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   7th Radio Relay Sq Microwave System - France




George Linfield
maybe located, but phone disconnected

Manuel Cortez

Jay Eagle
maybe located

John Lindquist
maybe located

John Edward Richards

Jerry Hays

 Ed Walker

 Richard Miller

 Albert Duchene

 Jose Martinez


Eeuwe W Vanderploeg
maybe located



Robert Murphy

     Welcome to the
7th Radio Relay Sqdn Microwave System

 Locations near Châteauroux Air Station

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2058th Radio Relay
Clinton, IN

Son, Terry, Born @ CHAS

Searching for:  Anyone from the maintenance shop.

2058th Radio Relay
Tawas City, MI

6-26-08  I retired as a Msgt in 1975. went from France to SAC in Ma, then to Udorn Thailand, then to PacAf EEI in Hi. then to Rome Ny and retirement in Mi.

CARTER, William "Footsie"  See Chas Memoriam
2058th-7th Radio Relay Sqdn
& 1992nd AACS
Huntington Long Island, NY

COLBY, Francis   
2058th Radio Relay Sqdn
& 1992nd AACS
Manchester, NH

11/06/2003  My wife searched Châteauroux AS and found a lot of memories and pictures of the place. I was with 2058th Radio Relay, later changed to 7th Radio Relay and finally 1992nd Comm Sqdn.  My wife was the first American secretary to be hired at the Châteauroux High School and worked there the 1963-64 school year. She got promoted to a higher grade and worked as secretary at the 1616th Support Sqdn. 1964-65 first for Col. Hildebrand and then Çol. Pouncey. 15 of us formed a ski club in 1964 and skied at Mt Dor and in Kitzbuel, Austria. General Forman and his wife joined us. 

 [jpnote:  Gen. Forman's son, John, is listed on www.châteaurouxamericanhighschool.com. ]

Our oldest child attended first grade at the International School at age 5 after 2 years at the Jardin Enfants. We lived at 15 Rue Just Veillat which was a brand new apartment building, very modern with central heat and the landlord kept it on Oct-May.

05-11-06 Searching George Linfield who was in the 7322nd Air Base Group (HQ). He was previously stationed at the Boston Army Base, MA.

CONNER,  Charlie 
7th Radio Relay Sqdn - Det 28 Braconne, USAGD

Lincoln, NE 

12/15/2002  I was stationed at Braconne, USAGD with the 7th Radio Relay Sqdn, whose headquarters was at Châteauroux.  Any connections here??

7th Radio Relay Sqdn - Det 7 Vierzon
March 1958 to January 1961
Johnston RI


FREEMAN, David E.  
7th Radio Relay Sqdn - Det 7 Vierzon
1963, 64,65,66
Branson, MO

9-10-03   Stationed at Det. 7, Vierzon, France. Interested in talking with anyone from the Radio Relay Sqdnd. or any others from the Châteauroux area. Looking for old friends from France. It was good duty.

5-27-08  I am pleased to hear from you (JP). I was there, (1964-66). I was stationed at Vierzon, France, Det. 22, when it was the 2058th radio Relay Sqdnd., and then became Det. 7, when it changed to the 1992 Communications Sqdnd. Major Swift was the commander. I find it amazing how hard it is to find people from the Military days. I have some pictures. I remember Sgt. Smith. When I arrived Van Der Plough and I were doing alternate night shifts. There were only 4 of us. The other was the Diesel Mechanic. I cannot remember his name right now..  It was actually fun.  I put a band together and we played around when I was not on duty. The other members were French Nationals. Had a friend from the Chateauroux Air Base that played bass sometimes. Could write a book about it all.

Searching:  Jerry Hays and any of the rest of the crowd

See Chas Marriages

GUYDAN, Ronald
7th Radio Relay Saint Savin Site 7-9
Broken Arrow, OK

10-17-08  Any one who was stationed on either site 7-9 or 7-10 both located in the dept of Vienne during the years of 4/1960 thru 5/1963

KITE, Kenneth G.  
7th Radio Relay
Cypress Grove, TX

12-12-09 No comments

KLEIMAN, Walter  
7th Radio Relay Det 7 Vierzon
Clifton, VA

05-14-06 [jpnote:  Walt wanted to respond to Terry Bleckner (Born @ Chas) about Terry's dad, Ralph.  They were friends.]
Walt Kleiman - photo from Ron Roslawski


Ron Roslawski & Walt Kleiman were reunited through the website.







KOPERSKI, Richard "Ski"
7th Radio Relay

Toledo, Oh

07/08/2008 - 7th Radio Relay Sqdn later became the 2058 RRS and later still the 1992 Comm Sqdn

Searching for:  Photos from 7RRS sites, fellow Keesler AFB graduates who went to France in 1960.

MARTIN, James 
7th Radio Relay at Alpha 12 and Alpha 10
1957 - 1960
Leesburg, FL

12-30-08  Checked in

MURPHY, Robert T.  
Det 5, 7th RR Sq, Det 14 2058 RR Sq, 199

Mary Esther, FL

7-15-09  Was not actually stationed at CHAS. I was stationed at the first radio relay site north of CHAS in the radio relay link to the Army post at Orleans. 14 miles due north of the runway. My site was right outside of Menetreols Sous Vatan, France. My site only had 8 people stationed there but the sq hqtrs was at CHAS. I made trips to CHAS about every other day.

7-15-09 [jpnote:  Robert   trying to get in touch with Jack Shry . I emailed them both trying to establish contact.  Contacted Ron Roslawski (listed below. ]

NICKEL, John F.  

Saginaw, MI

06/20/2008 - Signed guestbook

7th Radio Relay Sqdn - Alpha 4, Vierzon  
@ Vierzon:
Garden Grove, CA

1-4-07  I was stationed at ALFA 4 in Vierzon, about 40 miles north of  Châteauroux  from March of 1959 to April 1963.  My son, Mark, was  Born at CHAS 10-21-62.

See Chas Marriages - Ron married  Christiane who is from Vierzon

5-23-07  Thanks to you and your site I made contact with Walt Kleiman (listed above) who I hadn’t had contact with in 44 years. He sure was surprised to hear from me.

1-26-08  Ron and his wife, Christiane, attended the Chas 2007 Commemoration in Chateauroux September 2007.  Ron has contributed hundreds of wonderful photos of that event.  Christiane's family lives nearby. 

 See Ron and Christiane cutting a rug - Chas 2007 Photos

Photo taken at Berrichone Dinner [C. Gilles]


6-26-08  Searching:  Manuel M. Cortez; Ed Walker; Richard Miller; Albert Duchene; Jose Martinez; Robert Murphy (see above listing this page); ? Van Der Plough; ? Pate

8-18-08 I've been communicating with Walt Kleiman, John Nickel and Richard Koperski (Ski). Walt was with me at Alpha 4 in Vierzon, John was at Alpha 3 In Aubigny and Ski was at Alpha 2 in Vouzon (southeast of Orleans). I also have contact with David Freeman who arrived in Vierzon (Alpha 4) about 2 months after I left. He was probably my replacement, so we have a lot in common, even though I never met him.  I can't remember Pate's or Van der Plough's 1st names
[jpnote: Dave Freeman also remembers Van der Plough, but doesn't mention his first name]

SEXTON, David 
11/63 to 8/66

2058th Radio Relay Sqdn - Det 18 - Champagne St Hilaire & Det 12 Chauvigny
& 1992nd AACS

Jonesboro, GA

2-14-09  I first was stationed at Det 18(?) in Champagne St Hilaire, France in 11/63 and when it closed went to Det 12 in Chauvigny, France . About this time the Sqdnudron changed from 2058th RRS to 1992nd Comm. I served at Det 12 until 8/66 with temporary duties at another site in the 1992nd and at a Tropo site in Turkey  .I have to agree with others that it was a fantastic experience.

Searching:  Anyone that remembers me from that time. Especially anyone who remembers taking a ride on my 1943 Army Surplus Harley Davidson.

SHRY, Jack 

2058th Comm - Det 14, Menetreols Sous Vatan
Montclair, VA

2-2-09 The most fantastic experience of my career. I have kept in contact with some site members, Larry Laramee, Micheal Sherman,and Steve Utter.

Searching:  Friends that might have been stationed at Det 14, Menetreols Sous Vatan from 62-65

7-15-09 [jpnote:  Robert T. Murphy trying to get in touch with Jack. I emailed them both trying to establish contact. ]

STEFFEY, Everett "Dave"  

7th Radio Relay-2058th Comm Alpha3/Det.1-Aubigny-sur-Nere

12-07-08  Signed the Guestbook

SUTTON, Johnny L. 
9/1963 to 3/1964

2058th Radio Relay Sqdn - Det 17
Liberty, Idaho

1-30-09  We played Pinochle all the time!  Anyone know the name of the town that det-17 or site-17 was near? it was a small town as I remember... Then Major Swift shut our site down, then we went to Braconne Depot. There was a site there but can't remember the number. After a few months I was transferred to 2057th RRS Det-23 in Schwartzenborn, West Germany.  Later it was changed to 1945th Communications Sqdn. Det-11.  The Headquaters was in Frankfurt, West Germany.

In Sept 1963 Maj. Swift removed our Det-17 and I went to Det-4 (Braconne Army Depot) awaiting orders to go to the 2057th RRS Det-23 (later the 1945th Comm Sqdn.Det-11) in Schwartzenborn, West Germany. About 60 miles north of Frankfurt

Searching:  Youngblood (can't remember 1st name)maybe Jack?, Rick the site Chief (can't remember last name),
Neal (can't remember last name).  Anyone at Det-4(Braccone)that knew me, or worked with...sorry can't remember

SWIFT, John F. 
2058th Radio Relay Sqdn
Lee's Summit, MO


UTTER, Oakley Jr. "Steve" 
2058th Radio Relay Sqdn &
1992nd AACS Comm 

Las Vegas, NV

2-8-09  One of my fondest memories of being in the USAF!!! If they had allowed me?, I would have stayed my entire 21 years in France!!!  Searching:  Any and all of the 'folks' I drank/raced cars/partied with...and just plain had a good time.

[jpnote:  The following are excerpts from Special Orders written August 4, 1960 for the named G.I.'s.  I have not been able to locate these men yet, even though their old home of record is listed on their order.  These excerpts came from my own father's orders which have been in a box all these years.]

CORTEZ, Manuel M. 7th Radio Relay Sqdn - Where are you?

EAGLE, Jay C. N. - 7th Radio Relay Sqdn - Where are you?


LINDQUIST, John C. - 7th Radio Relay Sqdn - Where are you?

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