7th Radio Relay Tower photo at Vierzon from Ron Roslawski


2058th Radio Relay
aka 7th Radio Relay - Vierzon


Châteauroux Air Station
Châteauroux, France

Updated:  August 25, 2010


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     Welcome to the 2058th Radio Relay aka 7th Radio Relay - Vierzon Sqdn Photo Album Page

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These wonderful photos of the places and people in the Alpha 4, 7th Radio Relay Sqdn in Vierzon, France - 1959 - are priceless and they are shared with us by Ron Roslawski who was "there" March '59 - April '63.  Thanks for your thoughtfulness, Ron.

If someone else has photos to share, I would be happy to post them.  Contact me from the above world email icon. jp




jpnote:  "Manuel" M. Cortez is listed on an excerpt from a page of my dad's orders shown above.  I have searched for him using this info, but no luck.

 Night Maneuvers?

9-27-07 - [jpnote:  CHAS 2007 Reunion Trip:  On the way to the reunion in Chateauroux, we stopped off at Vierzon to take some photos especially for you guys in the 7th Radio Relay (2058th) Sqdn.  You can thank Dave Madril (7373rd Hospital Sqdn)  for patiently driving around the area and stopping repeatedly so I could "get a good shot."








Updated:   08/25/2010

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