Châteauroux Air Station
Châteauroux - Déols, France

CAMAE 1951-1967

 Changes Made
December 1, 2011




12th Air Postal Sq

1602nd Air Transport Wing

1616th Support Sq - MATS

1992nd AACS Sq

7373rd Aircraft Refueling (POL)

3130th Field Maintenance Group

3130th Transportation Sq

3130th -7322nd ABG - Fire Crash Rescue

3130th-7322nd ABW

3130th 7322nd Air Base Group Hq

3130th 7322nd Air Base Group Hq

3130th-7322nd Air Police Sq

3130th-7373rd Air Installation (AIO)

3131st Aircraft Traffic Control (GCA)

3134th Stock Control Group - 7373rd Supply

31st-7th-18th Weather Sqs

322nd Air Division Sq

4440th Squadrons

44th Statistical Services Sq

583 USAFE Band

7120th ACCS Sq

7300th Materiel Control Group (MDAP)

7322nd Consolidated Aircraft Maintenance (CAMS)

7322nd Materiel Sq (Transit Alert)

7373rd Air Depot Wing

7373rd Aircraft Repair Sq

7373rd USAF Hospital Sq

7373rd-3130th Food Service

866th Engineer Aviation Battalion

Chas Civilian Employees

Chateauroux Special Support Depot (CSSD)

Finance Office




It is with sorrowful hearts that the family of Jenelle Peterson reports her untimely death of a massive heart attack, on September 3, 2011. Jenelle's husband, Charles Wolford says that she woke him with pains. Paramedics arrived immediately, and at the hospital, they learned that one of her stents had collapsed. That was repaired, but her kidneys failed, and she passed away shortly thereafter. Condolences may be sent directly to Charles at or Anyone who wishes to make financial contributions to the family or send notes or cards, can mail them to Charles Wolford, 2811 Gladiolus Ln, Dallas, TX 75233-3903.

Please send website information to

Photo c. 1962 from Dave Shively (7373rd Hospital Sqdn)

Jenelle Peterson - Chad '61
Dallas, TX

Copyright © 1997-2011 Jenelle Peterson
In memory of my parents, T/Sgt Dale A. & Virginia Peterson - Dad'sSqdn 3130th AB Gp (AMC)
"Whither thou goest, I will go."

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