 5-course meal - and tasted (and drank) some of the finest wine I've ever had, right from his own wine-cellar! Also, met Mike Maynard there, but didn't know him very well until we met each other (later) at the air base in High Wycombe, England.  A fine young man then, and a fine young man today!  We keep in touch, even though we're about 1,500 miles apart (me in NY, he in Florida).   We have had a trip to Europe all planned (since last year), and it's a family affair, for April of this year.  We will be touring Germany, France and England, visiting relatives, in-laws and many friends.   God bless you all - and if you get down to that restaurant called 'Joe from Maine' (is that the right name - and is it still there?), tell him I still remember eating that first hamburger, enjoying it immensely, and later learning it was made with horse meat!  Otto Sprossel

THACKER, Jack H.  - Air Procurement Region Europe 
@ Chas:  1961-65
Fairborn, Ohio

06/07/2002  Comments:  I enjoyed the 4 yrs in Châteauroux. Made some dear friends.


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