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Unknown Sqdn

Châteauroux Air Station
Châteauroux, France




ACOSTA, Robert

ALBURTUS, Patton L.-found; posted on 322 Air Division Sqdn

ALLEN, Charles J.

ALLEN, William C.







BLUM, Morton A. 


BOOTH, Kenneth F. 


BOUCHIE, Sherman E.

BOWMAN, Vick (listed on another website)

BRISSOT, Barbara

BUONI, Frederick

BURNAND, Leonard W.

CAHALL, Donald 


CAMUS,  James

CAMUS, Raphie

CARROLL, Richard A.

CASE, John


COBB, Frank

COLE, Michael

Crowey, James C 

Curtis, Robert


FORD, ROY (T-Bird)

SMITH, Francis

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ALTMAN, David -  Unknown Sqdn  
Scottsdale, AZ

12-13-03 Name submitted by daughter, mardi puntenney 

ANDREWS, Andy -  Unknown Sqdn
Snackbar Chowdown

[jpnote:  I don't recall this mural on the snackbar wall (58-61).  Wonder who painted it?

 Entry submitted by Andy's step-son Carl Peters (Chad Class of 66)  carlbea1@attbi.com



AVERA, Earl -  Unknown Sqdn - Unknown Email
@ Chas: 57-62, 64-66

02-18-02  I had two children in the Châteauroux school system. Nicki Avera, currently living in Las Vegas and Vicki Avera, living in West Milton Ohio.

BACKSCHEIDER, Tom  -  Unknown Sqdn  
@ Chas:  1957-58
Maryville, TN

[jpnote:  Knew my friend, Carolyn Crofutt '60]

BACON, Pat S/sgt - (friend of JP's dad)
[jpnote:  This photo was taken beside my house in Ardentes. - 1959 - Pat and his family lived in Levroux.  My mom and dad used to play cards at their house and I would play with their small children. Pat, if you ever find this entry, I'd like to hear from you.] 



BARTLETT, Maurice  
@ Chas:  1951
Sacramento, Ca

09/30/2000   I was a Chad pioneer. Jul 1951. Tents etc. I lived in St Genou for 3 years. Long since retired from the USAF.  

BAUER, Lt. Col Edwin E. Bauer -  Unknown Sqdn
@ Chas:  1957- 65

12-2-06  Col. Bauer's daughters Babs, Dottie & Teri attended high school and elementary at Chas.

BAY, Dick   -  Unknown Sqdn - Chas memoriam

bay@cemef.cma.fr (son's email)

BEHM, Harold C.

[jp emailed on another website 11-25-02.  Harold read but no reply.   Emailed again 3-09-04 - no reply.]

BELCHER, Clarence  -  See  Chas memoriam


BENTON, Lawrence F.

[jp emailed 11-7-02 on another website - no reply.]

BEREZO, Phillip   Chas memoriam  & Chas Marriages
@ Chas - 1958-60

06/30/2001   (Guestbook Entry of Wife Daniele   Montgomery, AL)   My husband, Phil, was stationed in Châteauroux "La Martinerie" from 1958 until 1960.  I am French from Châteauroux.  We were married in 1961.  He is now deceased,  I would love to know if somebody remembers him, or me for that matter.  Hope to hear from someone. 


BLOOMER, Henry P. Sr.  -  Unknown Sqdn
[jpnote:  Click the thumbnail for a really nice large photo view.  Are you in this motorcycle gang?]

BRADSHAW, ?? -  Unknown Sqdn - No Email Listed
@ Chas: 60-63
Cleveland, OH

02/20/2002  Entry from wife, Janet: My husband was stationed in Châteauroux in the early sixty's. We have fond memories of our time there.

BROWN, Col. Preston  -  Unknown Sqdn 
@ Chas:  1957-60
Newcastle, CA

5-8-04:  Entry by son, Philip M Brown II -  I was a kid then; my father, Col. Preston Brown was an officer at the Air Station. We have terrific memories. My dad is still alive at 85.5 yrs of age; Please write if you remember us..

Searching for:  friends of Officers stationed there; and their kids.

BUNN,  Lt. Col. Phil C. &  Myrla E.  - Unknown Sqdn
@ Chas 1955

Son, Gary Bunn - Born @ Chas July 3, 1955

BURKEY, Ken 4th Aerialport (?)  - Unknown Sqdn 
@ Chas 57-59
Woburn, MA

8-4-05:  Searching anyone there at that time -  just to share stories.

CARTER, Bill  wmcarter01@earthlink.net
@ Chas: 1956-68

5-28-05  I was in Châteauroux in 1956-1958.  Part of the time we lived in an apartment complex with other Americans that was near a school.  I have not been in Châteauroux since 1958.   I would like to visit some of the places I remember, like the apartment.  Do you happen to have an address so I can find this while I am there?  Also, I assume that the base is closed to visitors.  Is that correct?  The pictures of the base brought back some very clear memories.  Thanks.  [jpnote:  I replied to Bill's email about Touvent and needing a pass to tour La Martinerie.]

CASTILLEJA, T/Sgt Rafael O.  rafael.castilleja@lackland.af.mil

9-20-07  Three sons Born @ Chas 

CHAUMENY, Roger  - Unknown Sqdn
@ Chas:  1967

12-14-04 Best regards from THE LYNX (the band who played at the last festival of officers club) with Wanda Jackson in 1967.

CHOATE, Bill D.  Hq Amfea/Déols Plant Office - Unknown Sqdn
@ Chas:  1958/1961
Overgaard, Arizona

2-28-05  Searching Horace B. Harmon HEDRON sec, 3130th AB Gp Châteauroux  Sgt Harmon ran the rifle range at La Martinerie 58/61


12-03 Son Michael John wrote me an email Dad: Wayne R. Christensen (M/sgt) lives in CA
1-14-07 My Father in law is retired master sergeant Wayne R Christensen. He and his family were there from 1957 to 1960. He lives in North Highlands CA. He is currently 88 years. His wife and three children were in France with him. Wife Liz is now deceased. My wife Lawn or I will gladly put any of those who know him in touch.  Kind regards, Joe Morrissey  jmorrissey2@mac.com

COLLINS, Robert A.  Chas Memorium & Wife, Jeannine Letrou Collins
@ Chas:  1951-1954

Entry by daughter, Martine Rose - also served USAF DC 1992-2000

COMBS, Charles M.  - Unknown Sqdn 
@ Chas:  1955 to 1958
Fire Control Systems - Mechanic-F100 & F-86
Dolores, Colorado

   4-15-03 I have quite a few pictures to share in and around the Châteauroux and Déols and surrounding areas and La Martinerie.  I was stationed there for three years.

DOUGLAS, Jim C.  - Unknown Sqdn 
Smyrna, GA.

DYKSTRA, M/Sgt Otto Melvin Chas Memorium
Entry by daughter, Julie Marie Dykstra who was  Born at Chas  

FLETCHER, Clarence M/Sgt (Ret)- Unknown Sqdn - Chas Memorium
Passed Away January 2004
@ Chas: 1959-62 & 1964-66


Above photo taken at Déols Passenger Terminal.                       Sgt. Fletcher's Honor Guard
 Sgt. Fletcher served two tours of duty at Châteauroux; returned to Tinker AFB and resided in Norman, OK.  He is survived by four sons, Ron, Perry, Stephen & John and grandchildren and great-grandchildren.

FOSTER, William  -  Unknown Sqdn
@ Chas:  1955

3-7-06 Where are you, William Foster, G.I. stationed at Châteauroux Air Station, France in 1955?  - Someone is searching for you.

FRY, Donald K. - Unknown Sqdn
@ Chas:  1962-64 
Det 22, 31st Wa Sqdn 
Mesa, AZ (winter) Plankinton, SD (summer)

 01/19/2003    Did attend the Châteauroux/Déols Reunion in Sept 1998 at Chas/Déols. 

GRIFFIN, Calvin Dee & wife, Raquel A. -  Unknown Sqdn
@ Chas 1962
 daughter April Lynn
Born @ Chas

GUNN, Howard - Chas Memoriam

HAMPTON, Herbert 
@ Chas- Trans. from Erding 53-54

6-5-09   Was in the model airplane club. Only remember a few people. Looking for "Red" McCoy, think he was from northern CA and was a pole man for the phone co.

Remember the Tents (burnt one down,the pot belly stove got to hot, The mud and the long,long lines for chow. Went from CHAS to Mansfield, Eng. to Holland with the 512th Fighter-Day Squadron.

HENSLEY, Philip & Henrettia (Henrietta?) LaCoste 
@ Chas around 1955
7-8-09   Guestbook entry from grandson, Brian Hensley Searching:  Anyone that would have known my grandfather Philip Hensley or grandmother Henrettia Hensley (she was Lacoste at the time)

JOHNSON, Dale - Unknown Sqdn
@ Chas 1966
Belchertown, MA

9-10-08  On my first visit to Joes, I asked for the owner. To my surprise he knew my uncle Charlie Davis. Both of them attended school together in Belfast, Maine. Small world.

KAGAN, SSgt Irwin Lawrence "Larry" 

1-4-09  Daugher Debbie signed the guestbook.  She said her dad was Crew Chief C-47s and her Mom, Lorraine P. Kagan was head of Family Services all three years.

MURRAY, Robert
@ Chas 1962 or 63 - 65

7-9-09  Guestbook entry from daughter, Karen Searching:  Anyone who remembers my dad, Robert (Bob) Murray. My mom's name was Nadine (Dean). Daddy played ball and both he and my mom were on a bowling team.

I loved living in France. We spent the whole summer with our best friends traveling through Europe. Best memories!!!

TERRELL, Darius Unknown Sqdn
@ Chas 1959-61
Austin, TX

10-02-08 Signed guestbook - left no comments

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